Back Dimple Piercing: A Beautiful and Delicate Body Art


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Back Dimple Piercing

Back dimple piercings, also known as “venus dimple piercings” or “dermal piercings,” are a type of body piercing that involves placing jewelry on the lower back, just above the buttocks, where some individuals naturally have dimples.

The piercings are typically positioned symmetrically on either side of the spine.

The piercing is done by making a small incision in the skin and inserting a dermal anchor, a piece of jewelry with a post, and a flat base.

The base of the anchor is then anchored under the skin.

These piercings are named after the dimples of Venus, which are indentations that can be seen on some people’s lower backs.

Back dimple piercings are a popular form of body jewelry that can be very attractive.

However, they are also relatively delicate and can be more difficult to heal than other piercings.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Back Dimple Piercing

Your Pain Tolerance

Back dimple piercings can be slightly painful, so you should ensure a high pain tolerance before getting one.

Your Body Type

Back dimple piercings are not suitable for everyone.

If you do not have dimples in your lower back, then you will not be able to get this piercing.

The Healing Process

Back dimple piercings can take up to 6 months to heal completely.

You must be careful not to bump or irritate the piercing during healing.

Risks After Piercing

As with any piercing, some risks are associated with back dimple piercings. These risks include infection, rejection, and migration.

If you are considering getting a back dimple piercing, it is essential to do your research and talk to a reputable piercer.

They can help you decide if this piercing is right for you and give instructions on how to care for it after it is done.


Following all precautions before the procedure is best to avoid untoward health or beauty side effects.

  • It should only be done by a specialized doctor or reputed salon boasting reputable doctors to undertake the procedure.
  • The subject and the specialist should thoroughly wash and disinfect their hands with anti-bacterial liquid.
  • A saline solution of salt and water should be prepared just before the procedure for immediate application after the process.
  • The area to be pierced needs to be pre-marked and cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial lotion and air-dried to eliminate all micro-organisms which can cause infection.
  • Piercing needles and jewelry should also be pre-sterilized and sharp enough to cause minimum harm.
  • Marked areas should be delicately and gently pierced, and jewelry immediately inserted.
  • Finally, the entire area should be treated with a highly potent anti-bacterial solution to minimize the chances of any infection.


Back dimple piercings are usually done by a professional body piercer.

The piercer will clean the area, mark the piercing spots, and then use a sterile needle or dermal punch to create holes in the skin.

After that, jewelry, such as dermal anchors or surface barbells, will be inserted into the holes.

  • The first step in this process is choosing a certified tattoo salon or doctor to do the job smoothly.
  • Ensure you and your specialist are disinfected and wash your hands with an anti-bacterial wash.
  • A saline solution is arranged and ready to use instantly after the piercing.
  • Your main job is to inform the specialist exactly where your piercings should be and ensure they are marked at the correct spot.
  • Ensure the specialist uses an anti-bacterial lotion or sanitizer to clean off the spot before the commencement of the procedure.
  • A clamp tightens the skin around the spot for an easy pierce.
  • Make sure the doctor is using a sterilized needle for the process. Occasionally a dermal punch can be used for this process.
  • A dermal point is a sharp round tool similar to a cookie cutter; when used on the skin, it cuts a circular section off.
  • Since the dermal punch removes a part of the skin, there remains a high risk of bleeding, and for people with hemophilia, dermal punch might not suit.

The penetrating jewelry of your choice is inserted directly after the needle part.

Pain and Healing

The pain experienced during the procedure can vary depending on individual pain tolerance.

After getting the piercing, the area may be sore, and there might be some swelling and redness, which is normal.

It’s crucial to follow aftercare instructions provided by the piercer to promote proper healing and reduce the risk of infection.

The wounds can take about two to three months to heal properly. Quick healing depends on how much time and dedication you give to caring for the piercing and trying to avoid harm.


It is essential to realize that back dimple piercing is an invasion of the skin; thus, aftercare is critical to avoid health difficulties. Any carelessness can lead to permanent damage and scarring underneath nerves and muscles in rare cases.

  • Predominantly, the aftercare process ensures that no lower attire gets rubbed or stuck in the piercings, which may aggravate the situation.
  • Loose-fitting clothes with adequate air ventilation are recommended.
  • The area should be regularly cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution and soaked in saline solution frequently. This not only eradicates any possible infections but also alleviates pain.
  • Utmost precaution should be exercised to ensure no injury is inflicted on the pierced area. Unnecessary fiddling and touching a place with unwashed hands is out of bounds.
  • Once the pain has receded, the area can be cleaned gently with mild soap during a bath and dried using clean towels.
  • Unprescribed sprays, lotions, moisturizers, ointments, etc., should not be applied.
  • Sleeping on the back is not recommended during the healing period.
  • Regular checkups guarantee hassle-free healing.


As with any body piercing, some hazards include infection, rejection, migration, and scarring.

Choosing an experienced and reputable piercer who follows strict hygiene practices to minimize these risks is essential.

Individual Suitability

Not everyone is a good candidate for back dimple piercings.

The presence of natural dimples in the area is essential for this type of piercing.

Moreover, factors like anatomy, skin type, and lifestyle should also be considered.

Healing Time

Healing time can vary from person to person, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months for back dimple piercings to fully heal.

