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Digital Technologies For Disease Prevention

Health promotion and disease prevention must be included within the digital health technologies or transformation strategy.

So taking advantage of the potential of digital solutions, and being critical of their success factors. A global vision.

Digital Technologies For Prevention: Policies

The ” State of Health in the EU ” report is a document addressed to policymakers with information, guidelines, and best practices from the European Health Systems.

In the one corresponding to 2019 it is specified.

Health systems must respond more efficiently to healthcare needs.

So driven by demographic changes and fully exploit the potential of new digital technologies to strengthen prevention and care.

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Health at a Glance: Europe. European Commission

The European Commission presented its Supplementary Report to “Health at a Glance: Europe” to clarify some trends.

These influenced by technological advances seeking to enhance primary care and prevention.

In Spain, primary care continues to be a central element of our health system, assisting the entire population. But also by facilitating prevention and health promotion services.

However, according to the report of our health profile 2019.

The increasing demands for the primary care system derived from the aging of the population may necessitate a more excellent and more appropriate use of resources.

A chapter of the report refers to the need to take advantage of the digital transformation of health promotion and disease prevention.

Digital Technologies For Prevention (II): Equity

Digital tools, services, and platforms have great potential when it comes to advocacy and prevention.

These digital solutions, whether they are applications, mobile technology, forums, web pages, etc. can help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle and prevent them from developing an illness.

However, digital solutions can lead to widening or creating new inequalities between digitally literate people and those who are not.

Likewise, there is a risk that the different efforts by regional organizations in the deployment of digital health solutions may further increase these differences.

Therefore, the use of digital solutions to strengthen health and well-being will require equal digital opportunities.

Specific; Widespread digital literacy, digital security, useful and well-designed tools, services, and platforms.

Digital Technologies For Prevention (III): Mobile Health For Behavior Change

One of the constants in recent years is finding the best way to use mobile health in a way that brings evidence of value to healthcare.

The growing interest of patients and providers in using mHealth supported by studies that include its effectiveness and clinical results.

Unfortunately, there are only a small number of scenarios where the published evidence suggests that mHealth applications can improve patient outcomes.

We are approaching one of these studies, ” What is the clinical value of mHealth for patients? .

And primarily, we emphasis on actions change interferences through mobile health applications. And in those that provide health education related to health care.

For the former (behavioral change), the hypothesis is raised that mobile platforms have a high capacity to improve patient engagement in prevention and treatment strategies, using personalized goals and gamification.

For example, there is data that infer that mobile applications that seek weight loss and promote physical activity demonstrate excellent results.

We could also include those that help the patient in glycemic control. From both examples, it remains to find out its long-term results.

Digital Technologies For Prevention (IV): Mobile Health For Health Education

The other side of the coin is improving treatment adherence, where apps have lower evidence.

And the study found only three applications with positive clinical results.

Concerning educational health apps, the difficulty lies in measuring the result of these interventions. Although there is preliminary evidence in patients with heart disease and cancer.

Two aspects seem to take a particular advantage in educational apps.

On the one hand, that related to treatment during complex therapies.

Such as oncology and on the other in informing patients of their changes in quality of life.

The value for patients also lies in improving communication with healthcare providers and the possibility of making shared clinical decisions.

Digital Tools For Prevention (V): Data Science

Advances in genetic therapies, new therapeutic approaches, and the application of digital technologies are being incorporated into healthcare.

Thanks to the broad implementation of big data, such as data science and advanced analytics.

The importance of data analytics is giving rise to new concepts such as the data-driven.

But physician at Stanford Medicine, the next generation of healthcare professionals trained to use emerging data and technologies in healthcare.

And IQVIA’s “Human Data Science,” which aims to advance the understanding of human health.

And enable better and more informed clinical decisions made. Its objectives follow current needs, improve health outcomes, and control costs of care.

The elements of “Human Data Science” according to IQVIA

Three aspects that interest us related to promotion and preventive medicine are focused on the IQVIA report.

  • Study and growth to improve the production of clinical trials; identification of patients or choice of patients in the early stage of the disease.
  • The health care patient-centered strategies and approaches that can improve prevention, disease diagnosis, treatment, and personalized attention.
  • The feedback data of the patient in the “real world” detailing benefits of outcomes or adverse events therapies. And evidence of preventive health programs so that they can identify incentives that create more value in health outcomes.
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