How Bullying Can Affect Young People’s Health?

Bullying: The thought of your child being bullied likely fills you with dread. While not every child will experience the problem, it is an unfortunate reality for many.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 20% of students have reported bullying experiences, which is equal to one in five children.

Bullying cannot only make your children fear school, spending time outdoors, or social media, but it can impact their physical and mental wellbeing. Find out how bullying can affect young people’s health.

Mental Health Conditions

Bullying is no longer reserved for the classroom or playground. Due to the popularity of various social media networks, bullying can occur in a victim’s home without their parents’ knowledge.

Cyberbullying is becoming a major problem for children and teens, who may receive cruel comments or posts via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Burn Note, Snapchat, and more.

Unfortunately, both bullying in school and online can take its toll on a young person’s mental wellbeing, and they will have an increased risk of a mental health disorder, such as depression and anxiety. Children struggling with physical or verbal abuse may also experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an attack.

If your child is a victim of bullying, they may need additional support to help them battle a mental health disorder. For example, a teen residential treatment center could help them overcome depression, trauma, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or another issue. Visit for more information.

Poor Academic Achievement

A study by Arizona State University found that victims of physical bullying, verbal bullying, cyberbullying, or all three are more likely to struggle at school, as they might fear stepping inside the classroom, they might feel tempted to skip a class or drop out of school altogether. As a result, they might receive poor grades, which can lead to fewer academic prospects and limited career opportunities.

Risky Behaviors for Bullies

It’s not only victims of bullying that can experience health issues or behavioral problems. Bullies will have an increased risk of engaging in dangerous behaviors into adulthood, as they are more likely to:

  • Abuse substances, such as drugs and alcohol
  • Engage in acts of violence or vandalism
  • Drop out of school
  • Be convicted of a crime
  • Be abusive to their partners or children

If your child is a bully, you must stop the abuse immediately to protect a victim, as well as your child. A bully could benefit from individual counseling, which could help them identify why they bully, why it is wrong, and what they can learn from the experience. Also, bullies must be disciplined by their parents to teach them right from wrong.


Bullying can affect both the victim and the bully, and both can suffer from mental health conditions and behavioral issues following the experience. It is vital parents monitor their child’s behavior, limit screen time, communicate with them regularly, and provide the support they need to become happy, well-rounded people. Also, parents may need to work with a school to help develop a strict anti-bullying policy.

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