6 Best Ways For Natural Hair Growth


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Natural Hair Growth: Growing hair sucks. Whether it’s the hair on your legs during the winter (hello, itchy phase!) or the hair on your head, growing your hair out is difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention the frustration when your hair doesn’t do what you want it to.

But have you had it with waiting for your hair to grow on its own? Tapping your toes and twiddling your thumbs won’t get your hair anywhere, but the methods in this article will.

Keeping your hair looking happy, healthy, and fresh is worth putting time and effort in, but only if the methods you’re trying actually do their job. These 6 methods just might do the job for you, but remember that everyone’s hair is different.

Experimentation with natural hair growth takes time and patience, but if you’re looking for that final push to get your hair looking perfect, we’ve compiled the 6 best ways to encourage hair growth naturally.

Read on and discover what might be the perfect way for your hair to grow into luscious, shiny locks.

Light on the Shampoo

Washing your hair feels like the best kind of clean; soapy, yummy-smelling, and fresh for the next day. Shampooing your hair is the first step to cleanliness, but what you actually don’t know is that, in some cases, shampoo can do more harm than good.

Shampoo’s job is to kick all the dirt and grime out of your hair. It washes out excess oil, scrubs your scalp, and resets your hair’s clock. While this is great for getting that squeaky-clean feeling, it can be harmful if overdone.

If you’re washing your hair every day, or even once every two days, your shampoo might be stripping your hair of things it needs to grow healthily. While shampooing can be necessary for those with naturally oily hair, opening that shampoo bottle too often can stunt your hair’s natural growth process.

By stripping the hair of excess oils, shampoo can actually take too much oil out and dry your hair and scalp out. By drying out, your hair won’t have the moisture it needs to enhance its growth, leaving your strands feeling drab and down.

Instead of shampooing too often, try taking longer in between hair washing periods. This will help oil build-up and distribute, nourishing your hair in different ways. Experiment with your hair’s temperament and see what fits you best.

But Heavy on the Conditioning

Conditioner is a great moisturizer for your hair during rough patches. Using leave-in conditioner, hair masks, and even using more of your regular conditioner will add moisture and smooth your hair down.

You can even make your own pre-shampoo, which will prepare your hair for the cleansing aspect of shampoo but not the drying part.

Using this method can help retain moisture while still cleaning your hair thoroughly, achieving a perfect balance between shampoo and conditioner. This is great for those who have naturally oily or dry hair, as switching methods up can improve your hair’s health and look.

However, everyone’s different. Your hair will respond differently to different amounts of conditioner. Trying several days of a heavier dose or a lighter dose will tell you what works best for your hair.

Conditioning your hair will teach it how to retain and distribute moisture from roots to ends. Keeping this up every 2-3 days will keep your hair happy and healthy. This is a great way to naturally encourage your hair to grow.

Switch up Your Brushing

Brushing your hair with your everyday brush tends to pull out more hair than you’d like, doesn’t it?

But the problem with brushing your hair so often is that it can cause friction and strip your hair follicles, damaging your strands and encouraging easy breaking. By putting the brush down, your hair will grow longer and faster, but there will be some difficulty not brushing. Training yourself to let your hair be itself will be hard, but will produce great results.

Instead of using a hairbrush, try using your fingers to sift through your hair and separate the tangles gently. This will be a softer way to brush your hair out and a way to lose less hair.

If using your fingers is a deal-breaker for you, use a wide-toothed comb instead. This is still a brushing effect but the wide teeth will give your hair more mercy. Combing your hair in the shower with a wide-toothed comb or with your fingers can also help keep your hair smooth and won’t require brushing when it’s dry.

Taking a break from brushing your hair will help its health and improve its natural look.

Eat Your Veggies and Your Vitamins Too

Maintaining the vitamins that you need for a happy body and healthy hair is important– so make sure you’re working these vitamins in through your diet.

Vitamin A is vital for cell growth and regeneration, producing an oil called sebum. Sebum is what moisturizes your scalp and promotes your hair health. Incorporate Vitamin A into your diet by eating foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach. Milk, yoghurt, and eggs are also a good source of Vitamin A.

Vitamin E is also great for hair growth. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps prevent stress and boosts health. By adding Vitamin E to your diet through foods like almonds, sunflower seeds, and avocados, you’ll find a great increase in your hair’s health.

If you’re considering supplements for your hair, Sugar Bear Hair’s hair vitamins review will tell you everything you need to know about successful hair supplements.

Overall, making sure that you’re giving your body the right vitamins will increase your natural hair growth and make your body feel stronger. Listen to your body and its needs. By supplying the necessary vitamins and supplements, your hair will grow proudly.

Take Care of Your Scalp

Your scalp is an important factor when it comes to natural hair growth– it all starts there. Moisturizing your roots and follicles is what’s going to encourage the rest of your hair to continue growing and thriving.

If you have lots of product buildup in your scalp, this could be preventing your hair from growing. Getting rid of dead skin and oils will promote blood flow and create easy passageways for moisturization and growth.

Making sure you’re cleaning and scrubbing your scalp will reduce the risk for acne and dandruff, which are both preventers of hair growth. Washing and conditioning your scalp after sweating will also prevent buildup and potential acne.

Avoiding dry shampoo will also help your hair and scalp’s health, as dry shampoo suffocates your scalp. Dry shampoo’s job is to dry the oils in your scalp, making your sleeping with wet hair appear healthier and smoother, but it actually does the opposite.

Dry shampoo prevents your hair from distributing moisture and can be harmful if left in your hair for multiple days.

Taking care of your scalp is one of the most important things you can do to improve your hair’s growth and health. Taking time to pay attention to your scalp and what it needs will help in the long run.

Invest In Silk and Microfiber

Silk and microfiber products seem like just a trend, but they actually help your hair maintain its health and growth.

There are several silk products made for hair, but one of the main types are silk pillowcases. Using pillowcases made out of silk can benefit your hair in many ways, such as preventing frizz, regulating temperature, and keeping your skin and hair hydrated.

Because silk doesn’t retain moisture, your hair is able to stay hydrated. Silk is also great for brittle or dry hair, especially during the winter months.

Microfiber towels are also beneficial for your hair’s health because of the instant-drying properties they have. Because microfiber can hold more moisture than cotton, drying your hair is faster and easier with microfiber.

You will find that you won’t need to rub or twist your hair with microfiber, which will help prevent hair breakage and dryness. Lightly squeezing your hair with a microfiber towel will do wonders for your hair’s moisture and growth, as you’re not damaging it with aggressive drying.

Investing in silk and microfiber products for your hair is worth it for a natural way to grow and maintain your hair.

Watch Your Natural Hair Growth Start

Growing your hair naturally takes patience, but seeing results quick is an affirmation of your effort. Using these 6 tips for natural hair growth will garner results and make your hair shine.

Trying each of these methods means you’ll need to experiment a bit, but once you find your perfect hair routine, it’ll have been worth it. Seeking naturally healthy and fast-growing hair is normal. Now you can try these methods and figure out what does best for your hair and its natural growth.

Starting the journey for natural hair growth starts here. You’ll find results quickly and your hair will thank you.

If you enjoyed this article, take some time to read more from our Nutrition section.

Review 6 Best Ways For Natural Hair Growth.

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