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5movies was once a popular site for watching movies and TV shows online for free. However, it has faced numerous issues with domain changes, fake copycat places, and potential malware risks in recent years.

In this post, I’ll provide an updated 2023 review of 5movies – is it still a viable option for free streaming, or are there better alternatives now?

Overview of 5movies

It first emerged around 2015 and gained notoriety for hosting links to movies and shows that could be streamed without registration or fees.

The site was reasonably well-designed and easy to navigate, with categories for genres, release years, and popular featured content.

At its peak, it offered a library of thousands of movies in HD quality with a range of streaming servers.

The Beginning of the End for 5movies

Unfortunately, 5movies’ vast library of unlicensed content soon caught the attention of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and its international partners.

Around 2017, the MPAA coordinated with law enforcement and web hosts to seize 5movies’ original domain 5movies.to due to extensive copyright infringement claims. This initiated a chaotic cycle for the site…

The owners of it kept the site going by constantly switching to new domains – 5movies.net, 5movies.tv, and many more.

But these changes made the site extremely hard to access. Users never knew which domain would work on any given day.

The Downfall of 5movies

While it gained significant traffic and users for free streaming, it soon caught the attention of copyright holders.

Around 2017, the MPAA started filing complaints against the site for piracy, resulting in the original 5movies to the domain being seized.

This began a long cycle of the site continually changing domains and URLs to stay afloat, switching through various iterations like 5movies.net, 5movies.nz, and 5movies.top.

However, finding the new active domain was a constant headache for users.

Streaming Issues and Malware Problems Emerge

Besides the domain instability, it descended into other issues that ruined the viewing experience:

  • Extremely intrusive popup, pop-under, and banner ads overloaded pages. Some even contained adult content or malware risks.
  • Videos would suddenly become unavailable mid-viewing as embedded hosts shut down streams. Finding a working server was an exercise in frustration.
  • Downloads needed for offline viewing contained viruses and fake files according to user reports. Safety was a real concern.
  • Buffering and lag spikes increased as fewer people seeded streams after deserting the site. Streaming servers couldn’t handle demand.
  • The actual site navigation slowed to a crawl on many domains due to overloaded servers and databases. Simplicity was replaced by a sluggish and cluttered interface.

Is 5movies Still Usable in 2023?

Today, accessing it is more complicated and risky than ever:

  • The current domain changes frequently and often doesn’t work.
  • Fake copycat sites with “5movies” in the name now spread malware.
  • There are intrusive ads, pop-ups, and redirects, making it unusable.
  • Streaming servers are slow, and movies often buffer or disappear mid-viewing.

While not wholly dead, it is essentially a shell of its former self. Any working domains tend to be plagued with problems. Most users have jumped ship to better sites.

Alternatives to 5movies Worth Trying

Instead of the 5movies, I recommend turning to these free streaming sites in 2023:

    • LookMovie – Robust film catalog with well-tagged content and active user comments. Minimizes annoying ads.
    • M4UFree – Simple design focused solely on streaming movies and TV shows in HD quality.
    • MoviesJoy – Great selection of latest cinema releases with multiple servers.
    • PopcornFlix – Completely legal ad-supported service with some quality exclusives.
    • PlutoTV – Another legal and free option perfect for bingeing reality shows and live TV.
    • Tubi – Huge library of movies and shows with minor commercial breaks. No registration needed.

The options above all provide a smooth streaming experience without overwhelming users with ads or malware risks. Take the time to test a few out instead of dealing with the headache of 5movies.

Have You Used 5movies Recently?

If you’ve tried using it in 2022 or 2023, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments! Did you face any issues, or are some domains still usable? Let me know your thoughts!


It started as a top free movie streaming site but could not handle its popularity. All the people going to 5movies caused problems with the law and advertisers. This gave 5movies a lot of trouble.

Now it doesn’t work anymore. The owners tried to keep changing the website name to fix things. But it was too late. It became too messy and broken.

People who used to love it have moved on to newer streaming sites that work better. These new sites learned from what went wrong with it. They know they must follow the law and keep the site clean, or they will fail, too.

Even though some people miss how it used to be, the old 5movies is gone. Fans will be happier finding a newer streaming site that works smoothly. That is the best way to watch movies for free online now. Don’t waste time on old 5movies links that don’t work. Move forward to better choices.


Health4 Fitness does not promote or condone piracy in any way. Theft is a crime and is considered a severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957.

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