How to Buy Crypto on a Crypto Exchange?


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If you want to become an owner of the crypto, there are some ways to do that. For example, you may take part in airdrops and receive crypto coins for free, play blockchain games and receive tokens as rewards for levels passed, or buy assets on a crypto exchange. This material will discuss the easiest option for becoming a crypto owner – buying it.

Probably every crypto investor has an account on one of the centralised crypto platforms. Examples of such websites are Binance, WhiteBIT, Huobi etc. How to purchase cryptocurrencies on WhiteBIT? Let’s see those easy steps.

Buying Crypto in a Simple Way

WhiteBIT is the largest trading platform in Europe. It is registered in Estonia and operated under European jurisdiction. This centralised exchange allows users to purchase digital assets with fiat currencies, for example, dollars, euros, and pounds. This option is available only to registered clients that passed verification. KYC is a know-your-customer procedure that allows the platform to check if a user was involved in any illegal activity in the past and checks the transactions, tracking those suspicious and blocking any that impose a threat to other users and the platform as a whole. This mechanism allows for protecting the exchange from hacker attacks and money laundering.

Those users who refuse to provide their data for checking may also use the platform but with a limited number of trading functions and withdrawals. For example, they may buy crypto on the stop market, but such tools as margin, leverage, futures and purchase crypto with fiat are closed for them.

Here are some simple steps on how you can invest in cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT if you are a registered user:

  1. Pick a payment method
  2. Add your bank card
  3. Pick a crypto converter
  4. Select the currency that you have (fiat or crypto)
  5. Choose the asset you wish to buy and enter the number of coins
  6. The converter will display the current price for your trade and the fee.

WhiteBIT golds 96% of user investments offline, a reliable storage option. Once the fee is paid, you will receive crypto in your account. Then you may trade it or hold it on the platform. Read more about trading and investment in crypto on the WhiteBIT blog.

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