Five Things You Must Bring to the Golf Course


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Nothing ruins a round of golf more than not having what you need on the course. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or new to the sport, you must be prepared for whatever you encounter throughout your round. How can you ensure you have everything you need for a perfect day on the links? You can start by packing the necessary gear.

Here are five things you must bring to the golf course:

1. A Well-Packed Golf Bag

Your golf bag should be stocked with more than just your clubs. Though we all know how critical the clubs are, your bag should also be full of golf balls, a ball marker, and even a sharpie to custom mark your ball from any others. A well-stocked golf bag includes band-aids, adhesive medical tape, tees, pencils, and a divot repair tool. Don’t forget your towel and gloves, too. When you have all these items readily available in your golf bag, you’ll be prepared for everything from keeping score to losing your golf ball.

2. Rangefinder

When you can’t get a caddy, you can use a rangefinder to improve your game. In fact, they are sometimes more accurate than a caddy. These devices take the guesswork out of your game and speed up your play while helping you fine-tune your shots. Of course, you should also pack batteries in your golf bag if you’re using the device. You don’t want to be left without a working rangefinder, especially when you must go back to the old ways of determining your best shot.   

3. Sunscreen and Bug Spray

A beautiful sunny day on the greens is ideal for any golfer. But it also means you’ll need to apply and pack sunscreen. More importantly, you’ll need to remember to reapply it throughout the day, so you don’t get stuck with a harsh sunburn. Aside from sunscreen, it would help if you also packed ChapStick with SPF. And depending on where you are golfing, you may want to bring bug spray to help ward off any pesky getting in the way of your play.

4. Sunglasses

Again, that beautiful sunny day on the greens is perfect, but it’s also an indicator that you should have sunglasses, a hat, or a visor in your bag. Not only will these items protect you from any harmful UV rays, but they’ll also help you avoid squinting and enable you to see better on the course. You don’t want to lose your ball in the air as soon as you hit your first drive.

5. Phone or Camera

You can get most of the items above at a Pro Shop if you forget them. But the one thing you absolutely must bring to the golf course is your phone or camera. You always want to capture your golf memories and good times with your golf buddies, especially when you’re on a Pinehurst golf trip. Aside from the selfies and photos of your foursome, you’ll want to remember all the gorgeous greens and scenery.

When you have a well-packed golf bag, rangefinder, sunscreen, sunglasses, and phone camera, you’ll be on your way to a good round of golf. Despite your handicap, if you forget one of these items and need one during your game, you may be full of regret. Make sure you bring these five items to the golf course on your next outing.

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