How to Stay Mobile With Age


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Daily physical activity is crucial for achieving and maintaining optimal health and fitness. However, if you are like most people, your busy schedule makes it difficult to incorporate exercise and other physical activities into your daily routine. A study focusing on fairly active older adults found that active adults spent only 7% of their day walking and another 22% standing. Even active older adults spend up to 70% of their days sitting or lying down.

Staying physically active is important to remain healthy and independent as you age. Consistent physical activity not only helps to keep your joints healthy and improve your overall physical health, but it also provides cognitive benefits. Fortunately, staying active doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym daily, and you can make many small steps and changes to realize the same results.

Get an activity tracker

You first need to understand your current activity levels to improve your mobility. And the best and easiest way to do this is through a fitness tracker. This device or application tracks and records data relating to the user’s physical fitness and daily physical activity, including distance, walking and number of daily calories burned according to here. Advanced activity trackers offer additional features ideal for older adults, including heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

Find fun activities

If exercising feels more like a chore to you, then it is highly likely that you’ll be less motivated to engage in it. To ensure that you continue staying active, you need to find fun ways of doing so. Being outdoors offers many benefits, including promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Fun ways to take advantage of the outdoors to improve your mobility and health include taking regular walks around the community or engaging in outdoor yoga or stretching classes. Spending time outdoors socializing with friends is another enjoyable way to keep active. All these allow you to sneak in a significant amount of physical activity into your day without even realizing it.

Join a class

Joining a class benefits you in the following ways:

– Keeps you physically active

– Provides you with ample social interaction that benefits your mental well-being

Check with the local community or senior centre for classes you may be interested in. If you are dealing with mobility issues, you may benefit from a water aerobics class. Check with local aquatics facilities to determine whether they offer classes for older adults.

Focus on strength and balance

Walking and working out are the two things that often come to many people’s minds when the topic of physical fitness is brought up. However, exercises designed to improve strength and balance are particularly beneficial to adults. You’ll find that most classes geared toward older adults are centered around increasing flexibility and muscle mass. Seek out exercises you can perform at home and set aside time to do them daily, for example, when watching TV. You can also invest in small hand weights you can lift while resting.

Use mobility assistance

If you are having difficulty moving or getting around, you are likely to gravitate towards a more sedentary lifestyle, which is detrimental to your health and fitness.  You can make moving around in your house easier by investing in features such as railings and safety bars. You can also talk to your physician about using a cane and walker. Even the slightest assistance might go a long way in making you more mobile. Take a look at the range at

But remember, it is always important to consult your physician before trying out any new activity, especially if it may be strenuous. In today’s world, older adults have more than ample opportunities to stay active, and you need to take the time to find an activity that fits your physical fitness levels.

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