During this time, avoiding unnecessarily touching or rotating the jewelry is essential.

Jewelry Change

If you wish to change the jewelry, it’s crucial to have it done by a professional piercer.

Removing or altering the jewelry alone can prime complications and damage the piercing.

As with any body modification, it’s crucial to carefully consider the decision and thoroughly research before getting a back dimple piercing.

Consulting with a professional piercer will provide valuable information and help you make an informed choice.

Remember that everyone’s body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Types of Piercings and Jewelries

Apart from simple piercings, two other types of piercing are completed on your lower back dimple part.

Micro Dermal Piercing

In this piercing, micro dermal implants are used where a small gem is placed, preventing the piercing from getting caught on to the clothes.

These single-point piercings can be an alternative to regular piercings to avoid the clothes complication of standard dermal piercing.

Double Lower Piercing

This is for the bold ones who can endure high pain levels.

Since the piercing is done twice, care is needed for hassle-free healing.

But if you are attracted to back dimple piercing and can handle immense pain, you should try this double lower piercing.

The jewelry used in piercings differs in price and style.

You can try a simple stone or a diamond stud if you want to show a little.

Just make sure that the base of the stud is entirely stainless steel, and consult your expert to buy the perfect certified piercing suited for your look.

Tattoos & Back Dimple Piercing

Some people get more artistic with their piercings by adding a tattoo, or some with already tattooed backs use piercings to lift their beauty.

Tattoos ranging from simple designs, roses, or simple sentences are often seen with a clear stone emphasizing the inheritor’s pierced back dimple.

If you are one of those artistic individuals willing to discover body art, you can try a tattoo to highlight your back dimple.

One should be cautious not to get a tattoo immediately after a piercing.

It would help if you waited a year for the piercings to heal before trying to get a tattoo on the spots surrounding them.

If you have no experience getting a tattoo and are planning on getting one, you should contact one in the least sensitive place on your body to get used to the needle-pricking feeling.

Material for Jewelry

There are a few diverse types of  divers and metal anchors to select


This is the posh option and the best bet for sensitive skin. Surgical-grade titanium is considered the least likely metal to give you skin problems.

Stainless Steel

A trendy choice, surgical-grade stainless steel is hypoallergenic


Radiant, grayish white, and entitled after a granddaughter of Zeus in Greek mythology, this passive and hypoallergenic metal is slightly less expensive than titanium and almost as corrosion-resistant.


It’s not durable enough to adorn your back dimples. The 14-Carat stuff is a more solid choice (literally), especially when healing.

One should avoid nickel, even if it’s plated with another metal, as up to eighteen percent of people in America have a nickel allergy, according to the A A D – (American Academy of Dermatology Association)

Pros and Cons of Back Dimple Piercing


  • Once the piercings heal, shifting out the selected jewelry is reasonably straightforward.
  • It is a specialized technique by certified professionals, so rest assured that they will be cautious.
  • An individual might have acquired the piercing impulsively and wants to remove it now. Not to worry, these piercings are stress-free to remove.
  • It might undoubtedly add a charm to your natural character and highlight your back. It would also look good for social media trends.
  • It has several methods to getting this piercing done, and you can opt for a bolder look with a double piercing.
  • Men can get these piercings too, and be considered a fashion statement.


  • One main concern is that clothing can get trapped in the piercing, causing it to rip.
  • Brushing the area with clothes can cause pain, redness, and irritation. More or less clothes can even source infection.
  • An individual has to take care of the piercings throughout his lifetime. Piercing aftercare does not only mean healing time.
  • Since it is a dermal pierce, the jewelry used needs to be cleaned occasionally and make sure you do not use any severe chemical substance that could harm that wound.
  • As it is located in the back, you might not be able to reach the piercing accurately to apply medications or clean it.
  • Individuals living alone can face a problem regarding cleaning and care if they cannot go to the dimple part.
  • Your sleep cycle can get hampered, and significant changes to your position might disturb your sleep.
  • If you like sleeping on your backside, you might have to change your sleeping position as the piercings on your lower back will cause pain under your body pressure.
  • Pain is a significant factor. Some people have low pain tolerance, and this piercing can hurt a lot.
  • If you cannot properly care for your back dimple, they might get infected, leading to several health issues.
  • Incorrect piercings can lead to severe bleeding.
  • Unnecessary pulling and rubbing might cause the pierced skin to migrate and even close up.
  • An individual must visit a professional now and then to evade obstacles, and if you are a working individual, making time for appointments might be an issue.
  • These piercings’ placement is on the lower back area, and it might be frowned upon in some societies and considered indecent.
  • Many Indian households still have strict patriarchal rules, and voicing freedom through piercing can cause unrest and social disruption among peers.

The back dimple piercing has many pros and cons.

But it is entirely an individual’s free will to choose.

But make sure to consult a certified doctor before making any commitment about Piercings.

Bottom Line

Back dimple piercings are the hottest fashion & can look alluring and sexy.

However, its health risks and infections cannot be overlooked.

Regardless, there is no reason to stop you from walking the path if all the care measures and sufficient precautionary and thorough care steps are exercised.

Review Back Dimple Piercing: A Beautiful and Delicate Body Art.

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