How To Get the Stink Out of Your Mountain Biking Clothes


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The awful truth in cycling is that at least one of your riding gears stinks and does not go away even after washes. Mountain biking clothes are synthetic-based, with tight woven fibers that make the garment rugged, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

The good news is it is not you who smells; it is your mountain biking gear. But, despite that, it can still affect your mood and contribute to some illnesses. So, how can you remove the stink out of your gear?

Well, if you rely most of the time on laundry service, it is better to air dry your biking clothes before sending them for laundry pickup. Leaving them in a gym bag overnight will make it stink. But, if you do the laundry at home, here is how you remove the sink out of your mountain biking clothes:

  1. Unpack the clothes and air dry them. Leaving your sweaty clothes in the hamper or a tight basket allows bacteria to proliferate. Air dry them until it is ready for the wash.
  2. Read the wash label before throwing your mountain bike clothes into the washer. These types of clothes are delicate, and you should strictly follow them to ensure you do not damage their fibers.
  3. If a regular wash cannot remove the funky smell of your mountain bike clothes, you have to presoak it for 30 minutes in a 1:4 part solution of vinegar and water. But, if baking soda is in your kitchen, the better. You can use half a cup of baking soda and one part of water. After pre-soaking the mountain biking clothes, you can wash and dry the clothing as instructed on the label.
  4. Use sports-specific laundry detergent or gentle liquid detergent. Do not use harsh cleaners and fabric softeners, as these are common culprits of fabric breakdown. The white vinegar solution mentioned is an excellent natural fabric softener that you can use to soften your biking clothes.
  5. Do not put your biking clothes inside the dryer. Your biking clothes have different fabric materials. Putting them in a high heat setting may damage the fibers.

Expensive mountain biking clothes have higher quality and better breathability. Its moisture-wicking properties keep away the foul smell. However, if your biking clothes do not have the same features, it is better to take care of them properly or replace them if the microbes are causing a funkier smell.

Other than your biking clothes, there are gears that you should take care of as they might be the source of the odor. Let’s say you use body armor; this gear traps bacteria and sweat, which makes it eventually stink if not washed. Hand wash these armors and rinse them thoroughly.

Final Takeaway

Always be conscious of your clothes. It may smell fine and dry, but it releases foul odours when you start to sweat. This means you did not remove the foul odor properly. Do not ruin your good day ride because of your funky-smelling biking clothes.

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