How Can An Athlete Get Benefited From Red Light Therapy?


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Athlete: Red light therapy has brought a revolution in the world of therapies, and it can work as a solution to numerous problems you might go through. Along with many different mental health issues, red light therapy can help you to deal with different physical problems too, such as injuries, wounds, joint pain, etc. Not to mention, the huge energy boost red light therapy can provide you whenever you might feel like all of your energy has been drained. Red light therapy can also help you with your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle, and help you to maintain a better sleep schedule.

As light therapy provides manifold benefits starting from helping with energy-boosting to treating injuries, sore muscles, etc., these days more and more athletes are resorting to light therapy for various purposes. If you are an athlete, the benefits you can attain from light therapy are huge. It can be completely personal care therapy for you, and you can continue with your career easily while being free of different problems. There are many different kinds of red light therapy devices such as lightbox, face mask, light therapy lamp, etc. Since as an athlete you’ll be more reserved to take care of your whole body, lightboxes, or therapy lamps that emit red light can help you the most. Now let’s have a descriptive look at the ways you can be benefited from red light therapy as an athlete.

Getting Your Strength Increased

Red light therapy can give you a boost in your strength, and in your physical strength too. Many professional coaches incorporate red light therapy in their strength-building training. It was found in research that light therapy can have a significant effect on young adults aged 18 to 35, who are going through weight training.

People who have gone through red light therapy showed significant changes in the maximum torque for leg press and leg extension exercises. Studies have also shown that you can have a significant increase in your grip strength during exercises after you take red light therapy. So, if you are an athlete and you want to grow your strength, red light therapy can be of great importance to you.

Repairing Your Muscle

Red light therapy can do a number on your muscles. It doesn’t directly affect your muscles and make them repair, it helps to increase the production of different antioxidants instead. Antioxidants play an important role in reducing the amount of oxidative stress, which s connected to muscle fatigue. The performance of thermal prototyping gets increased by antioxidants, as a result, muscles get developed and repaired. Laser therapy of low level or red light therapy has also the potential to heal tissues and decrease pain as a consequence. So, red light therapy can actually provide faster healing and recovery, and also the repairing of muscles to an athlete, which can be of huge help.

Growing Your Muscle

Light therapy doesn’t only help to repair your fatigued muscle, it can also help you in growing your muscles. And this muscle-growing feature of red light therapy has been proven by much research. Red light therapy can help the progress of healthy muscle tissue, increase the volume and size of muscles naturally, and enlarge the muscles too. All these can benefit an athlete a lot.

Gaining a Better Resistance

It was found in different studies that red light therapy can help people to have more resistance so that they can endure longer training sessions while facing less oxygen deficiency. Whether you train with a treadmill, or on the training floor, or you’re just riding a bike, you will last longer than usual with the help of light therapy.

It is considered that you can gain more resistance by taking red light therapy than treadmill training. Red light therapy can increase the temperature of your body and also increase the amount of uptaken oxygen. The body fat consumption rate also decreases due to red light therapy, and all these rates are better than the rates the people who are just having treadmill exercises.

Red light therapy can work as a very effective non-pharmacological ergogenic agent in terms of cycling, as it is found that red light therapy can help a cyclist to have peak-level cycling performances. The average exhaustion time in competitive cycling can increase of a cyclist if they go through red light therapy.

Football players are always in need of huge amounts of stamina and resistance. And in competitive football matches, being pacy is a primary requirement, and this drains the stamina a lot. But if a player goes through red light therapy just before the match, it was seen that that player lasts longer on the field, and gains a better resistance and stamina due to the therapy. So, you can see that you can always gain your needed resistance from an ample amount of red light therapy.

Improving Your Speed

Along with muscle recovery benefits, red light therapy can enhance the speed of athletes by a significant margin and help sprinters by doing so. Treatments with red light therapy have led athletes to have a faster running speed. So, red light therapy can help both sprinters and marathon racers by increasing their speed and resistance.

Final Words

People of all ages have shown a significant improvement in their overall physical performances after taking the red light therapy treatment, and athletes are no different either. Professional athletes and coaches can resort to light therapy to have an improvement in their day-to-day performance on the field or track, and in the training sessions too. You can also take the therapy to have these benefits even if you are not an athlete, but make sure that you have consulted with your doctor first.

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