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10 Golden Rules of being Healthy

10 Rules of being Healthy

1. Eat Food

Eat Food


“Don’t eat what your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” Pollan warns about the ultra-processed and derived products available to us in supermarkets even when they advertised with healthy properties.

Food produces that privileges to have health aids are a good sign that it is not food. And the food is what you have to eat. If your ancestors did not know that eaten, avoid it.

2. The Basic Is Healthy

Alternatives to traditional foods do not necessarily guarantee complete and balanced nutrition.

Mainly because marketing does not usually wait for scientific evidence. And the attributions tend to be doubtful.

Don’t forget that margarine was one of the first industrialized foods that claimed to be a healthy replacement and ended up causing heart attacks in people,” – explains the author.

And as a recommendation that they have unknown of value to say about your fitness.

3. In The Ingredients, More Is Less

There are essential additives to ensure the preservation and consistency of the product but take an expression at the grade of ingredients. And If there are more than five, it should avoid, – says Pollan.

It is not necessarily a harmful feature per se, but it is a reliable marker that a food is highly processed.

The popularizer especially invites to be cautious with sugars: they can come under less recognizable names, such as syrups.

4. Do Not Buy Only In The Supermarket

Although the chains are increasingly betting on fresh foods with the designation of origin, their business model includes selling industrialized products with a longer shelf life but rich in sugar or salt.

If our supermarket does not offer greengrocers and greengrocers, it is advisable to complement the purchase in traditional commerce.

5. Quality Sometimes Costs

Processed foods exist because they increase the producer’s profit margin; food is grown in a non-intensive way – regardless of the organic certification,” according to Pollan- will have more costs.

The key to limiting ultra-processing is to adjust our budget and our diet to smaller amounts but better qualities.

6. Eat Less

What immediately connects with the previous point: caloric restriction is one of the pillars of a heart-healthy diet, and prevention of diseases derived from age and obesity.

We must learn to avoid fatty foods that make us prone to binge eating.

The natives of Okinawa, who were once the oldest people on Earth, practiced the principle of Hara Hachi Bu: Eat till you are 80% filled, writes the author.

Using the improved value of the food, the less amount needs to fill up.

7. Take Plants And Especially Leaves

Pollan clarifies that science has not determined precisely what makes vegetables preferable as food. “Antioxidants? Fiber? Omega 3? In any case, they agree that they tend to benefit you and certainly won’t harm you.

The author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma concedes that vegetarian individuals have been shown to have better health than carnivores, but notes: “Almost-vegetarians are as healthy as vegetarians.”

8. The Dishes Of A Lifetime

French, Japanese, Italian, or Greek cuisine have something in common: centuries of history behind, which is already an advantage over the western diet rich in fats that flood modernity.

Excluding external factors, people who eat based on a traditional culinary culture have better health” – Pollan values.

And if the Mediterranean diet is not within our reach, others will have to count: “If it were not a healthy way of eating, the people who follow it would not be among us yet.

9. Cook And Farm to be Healthy Enough

“Contributing to the involved and constantly motivating process of providing our livelihood is the certain way to escape the fast-food values and its underlying values: that food should be easy and cheap.

That food is energy and not unity “- Pollan writes in one of his highest ways. “And over, raise your food earnings to your health even before you sit down to eat it.”

10. Be A True Omnivore to be Healthy

It is not so much against vegetarianism that Pollan is charging. But against a diet consisting basically of ultra-processed corn, wheat, rice, and soy and incapable of providing a hundred compounds that contribute to human health.

Try additional new kinds, and not just new foods, to your diet. So the more diversity, the more likely you are to meet your nutritional needs.

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How To Balance Meals For A Healthy Diet Without Many Sacrifices?

Balanced Diet seems like an easy task at first glance. However, some do not have the correct information and often confuse what is right and what is not at mealtime.

In this way, “magic” eating plans that promise to lose weight or have the desired shape become one of the worst allies.

The “balanced diet or detox diet” is usually one of the most used methods to achieve this.

Though the intake of juices, teas, raw fruits, and vegetables that contain low carbohydrate foods.

So they seek to detoxify the body, without taking into account the risks involved in eating in this way.

