How To Travel Confidently On Your Periods?


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For women who are menstruating, traveling has always been a challenge. Traveling confidently on periods can seem like a distant dream.

From managing the travel prerequisites to handling your periods on top of it – most of us certainly avoid taking a trip during “those days” of the month.

But, how about we tell you that traveling during your periods with the same confidence, is not a big deal? Start taking notes, as we are going to tell you the various ways to travel (and have fun!) on your period:

1. Plan beforehand

Whether going for a full-fledged vacation or a professional trip, make sure you plan at least a week ahead. Even though the periods knock us every month, we still tend to often forget the dates. But if you really want to enjoy your trip, you can’t afford to do that. You can also use a period tracker app on your phone so that you don’t miss the dates. Further, it’s also wise to schedule your trip in a manner that doesn’t clash with “the dates”.

Also, different women have different bodies. So, if your menstruation cycle is of 28 days, estimate when you are due and block your tickets accordingly. Likewise, for people with 30 or even 40 days of the menstruation cycle.

2. Skip your periods for the month

Skipping your period for the month altogether is also an option. If you happen to intake birth controls or contraceptives, it is always suggested to make use of it before traveling. It delays your period for a week or so. In the case of some women, it may be delayed further too.

While it is not a solution if you are planning for a long-term trip, but for a short trip, this method can be adopted. You may experience slight spotting, but that is just a cause of those pills. However, it is always suggested to take your gynecologist’s advice before going for this solution.

3. Pack your bags accordingly

On a short trip or a long trip – you need a period kit to start with. If you are traveling around your period and do not want to take contraceptives to skip it, you obviously need to pack your bags suitably.

Keep a small bag ready with the various period products you use – sanitary napkins, pads, tampons, under-wears. As discussed earlier, every woman has a different body. If we do not keep a track of our periods, we will never be quite sure of when it may arrive in all its glory. So, packing a period kit while traveling is a must. Make sure you have all the products in ample amounts – or more!

4. Stuff the items which you use the most

From pads to menstruation cups – make sure you stuff those items that you normally use on your periods. Menstrual cups in Australia, are a smart and environment-friendly way to handle your periods.

But if you are comfortable and used to a sanitary napkin, do not hesitate to fill up your bag accordingly. Go with the brands that offer the most comfort. You never know if the place you are going to offers those brands or not. And trust me, you do not want to end up experimenting while traveling on your period.

5. Pack the most comfortable clothing

While it may sound absurd, it is actually essential. There is always a pair of clothing that we hate wearing on those days. So, in order to avoid getting cranky, it is always wise to pack those clothes in which we feel absolutely comfortable – leggings, polo neck tops, loose dresses.

Pro tip – while traveling around your periods, never miss your hot water bag. Even if you don’t get period cramps so often, there is no denying that a hot water bag can make a lot of difference.

Over to you…

Traveling during periods requires so much preparation. But with the right knowledge, it is not as uncomfortable as it is believed to be. Now that you know the top 5 tips through which you can travel more confidently on your periods, I am sure you wouldn’t hesitate the next time you are asked to travel on your “those days”.

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