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Free Converter Tool: Are you working on a long novel or working on a company presentation? There is a possibility that there is a nagging thought at the back of your head about your documents getting compromised, especially when you need to convert your files. This feeling is nothing new. All you need is a tool that can convert from Word to PDF online. It doesn’t take a lot of computer space to do this. Plus, It is also free!

Protect Your Documents with PDFBear

If you think getting anti-viruses is enough to protect your documents, then you are wrong. If you are a writer or marketer, then you know that protecting your files is very important. This applies to all, whether you do creative writing, writing for products and services, or when you edit PDF. The words you create are your career opportunities. There are times where your MS Word documents can be changed.

Thus, this is apart from human error. Some bad things can happen to files and documents. These can come from anything or computer issues. Protecting your files by providing a backup copy or ensuring it is locked necessarily. With PDFBear, You don’t have to buy an expensive tool to save your Word documents. What you need is an online tool to convert from Word to PDF. The good news is, it is free.

Why PDFBear?

If you are confused by the sheer number of PDF converters out there, then it stops today. PDFBear is light and easy to utilize as an everyday tool. It is an online program or a PDF converter/extracting program. PDFBear depends on cloud technology in order to do its work. This cloud capacity tech will scan/upload and convert/change your documents into their PDF form online.

The important thing is that this work is independent of your computer RAM or processor speed. This action will free up your computer from getting too many processing tasks or memory. Unlike other converter tools, wherein you need to download and install the program, PDFBear will only need the help of your dedicated computer browser to make the conversion process work.

What are the things you will need for the process?

When converting your MS Word to PDF, there are only three steps that you need to comply with. This is to ensure that your MS Word files get converted to PDF:

A working computer

PDFBear is compatible with any computing platform or software. You can even use a mobile gadget to do the conversion process. The idea of PDFBear is minimalist. It uploads your document to the cloud.PDFBear scans the MS Word document and converts it into its PDF equivalent. A copy of that MS Word document gets downloaded to your laptop or desktop.

Note that, in some cases, where your files get compromised from your computer, you have a copy that exists on the cloud. However, remember that this capability is only present when you get the pro version of PDFBear.

The PDFBear Pro version lets you store as many files as you want in the PDFBear cloud database. With the PDFBear converter tool, there is also no limit to the size of the processing files.

A working browser

A reliable browser such a Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any functional browser today will work. The PDFBear website is also simple and easy to navigate. The straightforward approach of the tool is what makes it attractive to people of all professions.

Internet or wifi connection

A stable internet connection can help you with more significant tasks. While you can use PDFBear with mobile data, it is best to have a stable wifi connection when working with multiple files. This allows you to multi-task and upload and download as many files as you want without going slow. PDFBear uses cloud technology that is fast and reliable, so you get your work done on time.

Steps in Converting Word to PDF Online using PDFBear

1. You need to go to the official PDFBear site with a browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) engine, or you need to utilize the search field to get the address right. This will get you to the PDFBear tool page.

2. The tool page will display all the necessary converter tools for you. The tools will help you with your converting task/activities. Choose the one that says Word to PDF. Going to that link will direct you to the online converter tool.

You can drag and drop your documents. The converter box will begin the process of scanning and converting your document. It would help if you waited a little bit. This will only take seconds to minutes.
Significant points of changing MS Word files into PDF using PDFBear

The advantages of changing your Word documents into PDF files make it reliable. PDFBear converts the files without sacrificing any detail.

Converting any Word files to PDF forms can be a convenient way to store them. You can bring them anywhere you go. You can use them as an ebook substitute. People who read ebooks prefer the clarity of PDF files. PDF files are also easy to read when you are using a laptop. A PDF format is also lightweight. As long as you are only scanning text, then the file size is small. A PDF file can also render graphics clearly and crisply. That is why they are the choice of photographers who work in online magazines. They always retain the vivid dynamics of a DSLR image. People who are doing online training also use PDF files for their capacity for archiving.

In Conclusion

The great thing about PDFBear is that it is free. You can also upgrade to the Pro version for added functionality. It is also reliable, and it is used by many professionals all over the world.

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