To this, we can add those who do not consume gluten, a fashion that, in general terms, would not seem to be a danger to anyone.

The truth is that celiacs are the ones who, due to their intolerance to this protein, must eliminate everything that contains wheat, oats, barley, and rye.

Unfortunately, some do not suffer from this disease and continue this trend.

In addition, you can find more helpful resources at thewebscience.com

Restricting Food or Balanced Diet has Consequences for the Body

So when it comes to eating healthy. And it doesn’t mean that meals should be tasteless, low in calories, and fat-free.

Incorporating different types of nutrients daily is necessary to ensure that the body finds the correct harmony, without having to resort to “extreme” methods.

Eating a few carbohydrates and nutrients increases the feeling of hunger and anxiety.

Keep in mind that the prohibition of certain foods does not help. But instead generates a desire that is difficult to stop.

Every time a person consumes excess food for a short period, what causes is more desire and lack of control for that product. Cotton Kurta 

The same happened when eliminated from the diet. So the aspiration to eat that food increases, and there is a “rebound effect.”

The key to Good Health is to Achieve a Balanced Diet that Contains a Wide Variety of Nutrients

The key to Good Health is to Achieve a Balanced Diet that Contains a Wide Variety of Nutrients


Vegetables and fruits, dairy products, complex carbohydrates. And such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, bread and flours, lean meats and unsaturated fats, nuts, avocado.

Vegetable olives are some of the options that do not. And they may be absent at mealtime.

Nutritionist Agustina Murcho explained that during the day and every day. So you should consume half a plate of carbohydrates, half of the protein, and one whole of vegetables.

Something important is that the amounts and the occurrence of each food be subject to a lot on each one. So to know how much to eat, we must consult a specialist, he assured.

And additional: The sign is that each proportion contains that variability. So in this way, it provides much more satiety to the body, and there is no imbalance.

Eight Essential Guidelines for a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Eight Essential Guidelines for a Healthy and Balanced Diet


For a diet to be healthy and balanced. So it must contain all the nutrients and inadequate amounts so that a person has all his needs covered and is not lacking.

This Community of Madrid nutrition guide points out that proteins. So carbohydrates and fats are the only nutrients that provide energy or calories.

Need to be taken every single day in quantities of several grams.

Vitamins and minerals required in smaller proportions. And vitamin C and zinc, it should only take a few milligrams. Also, even less would have to ingest vitamin B12 as folate or vitamin D.

To Achieve These Goals, the Balanced Diet must follow these Tips:

1) Variety of Foods to Maintain Well Balanced Diet

The range of nutrients obtained by eating all kinds of food. So they must be added from all groups (cereals, fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy products, meats, etc.), And since no food contains all the necessary nutrients.

2) Eat more Fruits and Vegetables To Achieve Good Balanced Diet

The diet must include a large amount of plant-based foods, taking those of animal origin in moderation.

A clear example is a Mediterranean diet. And which promotes the consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, fiber.

It also includes fish, olive oil, and the moderate intake of meat and fats of animal origin.

Vegetables contain water, carbohydrates, fiber. And on the contrary, they do not have much fat and no cholesterol.

They also have almost all water-soluble minerals and vitamins.

3) Reduce the Intake of Industrial Pastries

Industrial pastries, sweets, snacks, sausages, ice cream, or fast food eaten. But in great moderation.

4) The Adequate Proportion of each Food

It is important to eat everything. But also in the right portions. Besides the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc), suggests in this guide the rations be taken from each food.

Fish and Shellfish

  • 3-4 servings a week

Lean Meats

  • 3-4 servings a week


  • 3-4 servings a week


  • 2-4 servings a week


  • 3-7 servings a week

Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

  • 2-4 servings a day

Olive Oil

  • 3-6 servings a day


  • 2 servings a day


  • 3 servings a day

Bread, Cereals, Rice, Pasta, and Potatoes

  • 4-6 servings a day


  • 4-8 servings a day

Wine or beer

  • Optional and moderate consumption

Physical activity

  • Daily (at least 30 minutes)

5) Moderation in the Quantities Consumed

The diet must provide the amount of energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Also, it is advisable to eat moderately to avoid obesity.

