How What You Wear Can Improve How You Feel

Finally, people’s mental health and wellbeing are at last being taken seriously and feelings of low mood that were once written off as simply a ‘bad day’ are now being afforded the attention and care they deserve. There are a plethora of ways to make small changes on the outside, be that taking a walk, taking up a new hobby or simply reading a book that may well improve how you feel, even if only for a short time.

How you dress is often a reflection of how you feel on the inside and there is a growing movement that encourages you to dress to express yourself, especially after the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people’s mental health.

With that being said, continue reading to discover how what you wear really can help to improve how you feel.


The healing benefits of color are scientifically proven, and it is widely accepted that when the brain is exposed to brighter colors and shades, it is stimulated, and the experience can even release endorphins that can lift your mood.

Wearing a scarf in shades of forest green can help calm feelings of anxiety and make you feel grounded and calmer, whereas bright shades of rich orange can energize the body and increase feelings of motivation and all-around positivity.

Perfume And Aftershave

The sense of smell is one of the emotive and memory-inducing senses of them all.

Perhaps when you are walking past a lawn of freshly cut grass, you are transported to a summer’s day when you were younger, or maybe the smell of musty cigar smoke conjures up warm feelings of nostalgia associated with a deceased father.

Undeniably, scents and smells trigger feelings in the brain, and that is why one of the best ways to remind yourself daily of good times and positive feelings is to wear a perfume or aftershave that makes you feel fresh, clean and energized.


Just as smell can affect your mood and energy, so can touch and the types of textures and the thickness of the fabrics you choose to wear.

One of the most important items of clothing to consider carefully in terms of what material it is made from is your underwear. Naturally, as these are the pieces of clothing that are always directly in contact with your naked skin, they should be as soft and smooth as possible. It may sound bizarre, but it really is true that touch is another primary way you can affect your mood when it comes to dressing in the morning.

If you are fashion-forward and interested in expanding your wardrobe to better dress for your mood, online fashion and clothing subscription services are a fantastic way to experiment with different colors, fabrics and styles of clothing without breaking the bank. Research thoroughly before you financially commit to a particular service, including Nadine West Review, which details the many advantages of using such a service.

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