2 Cancer Myths Debunked: Know The Facts

When you hear the word cancer, several things pop into your head. You’ll probably know that it’s a life-limiting disease and that several different types of cancer exist. It’s also associated with several myths that have been passed around by well-meaning people throughout the last few decades — warnings or stories intending to help others cope with the fear of the illness. For instance, have you ever been told that cancer is a modern, human-made disease? We’re here to debunk that myth and tell you that it was first recorded in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC.

Understanding your cancer diagnosis is critical to moving forward with your healthcare and treatment plan. To help you do precisely that, here are two other myths about cancer and the facts that go along with them.

1. Myth: Maintaining an Alkaline Diet Will Prevent Cancer

Do you feel like you can never keep up with the latest diet crazes? One day you hear that Atkin’s will cure all your health troubles; the next day, it’s Paleo. But people will go to big lengths to change their eating habits to prevent or even cure cancer. Some people claim that eating an Alkaline diet prevents cancer from developing because this type of diet raises the body’s pH levels. People believe that cancer cells grow faster in acidic environments, so why not cut out acidic foods (red meat, alcohol, starch) entirely?

The alkaline diet consists of low acid items, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. The idea is to heal your body with such nourishing foods to avoid or cure cancer.

The Fact

There’s no evidence to support this claim. While cutting back on acidic foods isn’t a bad idea, there’s no scientific proof that it will prevent or cure it. The body has a difficult system that ensures the blood stays in its healthy, somewhat alkaline range. If your blood becomes too alkaline or acidic, your body will automatically adjust on its own. It will remain within the healthy limit without a special diet.

2. Myth: Cancer is Untreatable

Many people assume that you can’t live a fulfilling life with it. There’s no denying that having cancer can be challenging, but nothing says that your life must come to a complete stop.

The Fact

Depending on the cancer type that you have, you’ll probably receive chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or one of the many cancer treatments that will help to destroy its cells in your body. To help manage such intensive treatments, you could also work with a home healthcare provider to receive at-home palliative care. You may wonder — what does palliative care include and how will it help me?

Palliative care is a unique approach to healthcare that relieves and reduces the painful side effects of having the disease. You’ll work with a caregiver and receive services like massage therapy — all to increase your quality of life.

If someone or you love has been diagnosed with cancer, knowing the facts about the disease is essential to your wellbeing. Myths can lead you down the very incorrect path and could potentially cause more harm than good.

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