Choosing an Independent Living Community


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Moving to an independent living community is a significant change. Before moving to one, however, you should do enough research and take your time, so you find one that you are comfortable calling home. Finding such a community takes time and research, and there are some things you should consider before settling on one.

The Residents

Because you will be a part of the community for a long time, it is important to ensure you connect with the other residents and feel welcome and comfortable. When visiting different communities, take some time to talk to the residents.

Ideally, they should be people you see yourself making friends with. Ask about the level of service provided, as well as how friendly and accessible the staff members are. If there is a restaurant, order a meal and talk to even more residents there.

This culinary experience will give you more insight into what level of services you can expect and will give you more time to do even more research.

The Size of The Community

Senior living communities come in all sizes as there are no limits. It is up to you to decide whether you want to live in a community with many or just a few people. A community with lots of residents gives you lots of opportunities for socialization, so it might be ideal for you if you love interactions.

The size of the community will also typically determine the size of the living facility you get. Larger communities might mean the living areas are smaller, while the reverse is often true.

Available Amenities

Most communities offer amenities that enhance a sense of community or introduce you to new experiences. You can expect amenities like fitness centers, salons, barber shops, gyms, computer rooms, and more. These amenities will change depending on how luxurious the facility is.

If you are looking for amenities like high-end restaurants and concierge services, you look for luxury senior living San Diego facilities that provide them. However, you might surprise at how varied the amenities differ from one community to the next, so take your time when searching.


Many retirement communities are located in ideal locations with great weather throughout the year and as few disturbances as possible. Here, too, you have an option; you can pick communities located in quieter or busier areas. As with the size of the community, you can choose quiet or busy senior living communities depending on their location.


How accessible is the facility itself? It should be easy to get to and from the facility, and you should feel safe coming or going regardless of the time of day.

The amenities around the facility should also be accessible, ideally within walking distance. If you need transportation to access the city center, for example, you need to check whether the community provides transportation or if you would have to arrange your own.

Choosing a senior living community means picking one that suits your needs and preferences. Look for one that provides you with everything you need, all without too much hassle.

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