This measure prevents diseases related to excess weight. And such as high blood pressure, some cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

6) Five Meals a Day

Another key to a healthy diet is the correct distribution of food. Also self recommends five meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner).

7) Make it Appetizing

A healthy intake does not have to be an effort for the person. So It designed in such a way that it is vibrant and appealing to the person taking it.

Otherwise, following her would become very difficult, and she would probably end up leaving.

8) A Good Amount of Liquids

Though Semfyc indicates, water is essential for the maintenance of life. And suggested intake is 1 or 2 liters a day, about 4 to 8 glasses are.

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Benefits Of Cinnamon With Honey : Take Care Of Your Health

To obtain the benefits of these two ingredients, we must remember that the amount of cinnamon must always be half that of honey, taking into account the weight of each one.

Today in our space, we want to remind you of something that your grandparents already told you: «Take a tablespoon of cinnamon with honey and take care of your health.

And it is not necessary to be a faithful follower of natural medicine to realize that nature, always wise, sometimes put within our reach great remedies for specific ailments.

Sometimes, lifestyle makes us turn to the classic vitamins of a pharmacy. This, according to this study, due to the high demand for stress. On the other hand, we do not try to maintain an adequate, balanced, and, above all, conscious diet.

For this reason, we want to recommend a natural remedy that can help you take care of your health. This, together with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, can be very beneficial for our body.

Do you put it into practice today? We give you good reasons to do so.

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Cinnamon With Honey: Is It An Ally For The Heart?

Cinnamon With Honey_ Is It An Ally For The Heart_

It said that if you want to take full advantage of its benefits, it is good to make it in the morning.
In this way, and if we are always in it, our heart health will thank you for several reasons:

  • Honey and cinnamon are two foods with anti-inflammatory properties that take care of the health of our veins and arteries. Thus, they can help us alleviate ailments, such as hypertension.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant and other nutrient content, cinnamon infused honey can help us reduce bad cholesterol.

So, we can say that even though these natural alternatives must go hand in hand with a balanced diet and also exercising continuously, they can contribute significantly to our health.

Does It Help Us To Have Better Digestion?

If you usually suffer from some acidity and your digestion is also quite slow, do not hesitate to follow this simple advice:

  • Consume a tablespoon of honey (25 g) with a tablespoon of cinnamon (5 g) sprinkled on top 20 minutes before your meals.

Cinnamon can help us stimulate the production of gastric juices, promoting digestion. Thus, thanks to cinnamon with honey, you will be able to digest dense foods more quickly, such as meat.

Besides, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, they can also help take care of the walls of our stomach, while preventing inflammation.

Likewise, cinnamon is also a diuretic. Thus, it will help your intestines to be freer of toxins and yeasts.

Cinnamon With Honey To Help Lose Weight?

Cinnamon With Honey To Help Lose Weight?

  • It is essential to start by saying that it is not that cinnamon honey alone favors the loss of body fat. That is, the loss of body fat faithfully obeys a convergence of biological, hereditary, and practical factors, where the quality of the food we eat, exercise, and rest come into play.
  • According to popular wisdom, if you intend to lose those extra kilos, you can not forget to consume 1 tablespoon of cinnamon with honey on an empty stomach followed by a glass of water. Then, allow half an hour to pass before starting your breakfast usually.

Thanks to its components, such as vitamin B1, they can help you promote carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, cinnamon with honey can be a great ally to lose weight.

Also, For Pimples And Blackheads

Until now, there are only different websites where forums and debates found on whether this could help the removal of impurities in the face; that is, no study published to support this theory. Despite this, many beauty treatments usually include it as a support for various natural alternatives.

Thus, popular wisdom suggests that at home, we have a natural antibiotic that is very useful for this type of specific problem. To make that granite or those pimples disappear, it believed that you would only have to make a small filling with cinnamon and honey. Then you put on it to the affected area and let it act for half an hour. To finish, rinse with warm water, and that’s it.

Cinnamon With Honey To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Various research carried out from the University of Copenhagen revealed that something as simple as combining cinnamon with honey reduces arthritis-related pain.

In addition to this, this study can be mentioned, which talks about the analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions of cinnamon based on its ethanolic extracts, demonstrated its analgesic effect through dependent doses in mice.

