Every Outdoor Enthusiast Should Get CPR Recertified


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CPR Recertified: If you heed the call of the wild on a regular basis, you’re probably more than familiar with the dangers of being in the great outdoors, such as sprains, heat stroke, dehydration, and hypothermia.

More than likely, you’ve gone through some basic first aid training, maybe when you just started hitting the trails as a youth.

However, just as it’s important to keep your outdoor gear in good condition and carry exactly what you need, it’s essential that you keep your first aid skills sharp as well.

Receiving your CPR recertification should be one of your top priorities before you go on your next adventure, and it’s far easier than you might believe to get this vital training.

Let’s explore some reasons why CPR recertification is invaluable for outdoor enthusiasts, then learn how it’s simpler than ever to relearn how to save a life.

Accidents can happen to anyone

No matter how qualified you are to tackle advanced trails, accidents are always right around the corner, and they’re often deadly or permanently disabling.

One of the major causes of death for hikings is falls, which can result in traumatic brain injuries and cardiac arrest.

Given that hiking is usually done in isolated areas far away from emergency services, if a member of your hiking group falls, you need to be able to jump in and provide life-saving treatment while you wait for medical personnel to arrive.

Understanding how to perform CPR, how to treat a broken bone, and how to treat someone who is succumbing to shock is absolutely essential if you want everyone to make it out alive.

You can’t assume that previous CPR certification is enough, as you may have forgotten many of these skills in the time since you took the class.

It’s important that you double-check that you remember everything – and learn about any updates to emergency protocol – by receiving CPR recertification every two years.

You may encounter an unqualified hiker in medical distress

One of the golden rules of hiking is that you take care of others you find in distress, whether that’s sharing some of your water or jumping in to give medical assistance in an emergency.

Many people die per year because they took on a trail that they weren’t qualify to try; they may have overtaxed their body and gone into cardiac arrest because they were not fit enough to endure the pressures of high altitudes or steep inclines.

In this case, you and your fellow hikers may be the difference between life and death for this trail newbie.

Getting CPR recertified is the best way to ensure that you’re perfectly capable of intervening and providing essential medical assistance to anyone who finds themselves in trouble.

When you get recertified, you’re enforcing what you previously learned, making it all the more likely that you’ll be able to give effective emergency care while you wait for medical personnel to arrive.

Given that you might have to wait a long time for an ambulance to get there, you should encourage everyone you hike with to also get their recertification so that you can switch out with them while you perform CPR, which is an incredibly physically taxing procedure.

Online CPR recertification is a convenient, cost-effective way to keep your first aid skills sharp

You may have gotten your first CPR certification in a classroom, perhaps at a training class for a local hiking group or at an outdoor gear store like REI.

However, CPR certification is only valid for two years; if it’s been a while since you trained it, you need to get a refresher.

Maybe you’ve been putting it off because, with your busy schedule, you don’t want to sit in a classroom and hear what you already know told to you again; you’d much rather be out on the trails soaking in the majesty of nature.

Fortunately though, there’s a much easier way to receive your CPR recertification now.

Online CPR recertification is very affordable and flexible, allowing you to complete the course at your own pace. Through companies like https://www.protrainings.com/courses/cpr/recertification, you can work on lessons when it’s convenient for you rather than finagling an in-person class in between work and recreation time.

With on-demand video lessons and comprehensive reading materials, you’ll have everything you need to brush up on your CPR skills and receive your recertification, all at a low price and with a flexible format.

The great outdoors is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous, which is why it’s so important that you know how to intervene in an emergency situation.

Online CPR recertification makes it incredibly easy to regain your skills so that you can get back to what you love, with full confidence that you can help no matter what the trails throw your way.

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