All You Need To Know About Acrylic Awards


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The most hardcore trophy for the award shows that freaks around the world are non-other than acrylic awards. Custom cut acrylic awards are also possibly related to geometry and design can be done through moulding with beautiful accents of different colours.

Why Consider over other Materials?

Colour Shade

It’s cool how customizable acrylic is. It is not only possible to shape or shape it, but practically any acrylic colour.


In comparison with the others, acrylic is a little more durable. You may have a chip if you dropped from a high altitude, but that’s easy to change.


Some items can be embedded as well. We can carry out tests to see how and if it is able to resist acrylic heating. From there, we can build your individual acrylic awards, which include an item in the award itself.


You can send the prize back to us easily if you no longer need your personalised acrylic prize for any reason and we will fine-tune it up for other goods.

The Weight

This is completely a personal choice; some may want a heavy prize, others may like a light prize. A personalised acrylic award is the lightest choice.

Types Of Acrylic Awards

1. Cell Cast

The norm that every award production follows is the cell cast type acrylic. As the name, it is cast between tempered glass having liquid acrylic which is surrounded by the rubber gasket to give the required thickness poured layer of acrylic syrup. Premium frosty white image clarity is later done by a laser so that the acrylic awards engraved. Custom cut acrylic awards are made so that each award is categorized in accordance with the criteria.

2. Continuous Cast

Extruded acrylic, which is often called “continuous-cast” acrylic, is the other form of acrylic that you might have heard of. Development involves feeding resin pellets into an extruder that heats them up to a molten mass. This molten plastic is pushed by a die to create a molten film and, in some situations, to determine thickness and surface finish, the sheet is provided by rollers. Popularly used in a variety of applications, such as the development of show fixtures and also for highlighting acrylic awards like mirroring.

Used for acrylic awards because it is “clear” unlike cast acrylic, it often happens to be a much lighter material and “gum up” during spinning gravure unless an extremely sharp cutter is used.


Acrylic is renowned for its clarity, sleek texture, and smoothness. Custom acrylic awards can take different styles or sizes and this particular material can be moulded into detailed, custom 2D or 3D forms. Or if you keep it plain, this material makes for a great traditional substitute. Acrylic is especially interesting because it is the only substance that causes objects to be embedded and seems to float inside the trophies.

Bottom Line

Practically it’s almost optically transparent as glass but weighs only half of it. Durability is attending against any weather conditions and also immune to additives and elements, with its Thermoplastic nature, acrylic can be molded after heating into any desirability to be found as custom cut acrylic awards.

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