So, for this, we have to be constant and take it for at least a 1 to see results. So, follow this advice to find relief if it is your case.

How to Prepare it

  • 25 g of honey (one tablespoon).
  • 5 g of cinnamon powder (one teaspoon).

It’s just about combining cinnamon with honey in a tablespoon. Always remember that the amount of cinnamon must be half of the honey.

We will take this excellent remedy every morning on an empty stomach. It is worth a try.

Cinnamon With Honey To Take Care Of Our Natural Beauty

When one is right on the inside, it shows on the outside. And something as easy as taking cinnamon with honey every day allows us to combat cell oxidation.

This is due to the antioxidant content of both cinnamon and honey. These are said to help fight free radicals that attack our health.

If you want to fight against oxidation, inflammation and also improve the elasticity of your skin, take note of this excellent advice.

Remember, it is only part of a natural treatment that must go in parallel with other skincare and a balanced diet.


  • 25 g of honey (one tablespoon)
  • 5 g of cinnamon powder (one teaspoon)
  • 1 glass of water


  • The first thing you should do is heat that glass of water. It should be warm, never cold or excessively hot. Then, dissolve that tablespoon of honey and cinnamon in it and consume it on an empty stomach every day.
  • At first, you probably notice that your digestions improve, that you retain fewer fluids and that you feel lighter. Thus, day by day, that inner balance can begin to be reflected in your skin. Now you have seen the benefits that cinnamon and honey, we hope you incorporate them into your diet. These can be great allies for your health.

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What Are The Benefits Of Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine plants are being widely used today to calm minor ailments, instead of opting for certain drugs.

Do you want to know what benefits phytotherapy can offer you?

Many people are looking to calm their minor ailments and conditions with entirely natural products.

One of them is plants, but, there perhaps the benefits of herbal medicine plants.

Let’s take an example from daily life. When we receive an infusion, it helps us improve digestion, improve our fluid retention, or calm that stomach pain that is making us suffer so much.

Phytotherapy is greatly more present than we think.

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What Is Herbal Medicine?

What Is Herbal Medicine?


As the article ‘ Phytotherapy, its origins, characteristics, and the situation in Chile ‘ well points out,.

phytotherapy is the use of individual plants with medicinal properties and therapeutic purposes.

This use of plant products is quite widespread nowadays.

The cause why this happens is because they hardly cause side effects and because betting on the natural is gaining more and more prominence.

Herbal Medicine Benefits

Bach flowers, for example, are part of herbal medicine.

These plant extracts are highly effective in treating conditions such as stress.

And as explained in the article ‘ Effectiveness of Bach flower therapy against academic stress in first-year stomatology students ‘.

That is why, as we have already been able to realize, herbal medicine carries several benefits.

Let’s understand, then, the benefits of herbal medicine and how it can aid us.

Does Not Contain Chemicals

The search for the fundamental objectives to get away from excessive consumption of drugs.

And treat minor diseases that we undergo in a much more best method with our bodies.

Self-medication is not a suggested action. So, making a bet on herbal medicine is a good clue.

This One Is A Cost-Effective Treatment

We know how much it expenses to buy syrup at the drugstore.

But what if a mixture of ginger can also have very positive effects to calm our discomfort?

Phytotherapy is inexpensive, and we have it in our range. You just have to see what we are looking for.

Has Hardly Any Side Effects

This third benefit of phytotherapy makes many doctors recommend its use to patients who are undergoing some cancer treatment.

Thus, with plants, they can ease their nausea, feel better, and more encouraged to overcome the disease they are suffering from.

Phytotherapy plants used up in capsules, in the form of lotions, or even using essential oils.

It is necessary to take into description the opinion of professionals to choose the most effective method for our case.

Herbal Medicine Plants For New Treatments

Although we often make a separation between natural therapies and drugs, many new medical treatments today include aromatic and medicinal plants.

Therefore, if its use considered in this area, it is clear that it has many benefits.

Own Cultivation Of Plants

Although we can go to specific establishments to find the ingredients that will help us obtain the benefits of herbal medicine, there is also the option of cultivating them ourselves.

By growing the plants, we could make essential oils for use in aromatherapy.

This seems so difficult to do, and it just takes practice.

