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The extreme competitiveness in the corporate industry has brought people to perform extensively unique actions, like penetrating their competitors’ confidential records. Especially since most files are uploaded and transmitted online, they tend to become more vulnerable. We need to learn how to keep our electronic files safe and secure, especially these PDFs.

Instead of spending on these pricy Adobe PDF programs, you can take advantage of these web-based PDF converters that offer free services. GoGoPDF is one of the key players in the market as they are on par with the top existing online PDF converters. We will uncover why GoGoPDF is your best choice and how it can ensure your electronic files’ safety.

Ensuring File Safety and Confidentiality with GoGoPDF

Although not all files that we upload and transmit online are of sensitive content, we must also give focus to these content-sensitive files. You must position safety and security on top of your priority list when handling electronic files as they are vulnerable when uploaded online. So if you need to convert your confidential files from Word to PDF, GoGoPDF is your best pick.

So why choose GoGoPDF? This free web-based PDF converter commits to high-quality conversion standards and privacy policy. GoGoPDF ensures its users’ electronic documents’ safety and security by permanently removing them from the system within a 1-hour interval. Thus, any unwanted user sneaking on your file can never access your confidential records.

Adding Extra Protection To Your PDF Documents

Since we have already discussed the efficiency of GoGoPDF in keeping your files safe, we will also uncover how it can add extra protection to your private files. Safeguarding your PDF can be achieved by using the “Protect PDF” function of GoGoPDF. You can maximize its 128-AES encryption protocol to keep your PDFs locked when downloaded by other sneaky users.

You can input a more strengthened password by combining capitals, numerals, and symbols. You can perform this by uploading your PDF file to GoGoPDF and start input your preferred password. After encrypting your confidential PDF with GoGoPDF, you can save your file right away. For your information, all these can be done within less than a minute!

Utilizing an All-Around PDF Converter Tool

So what do we mean by an all-around PDF converter tool? In handling office documents, we encounter various files of different formats, depending on their primary purpose. Most people use MS Word documents to create company papers and other legal documents, while they use MS Excel spreadsheets to record financial aspects and other accounting records.

Also, they use MS PowerPoint presentations to create business propositions, marketing strategies, and many more. All these electronic files are used vastly nowadays. The good thing about GoGoPDF is that it can convert these most-used files to the portable document format(PDF) easily! Also, you can use the same web-based tool to convert them, vice-versa!

You convert your files to PDF to make them easier to transport to another user online. They become more compact and more comfortable to print. You transform them the other way around if you need to make major modifications to your content. Check out this PDF conversion list to see what you can use in the near future:

  • PDF to PDF/A
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Word
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • Word to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • JPG to PDF

Exploring More Functions To Maximize Your PDF Files

GoGoPDF offers the same functions as the paid Adobe programs. However, there may be certain limitations to these functions unless you upgrade your subscription. If you have challenges handling large PDFs, you can use the efficient PDF compressor to reduce its file and download them right away. Repairing damaged PDFs is also available in this online tool.

GoGoPDF also has more functions like PDF split, merge, delete PDF pages, rotate PDF, edit PDF, and many more to manage your PDFs further. Provided with this vast selection of functions, you can maximize your PDF files in no time. So you need not wait any longer and go check out GoGoPDF yourself!


GoGoPDF is the next thing when it comes to establishing more efficient PDF management. All these functions are given for free, but you can also upgrade if you need more extensive PDF editing. If you want to explore more of the upgraded subscription, you can try GoGoPDF’s free 14-day trial. Test out their upgraded tools and enjoy unlimited access to their PDF functions!

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