7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas for a power-packed day


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7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas for a power-packed day. Eating a balanced nutritious packed breakfast that is healthy and tasty can be a tricky job, amidst a hectic work schedule, fast-moving and mismanaged lifestyle. This is the predominant reason why many people frequently reach out to convenience foods and snack foods such as doughnuts, pancakes or muffins for breakfast. Sadly, it’s an overarching concern as these foods are incessantly loaded with sugars and saturated fats and excess sugar consumption can lead to severe health problems such as type 2 diabetes, depression and obesity. Also, indulging in a doughnut or pancake just as the morning starts makes your first meal of the day unhealthy and can spike your blood sugar levels. So then how to start your day on a healthy note without packing on the pounds? In this article, we bring to you seven healthy and nutritious foods to eat for breakfast. Follow them right from now if you want to swear off sugar.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a classic breakfast option, easy to prepare, and extremely nutritious to eat! It is loaded with a unique soluble fiber called beta-glucan that can help keep you full and prevent overeating. This whole-grain cereal is also rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, manganese, zinc, and antioxidants due to which it has gained considerable attention as a health food.

Simply add your oats to the water and you’ll have delicious oatmeal ready for breakfast. Alternatively, 7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas you can add your oats to milk if you want to include more proteins in your diet.

2. Protein Shake

Looking for a quick and on-the-go breakfast option? Protein shakes are all you need! Drinking protein shakes every morning is not just a quick and convenient way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet but a promising way to encourage weight loss and curb appetite. Protein is an important nutrient that helps build muscle and aids in proper cell function across the body. Following a protein shake diet can increase your protein intake and provide as much protein as a diet or meal but with fewer calories.

While there are many protein powder brands available in the market that can leave you spoilt for choice, experts recommend choosing a protein powder brand that contains all essential amino acids and is NSF certified.

When preparing a protein shake for breakfast, consider adding a handful of spinach or banana and some dry nuts to the milk to make a wholesome smoothie.

3. Whole wheat bread

Want to have something simple yet savory in the morning? Reach out to whole-wheat bread. Whole wheat bread is a source of complex carbs and soluble fiber which helps slow the rate of digestion and maintain blood sugar levels. It is also a good source of protein and other essential nutrients.

While there are various sauces and spreads available in the market to enhance the taste of this baked food product, adding organic peanut butter on whole-wheat bread is the best thing to do for both breakfast and snacking. Rich in a variety of nutrients, peanut butter is one of the favorite and healthier spread choices which also helps in lowering the risk of blood pressure. Order peanut butter online now to add the rich taste and goodness of peanuts to your breakfast.

4. Fruits

Are you someone who doesn’t have an appetite for a heavy breakfast? Then fruits are your best bet! No matter whether the fruit belongs to the summer season or winter, fruits are low in calories which makes them the best choice for a healthy and super light breakfast. In addition to being low on calories, they are naturally sweet, so they easily satisfy your sugar cravings without affecting your health. While fruits like orange, papaya, and lychee are great sources of vitamin C and can rejuvenate your skin, bananas, mangoes, and grapes are high in potassium which can help maintain normal levels of fluids inside our cells. For a balanced breakfast, add a combination of 3-4 fruits to your plate and dress up your fruit salad with greek yogurt to satiate your taste buds.

5. Eggs

Eggs are Mother Nature’s original superfood and make a healthy, nutritious breakfast choice. They have been an essential part of our diet since prehistory and 7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas are found in every household across the world.

Eggs are a low-carb, low-calorie food and high in proteins, which is an essential nutrient for growth and development, repairing and building the body’s tissues, and allowing metabolic reactions. An average-sized egg provides 6 to 8 grams of protein making it a great source of protein and a very healthy breakfast option.

Since protein takes a while to digest, eggs can make you feel fuller for longer and even rank high on the satiety index. This is why they have built a good reputation over the years as one of the best foods to eat in the morning.

6. GreekYogurt

Greek yogurt has been praised over and over again as a super healthy and quick breakfast option. It’s an excellent source of healthy fat, calcium, and other beneficial nutrients like vitamin B12, zinc, potassium, protein, and phosphorus. Prepared by straining whey to remove the excess watery substance from yogurt, Greek Yogurt is thick and dense in texture. As it’s a more protein-dense product than regular yogurt, it can help you feel fuller for longer. One of the main reasons why Greek Yogurt is a popular breakfast choice is that it is a good source of probiotics which help restore a healthy bacterial balance within the gut and support digestion.

7.Chia seeds

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family. They are not just a great source of fiber but incredibly rich in other nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. When consumed daily, they can even reduce your risk of developing several health conditions. The fiber found in chia seeds is mainly soluble fiber meaning 7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas they can be absorbed and digested well in their whole form and help people feel fuller. So there are valid reasons why chia seeds are enjoyed by people all over the world during breakfast.


Breakfast is one of the most significant meals of the day. It is advisable to cut down on unhealthy and processed food items during breakfast and instead try the above-mentioned healthier and nutritious breakfast options. Today the market is brimming with various organic breakfast choices. To make your breakfast healthier and free from preservatives, buy organic peanut butter online and also search for other organic breakfast options to relish.

Review 7 ultimate healthy breakfast ideas for a power-packed day.

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