Besides, trying will mean economic savings and the possibility of having the oils when we want.

If you are interested in herbal medicine, now you know the benefits that it can bring you.

So if you want to stop using so many drugs when you have heartburn, the flu, or any other mild condition, give medicinal plants a chance.

You amazed to see how they ease your aches and pains and all without side effects.

Many people have introduced herbal medicine into their lives and are seeing very positive results.

If you want, you can start by preparing a simple recipe, such as an essential oil from a plant.

You can also consider purchasing Bach flowers if you are under stress or anxiety. Try its benefits!

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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day For A Week

Lemon water is a big craze now, but perhaps you are wondering if it lives up to expectations.

It pushed for everything from weight loss to cancer prevention, and while we can honestly say that no drink can cure all physical ills, this drink is excellent for you.

One of the best benefits of drinking lemon water is that the recipe is up to you.

You can use as much lemon as you like, and even include additional ingredients like mint, honey, or other fruits.

It can also be consumed warm or cold, depending on your preference.

However, according to nutrition experts, the ideal way to drink lemon water to get the most benefits is if you drink it lukewarm with at least ½ lemon included, with the zest and all.

You don’t need to eat the lemon wedges, but the taste contains valuable polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds that can help you lose weight.

Adding lemon wedges to warm water helps extract more polyphenols than cold water.

So what are the possible assistances of drinking it every single day? There are many, and some of them make the practice useful on its own.

On our way, we are also going to break a couple of traditions about lemon water.

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1. Have A Fresher Breath With The Help of Lemon Water

Have A Fresher Breath With The Help of Lemon Water

If you’re tired of chewing gum or chewing on a mint every time you have to talk to someone, lemon water may be the answer.

When you think about the large number of products that contain lemon scent, this starts to make sense.

The citrus scent of lemon can neutralize odors, either on your counters or in your mouth.

Drinking a little lemon water after a meal that includes onions, garlic, fish, or blue cheese can remove your lingering evidence.

Lemon is also ideal for stimulating the production of saliva, which in turn cleanses the mouth.

A dry mouth, like the one you wake up in the morning, actually smells worse due to excessive bacterial growth.

2. Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Using Lemon Water

Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Using Lemon Water

When you drink lemon water every day, you are adding critical hydration to your skincare routine.

Hydrated skin looks softer and smoother, decreasing the formation of wrinkles and lines.

When you are completely hydrated, your body also has more chances to eject contaminants through sweat.

Adding lemon to your water increases your intake of vitamin C.

And it is a powerful nutrient that plays a vital role in the production of collagen and elastin, the elements of the skin that keep it healthy and supple.

Some study shows that an intake high in vitamin C will also reduce wrinkles, something everyone wants.

3. Take More Vitamin C

As we talk about vitamin C, let’s dig a little deeper about its numerous health welfares.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can nullify harmful free radicals before they cause cell damage.

Therefore, making sure you get the recommended daily allowance believed to reduce the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

And since our bodies don’t synthesize vitamin C from other nutrients, we need to get that RDA from food. Lemon water helps you touch the proposed level of 60 mg per day.

4. Experience Losing Weight More Easily

We can tell you from the beginning that lemon water is not a miracle product for weight loss.

Drinking it every single day is not the only thing you must do to lose weight successfully.

However, people who drink lemon water tend to report being able to lose weight easier overall.

It’s not entirely clear why, but drinking more flavored water may help you feel full and satisfied between meals.

But let’s not forget those antioxidant polyphenols in lemon that have shown to support weight loss in mice.

Research showed that lemon reduced weight gain in mice despite a high-fat diet, and insulin resistance was also improved. Human research is needed to follow up on these favorable results.

5. Calm Your Tempers

The same energizing scent that reduces the effect of odors can also reduce your stress and help you stay calm.

That is why lemon oil is a mutual component in aromatherapy apply oil. When you drink lemon, you get the equal strain relief and the advantage of potassium in the fruit.

Potassium is severe in regulating blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a crucial factor in your stress experience.

If you drink warm lemon water, you will get familiarity with special calming effects.

But however you consume it, try drinking some lemon water before turning to wine after a particularly stressful day.

6. Avoid Kidney Pebbles With The Help of Lemon Water

If you have never had a kidney stone, you probably aware of how painful it is.

