Getting a City Home in Panama


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Panama is one of the best places that you can get your city home. In Panama, foreigners are not restricted from acquiring property; hence it is easy for you as a foreigner to get a city home in Panama. There are several reasons why you should visit now and get a city home in Panama such as;

Easy to relocate

If you are a foreigner, one of the most comfortable places to get a visa and a permanent residency in Latin America is Panama. The immigration rules in Panama are liberal, enabling you to vacate and settle in Panama quickly. If you are hired by a Panama company, you can easily apply for a permanent residency Visa; hence there is no need to go home very far when you can get back in Panama.

Panama is one of the best places to live if you are a foreigner and interested in doing business. In Panama, the laws make it easy for you to start or purchase a company, even if you are a foreigner. If you are a foreign businessman in Latin America, you should settle in Panama.

Investment opportunities

Panama is the ideal place to get a city home because of the investment opportunities it provides to the residents. In Panama, the number of tourists rises annually by about ten percent. Panama has access to nearly 1,000 islands, and it is a great beach resort destination. The rules in Panama enable more tourists to visit and hence the growth in infrastructure and hotels.

As a business person, Panama provides a lot of opportunities in the foreseeable future, and you should settle there as soon as you can. If you want to engage in the real estate business, Panama is the right place because it is booming. Panama is growing fast, and there are over 300 buildings that are being built.

Liberal laws

The laws in Panama make Panama one of the safest places to settle and invest. Panama’s constitution makes it clear that property ownership is an inherent right. The right serves both Panama’s citizens and foreigners.

Panama has a law that protects foreign investors. The investors can engage in any industry, and foreign investors should receive equal treatment to the citizens. All these laws make Panama the best place to get a city home, whether you are an investor or a home for your family.

Titled properties

Many properties in Panama are Titled, and you can quickly get the information from the Public Registry Office. In Panama, it is hard to get conned when buying a property if you undertake your due diligence.

Before getting a city home in Panama, you should do a complete search of the title, check the maps, verify factors such as tax, utility bills, and any limitations of land purchases. The fact that the information is readily available makes Panama one of the safest to own property.

In Panama, there are many benefits that you can get because of having property due to its liberal rules and investment opportunities. If you want to buy a home in Panama, there are factors that you ought to consider such as;


Panama is small, but it provides different lifestyles depending on where you settle. You can get a home in a city, green mountains or the sun-splashed Pacific coast. If you decide in the capital city, you will have access to great shopping, the nightlife with a tropical flair.

If you want to get a city home, you can get one in the top cities: Cerro Ancon, Casco Antiguo, and San Francisco. In Cerro Ancon, you can get access to wildlife such as parrots and toucans. In Cerro Ancon, you can get family city homes or an apartment.

The location is vital, depending on where you work or where your business is located. It should be easy to access and favoring your lifestyle.

Home In Panama


The laws in Panama are liberal nut; you have to be aware of various restrictions that may affect ownership of property. The restrictions include;

  • You cannot own property that is ten kilometers from the border. You may see advertisements for this type of land but never consider buying it as you may lose money and your area.
  • A citizen must own some of the untiled lands in Panama for two years before it gets titled and sold to anyone.

You should get professionals who can advise on the various restrictions and do due diligence to search for titles to ensure you never lose money or the land.

Bottom Line

Panama is a prime place to invest and settle. The laws are liberal, and you should know the various restrictions to ensure that you are on the right side of the law. You should get a city home and experience the beautiful city life in Panama.

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