Five Top Tips For Navigating Your Christmas Party Alcohol Free


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Christmas Party Alcohol Free: Party season is upon us and people across our offices and workplaces will already be getting excited for a party.

They’re always interesting, and while some people relish them, others dread them.

They’re always the birthplace of gossip, while at the same time they’re a great opportunity to let loose with people you’ve worked hard all year alongside.

The alcohol is always flowing, and for many that can be problematic, not least for the people that do not want to drink. Whether that be through choice, or through suffering from addiction, avoiding alcohol on Christmas party night can be tricky.

Primrose Lodge, an alcohol detox centre in Surrey has long found people returning for alcohol treatment following the festive period as they relapse due to the pressures of parties and Christmas as a whole, so if you’re looking to stay sober, here are five top tips to help you see it through without a drop of the hard stuff…

Be Open and Honest

Your first port of call is absolutely to be open and honest about your sobriety.

For the most part, colleagues and bosses will be supportive of you and ensure that you aren’t pressured into drinking.

You’ll tend to find that you may even get a mini support network at your office parties as a result of that, with people looking out for you, as well as the organisers getting in more non-alcoholic beverages in as a result for you to enjoy.

Stick With The Non-Drinkers

Similarly, it may not just be you that isn’t drinking at a party, so it could be worth all sticking together, again forming almost a mini-support group.

What’s more, the conversation may be more stimulating, particularly as the drunkeness increases around you.

It’ll make it easier when going to the bar, as you won’t have to be picking up alcoholic drinks, which can be incredibly tempting, while you may also be able to share tips on the best non-alcoholic cocktails to try.

Prepare an Exit Strategy or Quiet Space

For those people that are in recovery from alcohol addiction, it can get tough on such occasions, and it may be that you need to escape.

Your employer may be able to provide a safe and quiet space to compose your thoughts, but if it does all get too much, it’s good to have an exit strategy to get you home as quickly as possible.

That may be through a loved one picking you up, or you having your car parked nearby.

Alternatively, having things like a train timetable to hand may also give you peace of mind that you can leave whenever you want to.

Utilise Your Support System

Most people going through addiction recovery will have encountered this type of struggle since going sober, so leaning on them for tips, advice or even just people to text during the event can be instrumental in getting you through it if you are struggling.

It’s the whole point of a support system. It may be that you don’t have one in place, but even friends and family can be good to lean on to give you encouragement to stay on track.

Ultimately, it’s all about doing what’s right for you, and if you’re up front about that to your colleagues, and especially senior members of staff, then they’ll understand and appreciate that, making getting through such an event ten-times easier.

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