Best Internet Plans For College Students 2021


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College students do not typically fall under the category of normal consumers. With that being said, it is actually quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what attracts them to a particular brand, company, or product. One thing a college student will always require is access to the internet. Merely visiting the library for research and studying may have worked a few decades ago, but nowadays a successful college career absolutely requires internet access, especially when you consider that many colleges have much of the infrastructure and learning portals built around the internet. The good news is that there are plenty of internet service providers out there with a diverse array of services to fit any need and budget. If a college student is particularly good at managing money and tracks everything—using a bill tracker, spreadsheet, etc.—then high-speed internet should be easy to manage.

Internet service providers have stepped up their game when it comes to providing the college-going consumer with exactly what they want. A comfortable, budget-friendly, and reliable internet connection would help them in their quest to earn a college degree.

Internet service providers like Spectrum have done a great job by providing college-going customers with high internet download speeds, great customer satisfaction, market competitive prices, and an excellent reliable internet connection. Apart from these outstanding qualities, Spectrum has a 24/7 toll-free number that any college student can use by dialing the Spectrum Phone Number and acquiring information regarding new promotions or deals.

The Importance of Customer Service for College Students

Customer service should be among the top qualities of an internet service provider that a college student should look at before committing. Among those top qualities, we have internet speed, reliability, data caps, and contracts as well.

College students should value their time a lot, the simple reason being that every productive minute that is lost due to the internet connection being down is critical for them. Let’s assume that a college student has to submit an online essay that is about 15% of his final grade and as all college students, he or she waited till the last minute to finish that essay. The college student gets done with the essay just a few minutes before the deadline but sees that the internet connection is down. They risk losing 15% of their final grade. If the customer support staff would be helpful and all, then they could just simply or rather quickly reboot their internet connection and be back up online to submit their essay on time.

Internet Service Providers That Offer Discounts to college Students

Internet service providers have addressed the fact that they need better budget-friendly options with them to conserve or spend rather wisely. Some of the money that college students had set aside for their college-level education. This becomes a positive externality as all internet service providers would want to provide their college-going customers with the lowest prices and the best internet plans so that they do not end up shifting internet service providers.

Xfinity Student Discounts

Xfinity is among the largest internet service providers in the country and has incredible discounts for students who belong to a certain college or fulfill certain eligibility requirements of the company. That delivers Prepaid Visa Cars, up to six months on Amazon Music Unlimited, and plenty of discounted TV plans for the college student to enjoy.

Spectrum Student Discounts

Spectrum isn’t only limited to residential area coverage, rather it also supports internet in some campuses across the country. The internet service provider is famous for providing its customers with near gigabit internet speeds with no data caps whatsoever. The internet service provider also has a no-contract policy. This means that a college student may jump or change an internet service. Provider at will without having to face any termination fees or charges.

What to Look for in A College Student Internet Plan?

Dependent Activity Recommended Internet Download Speed Recommended Internet Upload Speed
General Online Studying or Surfing The Web 1.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps
Making or Scheduling a Zoom Call 1.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps
Watching or Streaming Lectures 2.5 Mbps 2.5 Mbps
Uploading and Download HD Videos 25.0 Mbps 25.0 Mbps
Uploading and Download a Word or Excel File 1.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps
Uploading and Download a Git Repository 10.0 Mbps 10.0 Mbps

But, The internet-dependent activities that are mentioned in the table above are some. Although, the most basic things or aspects that a college student would have to go through or face. Besides the names of these tasks. We also have the recommended internet download and upload speeds that a college student must ensure he gets.

To Conclude

Internet is as essential as ever for all personnel. The trick is not to get an internet service provider that has a huge downtime on the internet. Is not at all reliable, and is quite the opposite of a good internet connection. College students must ensure that the internet plan. That they go for should not be one that barely covers their requirements. This would result in a lot of buffer and lag.

Review Best Internet Plans For College Students 2021.

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