4 Popular and Top Longines Timepieces a Watch Collector Should Have


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For its brief history, Longines is another Swiss watch manufacturing company producing elegant and luxury watches for around 130 years. They are producing driving, sports, and aviation timepieces with calibre movements. With that said, people who will purchase their watch are guaranteed to be provided with precise timekeeping when they need it. So here are the popular and the best Longines wristwatches a collector should not miss.

The Longines L37004966 Conquest Blue Dial Quartz Men’s Watch

The first Longines watch that you should add to your collection is this one. This model is stunning and iconic from the brand’s Conquest lineup. Its blue dial flexes the date window and hour markers that are index-type, making it easy for the wearer to know the time because of the luminous hands. There are also three subdials included on this timepiece to track the hours, minutes, and seconds easily. All are color white to maintain the user’s elegance anywhere they are.

This watch for men is a luxurious piece of accessory that you can buy for $1,349. The dial is so attractive that many people are purchasing this model. It’s also water-resistant up to 300m water deep and a lot cheaper than those competing watches with the same specs.

The Longines L37262966 Conquest VHP Blue Dial Quartz Men’s Watch

This Longines watch for men might be pricey, but it offers excellent quality, beauty, and elegance that you wish to find in a luxurious wristwatch. It has a very stunning design and features water resistance bars for protection and avoid any damage from water exposure. For only $869, the Conquest watch offers affordability and trend in a single package.

This timepiece from the Conquest lineup is not just an ordinary wristwatch. Its steel casing is stainless, and the bracelet is coated with black PVD. It also showcases an attractive and carved blue dial showing hour markers and index type. The hands and the date window are made with luminous materials so that the wearer will quickly know the time.

The watch is durable and can withstand scratches because of the sapphire and crystal face cover. The design is pretty sleek to ensure you enjoy wearing it without worrying about wear and tear.

The Longines L49084512 La Grande Classique Black Dial Unisex Watch

With luxury and elegance, the watches from this brand suits well for people who wants to feel some refinement in their life. There’s no other choice for a person who needs a timepiece with a minimalistic design but can still compete with other expensive ones but to purchase this Longines La Grande from the Classique lineup.

This masterpiece has tiny Roman numerals on the clean black dial. The silver hands are covered with sapphire crystal for durability, and many would agree that this watch’s price is pretty reasonable. It is a beautifully designed wristwatch made from stainless steel, and its black leather strap complements its overall design.

The L49084512 La Grande can be found online, and you can purchase it for around $1,499 with the transparent back cover, which allows you to see how great the self-winding Calibre L591 movement works.

The Longines L47091882 La Grande Classique White Dial Leather Watch

Last but not least on this list is the Longines L47091882 La Grande Classique. It’s among the brand’s expensive watches with the diamond hour markers, silver hands, and white-pearl dial, which looks elegant on top of the 33m stainless casing with leather straps.

Its cover is made to guard the gorgeous face, which showcases a beautiful sapphire crystal sapphire display expressing the minutes and hours outside its ring. In a similar spot, you can find the three simple dots at 12 o’clock to reveal the date window.

If you wish to look luxurious and elegant everywhere, you can never go wrong with this Longines watch. Besides the mentioned traits, Longines is producing timepieces that are timeless because of their durability and beauty.


There are many options if you wish to find the timepiece that suits your taste and personality. There are times that people are overwhelmed because of multiple choices out there, and that should not be the case. But with this list, your options are already sorted out into four watches: the Conquest, La Grande Classique, and Heritage. Despite people’s different fashion tastes, they can all agree that Liones watches are worth the purchase. You can always wear them in a casual or formal setting, and you will never go out of style.

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