Maximum kidney stones are calcium deposits, and you can reduce your risk of forming one by consuming additional citric acid in your intake.

Lemon is citrus produce that has a large amount of citric acid; in fact, just ½ a cup of lemon juice contains as much as prescription kidney stone medications.

Remaining well-hydrated is also an essential part of kidney health, so lemon water daily can be an eccentric preventative measure when it comes to kidney stones.

7. No More Urinary Tract Infections

And speaking of dying conditions, urinary tract or bladder infections are also incredibly painful.

Honestly, it’s like peeing small knives when you suffer from one of these infections, and unfortunately, they’re easy to catch.

One way to reduce the happening of these infections is to keep your urine alkaline. Although lemons are acidic, citric acid produces alkalizing by-products when digested.

Lemon water daily helps maintain an alkaline pH in the urinary tract. However, it does not affect the pH in the bloodstream.

Your kidneys do that job, and diet is not related to the process. Don’t be fooled by claims that lemon water can alkalinize your entire system.


There are many reasons why lemon water is a good habit every day, and it only takes seven days for you to see the difference.

In addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, proper hydration alone is essential to good health.

When your water is tastier because you add lemon or other citrus flavors, it can be much easier to lower the ideal amount from 91 to 125 ounces each day.

We inspire you to experiment with lemon water and see how much better you feel each day.

Just don’t expect that you’re going to lose weight instantly, detoxify your system (the body does this exceptionally well on its own), or increase your IQ.

But for everything else that lemon water can do, we recommend it!

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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is multipurpose produce that involved in an extensive multiplicity of healthy recipes.

Due to its nutritious composition, currently. It is well-thought-out one of the good causes of fat.

Coconut fat or oil has to turn out to be a prevalent food, both for its organoleptic characteristics and its nutritional value.

Thus, in the sugar-free processed food industry, it is used to improve the texture and taste of products.

On the other hand, it has properties in terms of skin hydration. For this reason, many laboratories use it as a component in their beauty products.

In this editorial, we are going to focus on its nutritional properties and why it is food included in the usual diet.

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Coconut Oil Contains Quality Fats

Coconut Oil Contains Quality Fats

Coconut oil is a food composed mainly of fat. Most of the fatty acids it contains are of the saturated type.

Until recently, these nutrients associated with a decline in health. However, doubts about this are beginning to emerge among experts today.

The saturated fatty acids in coconut oil made up of medium-chain triglycerides, the proven health effects of which proven.

Regular intake of this type of nutrients contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Going on, the intake of fat is related to an increase in satiety and, therefore, with weight loss.

But, according to the findings of a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the current evidence on this relationship is not very strong.

More human trials are necessary to corroborate this.

Coconut Oil Provides Vitamin E

When we talk about coconut oil, we must bear in mind that it is an ingredient that provides vitamin E.

This nutrient stands out for its antioxidant effect, which is adequate when it comes to fighting free radicals and cell oxidation.

Further, a close relationship between adequate intakes of this substance and the proper functioning of the immune system evidenced.

As if this were not enough, vitamin E interacts positively with vitamin K, helping to dilate blood vessels and preventing blood clotting within them.

This is another reason why coconut oil is a beneficial food in helping to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Also, the relationship of this vitamin with the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases studied. Where it could have a stable incidence, even though current studies have not revealed firm conclusions in this regard.

A Versatile Product

Coconut oil presented into the diet in several different ways. It is a product that fits well into healthy confectionery thanks to its organoleptic properties.

Due to its content in saturated fatty acids, it can withstand heat very efficiently.

For this reason, it subjected to cooking processes at high temperatures with guarantees.

In any circumstance, we must remember that this type of cooking carried out sporadically.

And since certain toxic compounds are produced that can be harmful to health in the medium and long term.

Coconut Fat or Oil As Part Of A Healthy Diet

As we can see, this product can bring us many positive things related to health.

Including it in the diet, and combining it with other quality vegetable oils such as olive, will contribute to improving our cardiovascular health.

We must not forget that it supposes an exciting contribution of vitamin E, which can compensate for deficiencies in this nutrient in the framework of a diet low in nuts.

