Bridging Gaps: Effective Communication Strategies for Dental Patients


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Communication Strategies : Have you ever felt sorry about missing a patient’s call, and have you ever been worried that they may replace you with someone else – someone who is much more responsive? Those are certainly legitimate concerns, since patients value great experiences above all, and great experiences begin with the dental offices being available and responsive in case they have any questions, as well as when they want to schedule or reschedule an appointment. Thus, being responsive is important for retaining your current patients.

What about new patients, though? Have you ever stopped to think how many of those you may have missed by not answering calls or by them calling outside the working hours? Sure, you have a life outside your work and sure, you definitely shouldn’t compromise it and reduce its quality by always being on-call and ready to answer the phone, but you also don’t want to lose patients. Is there anything that can help you do both things at the same time – live your life and gain new patients and retain them?

There most certainly is! In short, what you should do is invest in the services of answering calls for dentists and use the right communication strategies with the patients in order to draw them in and have them schedule an appointment with you, or remain loyal to your services. This is, without a doubt, the service that will bridge the gap between you and your existing and potential patients at all times, allowing you not to worry about the workload getting smaller just because you can’t answer the phone throughout the entire day.

Since you’re here, chances are you’ve been wondering whether to use these specific services. Bridging those gaps is certainly important, and below I’ll tell you more about why using them is the right idea and show you how helpful those communication strategies for dental patients can really be. Then, we will also proceed towards covering the topic of finding the perfect call answering services for your dental practice, which is also something you want to learn before you go about hiring anyone.

Why Use the Call Answering Services and the Right Communication Strategies for Dental Patients

We are going to take this one thing at a time, of course. Meaning, thus, that the first thing we will cover is the reason why you should get these services and use those communication strategies to your advantage. Or reasons, to be more precise, as there certainly are more of those. Below I’ll provide you with a list of some of those reasons, hoping to ultimately help you understand if this is the right solution for you or not.

  • Proper Appointment Scheduling

Not scheduling the appointments properly can lead to your waiting room being filled with people, only for at least a few of them to leave, realizing that they simply don’t want to wait given that they’ve called and made an appointment. It is easy for you and your team to mix things up and not be that great at appointment scheduling when you all have other important things to focus on – providing the perfect dental care. Yet, people take the scheduling seriously, and they don’t appreciate having to wait for too long if they’ve already made an appointment.

To resolve this problem and to never again have to watch patients leaving the waiting room, all you have to do is get call answering services. Having someone in charge of the phone at all times will make things much more organized. Appointments will be scheduled properly, and both you and the people coming to your office will enjoy knowing that they will get the attention they need and that they won’t have to wait for it for far too long.

Proper Appointment Scheduling

  • Call Screening for Emergencies

As a dentist, and orthodontist, or any other specialist in this industry, you sometimes need to keep your phone line open for emergencies. If a patient calls you in the middle of the night with a dental emergency, chances are that you will respond. You will open your offices and see the person, aiming at resolving their problem. What if, however, the emergency wasn’t really an emergency, and you found yourself leaving the bed for nothing? Not exactly a pleasant experience.

Well, with the right professionals answering the calls for you 24/7 and using the right communication strategies with the patients, something like this certainly won’t happen. They will do the necessary screening and they will know what constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t. For the today’s impatient patient, which is talked about further on this page, even getting their calls answered can be of great help, soothing them and assuring them that they can wait for tomorrow. For you, this service helps you get a good night’s sleep, not being interrupted with calls that aren’t urgent.

  • Great First Impression

When the phone is answered at all times and when the people know they can reach you whenever they may need your services, even in the middle of the night, you are bound to make a good impression with them. First impressions matter if you want to win patients over and retain them. So, the call answering service can go a long way in helping you attract new clients and win them over with your professionalism and with the great level of care you’re providing.

  • Better Patient Experience

You will not only make a good first impression, but you’ll also improve the overall patient experience. From the very moment they dial your number, they will be treated professionally and with care. And, great experiences will make them come back for more, meaning, therefore, that you will retain your patients, which is definitely a big deal.

  • Increasing Productivity

Did you know that using call answering services can improve the productivity of your entire in-house team? Instead of having to focus on the phone when it rings, they will be able to focus on the work they do best. This goes for dentists and technicians both. Not getting distracted with phone calls is bound to increase productivity and improve the overall quality of the services you are providing. Your clients are bound to notice and appreciate that.

  • Crossing the Language Barrier

You could happen to be called by a person that doesn’t speak your language. A lot of great call answering companies will, however, be able to cross the language barrier. Once again, this will be appreciated by the person calling, meaning that they are far more likely to contact you again and to schedule the appointments. In short, you will provide them with great customer service and they will understand the importance of that, which is why they may choose you as their go-to dentist.

How to Get Great Services

Having figured out the importance of the call answering services, you are now most probably wondering how to get great ones. The good thing is that you can do all your research online and thus succeed in getting the best solution for your dental practice. The key is in finding the answering service company that has experience with dental professionals and dental patients, as that’s how they’ll know precisely which communication strategies to employ and how to provide you with the perfect quality solution. Additionally, always aim at hiring companies that are trusted by their past clients and that are, therefore, highly reputable.

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