How To Keep The Pounds Off Over Festive Seasons


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Festive seasons are likely to cause weight gain among people who are not careful during the periods. There are many calories that lack in every corner. They are mostly included in meals at homes and even as gifts in the form of cookies and cakes. Also chocolates, donuts stock the list of the calorie foods. Christmas and the New Year celebrations may leave you with more pounds than before the season. It is however very essential to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in the season. Remember that other than foods there are other essential things. Below are vitals tips and guidelines on how you can avoid weight gain in the season.

Never Arrive Hungry

Arriving at parties when hungry can be dangerous. When you are starving, you are likely to feed your body with any stuff including those that contain a lot of sugars. If this happens, then it means that you can gain weight. Festive seasons have many parties. Friends and families will need you to join them. For this reason, proper planning is vital. Have a meal before arriving or attending a party. When you get to the party also, avoid those foods that are healthier and have fewer calories. In case, you arrive at a party hungry, start with drinking water or fresh fruit juice. It will make you fuller. Fill your glass first before filling the plate. Keep off fizzy drinks and too much alcohol.

Divert Your Attention

Some people think that the festive seasons concentrate a lot or wholly on foods and drinks. However, there are other things that characterize the season. It is vital to have dancing as an option instead of sitting around and eating unhealthy foods. Have fun with friends in parties by dancing and playing games. In addition, you can share issues, secrets, and stories. Divert the attention to other options in parties. Partying should not be about foods only. Taking the mind and attention off the food in the party or even at home will keep your weight low. Diet and weight loss are intertwined. If you eat right, you will keep off the undesired weight.

Pace Yourself

During such festive seasons or periods, many people attend parties and just keep eating. The behaviour will increase the levels of fats and sugars in the body and consequently result in weight gain. Eat less frequently in the party. In fact, the best thing is to take the meal on arrival and drink. Do not eat again or keep eating. Leisure is linked to too much eating and weight gain. To avoid these, you can arrange to have sports preceding the party or even after the party. Diet and weight loss reviews indicate that it becomes vital to include a workout in any healthy lifestyle.

Limit Alcohol Intake

During holidays and festive times, alcohol is in plenty. Unfortunately, too much drinking will ruin your body’s weight. It will result to increase in sugars in the body and thus cause weight gain. Also, drinking too much causes lack of control. It is, therefore, hard to check or control the kind of foods you eat and the amounts too. Avoid intake of the alcoholic drinks or else, keep it low. The festive season will leave, but the sugar levels in your body will remain. They will need you to do something extra to lose or shed weight.

Outsmart the Buffet

Most of the times in parties, foods are served to all in the buffet style. However, it is upon you to keep track of your health and weight by selecting only the simplest and healthiest foods in the buffet. Surprisingly, most of the simplest foods make the healthiest options. Use especially the fresh veggies and fruits. Also, include the shrimp cocktails. However, watch those dips and sources. They may lead to weight gain if you have them regularly.

Be Choosy about Sweets

Be very selective with the dessert. Take only staff that is sensual to you. It is also vital to reduce your indulgence in the small portions. Do not try to take small bites of each item to test that which is good or best for you. If you do that, you may end up not stopping. You will continue cutting and eating small portions on each. Most of the options are unhealthy as they have too many calories. Do not treat yourself to the unhealthy options and cause an increase in weight.

Working Out

During the season, do not forget to exercise. In the season characterized by attending too many parties and probably eating a lot, make a point of maintaining a routine to your cardio or CrossFit exercise. Diet and weight loss go together with exercising.


In a nutshell, the festive season may lead to weight gain due to increase in parties and likelihood of eating unhealthy and sugary foods. Making wrong dietary choices including too much alcohol drinking is common. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you make good choices and follow the trips. Come out of the festive period in good shape, weight and health.

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