This substance has many functions at the cellular level.

And it is necessary to guarantee its regular consumption to prevent vascular health problems.

Finally, we must emphasize that it is a product with great versatility. When it comes to being used in the kitchen.

It withstands the heat well and fits perfectly with popular healthy pastry recipes.

Thanks to its organoleptic characteristics. It allows you to get desserts with a good flavor, even adding smaller doses of sugar.

This will undoubtedly have a progressive impact on health.

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Properties that Aloe Vera has for Your Health


Aloe vera used as a cosmetic and to treat health problems. Discover its incredible benefits.

This plant has recognized and used for thousands of years for its exceptional qualities, both medicinal and cosmetic.

Although the plant is now widely cultivated and used throughout the world, it is native to tropical and southern Africa, the Middle East, and several islands in the Indian Ocean.

The pulp of its leaves, the most used part of the plant, contains mainly water (99%) and a condensed amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Indeed, it is an essential ally to fight against numerous healthiness complications.

Easy to cultivate, this succulent plant has become a real business in just a few years.

From creams to dietary supplements, including healthy drinks. Without being miraculous, the products that contain aloe vera for your health provide particular virtues in well-being.

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The Properties that Aloe Vera has for Your Health

It is also recognized for its benefits, as it allows treating many conditions and can be used both externally and orally as a dietary supplement.

1. Improve Skin Condition

Improve Skin Condition

The key benefits of aloe vera are dermatological. Its gel made up of many elements with therapeutic and healing benefits on the peel.

Undoubtedly, the medicinal plant can be applied externally to relieve burns or stings and to calm any other irritation.

Due to its high clotting power, it is an excellent remedy for wound healing.

Applied regularly, aloe vera helps fight cell aging and the premature appearance of wrinkles. It hydrates the skin and stimulates the regeneration of collagen.

2. End Constipation

Aloe latex, found in the leaf, contains the most laxative properties to combat constipation.

Thus, the oral consumption of aloe vera also takes care of your digestive system, since it stimulates digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

3.  It helps to Have Healthy Hair

Existing in numerous conditioners and shampoos, aloe vera gel is excellent for hair care.

The nutritional and hydrating properties of this plant protect the hair and repair the hairpins.

They also soothe an itchy scalp, reduce dandruff, and regenerate hair for strength, softness, and flexibility.

4. Promotes Hygiene and Oral Health

Aloe vera gel ensures natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are extremely useful in the mouth and gums.

Vitamins and minerals support the healing of mouth sores and bleeding gums.

Therefore, aloe vera juice used as a natural mouthwash. This method can treat dental hygiene problems in both sensitive gums and bad breath.

It is a plant that known and used for thousands of years for its exceptional qualities, both medicinal and cosmetic.

5. Low Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Several studies are supporting the theory that regular aloe vera intake normalizes blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Likewise, it is also beneficial for those diagnosed with high cholesterol.

6. Aloe Vera For inflammations

It is generally known for its anti-inflammatory assets recognitions to the acids contained in the plant.

Therefore, it used in surface treatments such as burns. Besides, it recommended in case of arthritis, rheumatoid, ulcers, or fever due to rheumatism.

You can also appeal to the virtues of these fatty acids to fight specific allergies, such as asthma or eczema.

7. Aloe Vera Increases the Body’s Immune Defenses

Our body works every day to fight pathogenic microbes without even being aware of it.

To support the immune system, a healthy lifestyle and regular aloe vera juice cures are the most effective allies.

However, despite its great benefits, there are some contraindications that you should be aware of.

Thus, it is sensible to consult your doctor before using this plant, as it may not consider it appropriate if it represents any risk to your health.

Remember that its consumption should be moderate since you mustn’t make excessive use to obtain better results.

Keep in mind that any natural treatment requires patience and willpower.

You will need to arm yourself with these qualities and know how to use products that contain aloe vera for your health.

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The 7 Top Medicinal Plants To Improve Mental Performance


Thanks to their contribution of antioxidants. But medicinal plants can be of great help in combating cognitive decline and promoting brain connections.

Continuous exposure to stress, environmental toxins. And the practice of bad habits are just some of the factors associated with tiredness and decreased mental performance.

These conditions are increasingly common in the population. Although older adults are the most affected, the cases of young patients have also increased.

Feeling cloudy thoughts, not concentrating. And starting to forget some details are definite signs of problems in brain performance.

Although with age, they tend to be unavoidable. But there are some habits and remedies that reduce the risk, especially when they start to manifest early.

Among these, we find some medicinal plants whose composition improves blood flow, activates neurons, and streamlines memory naturally.

Next, we will discuss what are medicinal plants?. And how you can take advantage of medicinal plant properties ? to improve your cognitive health.

The Top Medicinal Plants are as follows:

1. Rosemary one of the best Medicinal Plants

1 (16)

Rosemary is a plant known for its anti-inflammatory. And its antioxidant properties reduce the harmful effects of free radicals.

Its natural oils and extracts improve mental performance as well as decrease the risk of cognitive decline associated with age.

How To Use It To Promote Our Mental Performance?

  • Prepare an infusion with the dried leaves or add it as a condiment in your meals.
  • You can also take advantage of it through aromatherapy.

2. Ginseng also one of the Medicinal Plants

Ginseng is one of the most popular among natural treatments to protect the brain and plant’s memory.

Likewise, it attributed to vasodilatory and antiplatelet properties that keep the capillaries clean to achieve correct blood circulation.

This favors the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which is key to optimal mental work.


  • 1 teaspoon of ginseng (5 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)

How To Use It?

  • First, heat a glass of water. When it comes to a boil, add a teaspoon of ginseng and allow it to infuse for 5 minutes.
  • After the indicated time, strain the infusion and consume it twice a day.
  • You can also ingest it in case of anxiety and nervousness.

3. Sage also one of the Medicinal Plants

The salvia plant is rich in antioxidants. So it helps protect brain cells from conserving and utilizing acetylcholine optimally.

For this reason, its use strengthens brain functions and improves concentration and memory.


  • 1 teaspoon of sage (5 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)

How To Use It?

  • First, add a teaspoon of sage to a cup of boiling water and, ten minutes later, consume the infusion.
  • Drink two to three cups during the week.

4. Nettle one of the Medicinal Plants

Similarly, the phytoestrogens contained in nettle promote increased mental performance. But in the long term, strengthen memory to prevent cognitive decline.

Its intake counteracts the harmful effects of oxidative damage. And improves cellular activity in the brain.


  • 1 tablespoon of nettle (10 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)

How To Use It?

  • Prepare an infusion with a tablespoon of nettle and a cup of boiling water, and consume it every day or at least three times a week.

5. Ginkgo Biloba is also one of the best Medicinal Plants

The natural extracts that ginkgo Biloba contains are useful for improving the circulation of capillaries in the brain. So they help to increase their resistance and prevent premature deterioration.

Though, its consumption reduces the risk of strokes and, besides, favors mental clarity and performance.

It also helps increase concentration, memory, and many other cognitive skills.

Also, it reduces symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and earache.


  • 1 teaspoon of ginkgo Biloba (5 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)

How to Use It?

  • Add a little ginkgo Biloba to boiling water and consume it twice a day.
  • You can buy the extracts in capsules and take one daily.

6. Green Tea

Because of its high content of antioxidants and choline, green tea is one of the best medicinal plants to deal with cognitive difficulties.

Likewise, consuming your drink reduces mental stress, reduces progressive memory loss, and improves concentration and performance.


  • 1 tablespoon of green tea (10 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)

How To Use It?

  • Add a tablespoon of green tea for each cup of boiling water. And after obtaining an infusion, consume it once a day.

7. Thyme one of the Medicinal Plants

Finally, known for its culinary and medicinal applications, thyme is an excellent alternative to take care of the brain and nervous system health.

Likewise, it contains naringenin. In addition to vitamins of the B complex, both necessary to improve the supply of glucose to the brain and increase the protection of blood vessels.

Finally, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds attributed to it that reduce cell damage, memory loss, and stress.

How To Use It?

  • You can add a little thyme to your dishes, or use it to prepare a decoction.
  • Drink 3-4 cups of tea a week.
  • All in all, plants are perfect allies of brain health and cognitive performance.

Dare to take advantage of its properties. And discover that they are ideal for promoting well-being.

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