Instant Play Vs. Download Slot Machines


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With the speed at which technology is improving these days, it isn’t difficult to remember how we went through dial-up connections and how long it took for pages to load.  Today slow buffering speed annoys us most but in the past web pages that took seconds to load on a dial-up modem were clearly a thing. Impatience grows at the same rate as the speed at which we can do things improves. One of the ways that this rule implies to the online casino world is the shift from download to instant play slots. Back in the infancy days of the internet when speed was dead slow, download was the optimum option but since this isn’t an issue now, are we bidding farewell to download casinos or slot machines for good?

What’s the difference between instant play and download?

Download casinos are online versions of casinos and you can download them to your computer or mobile and play whenever you want. This also includes a mobile application giving you the freedom to play without an internet connection.

Instant play casinos require zero downloads and are playable anytime anywhere. They are also commonly referred to as no-download casinos. All their games on offer are streamed to the player’s device upon request. As long as the internet remains stable there won’t be any interruption. Besides this, you need to have an account registered at the said casino.

It makes the life of mobile users much easier, without the need to download software that eats up the device storage space. Now they can easily open their browser and start playing as soon as they have logged onto their casino account.

As more and more people are switching to mobile devices for daily use, it is no wonder that casinos are offering no download options. You will not hear about a casino not offering an instant play option, even if the casino in question has a download clientele available.

Which is better amongst instant play and download?

There are fewer scenarios where you will actually favor the download option over the instant play one in a casino. You usually don’t want to download another app on your device. Moreover, if you are using a shared or public computer you probably won’t be allowed to download anything, so instant play casinos are the best choice.

If you are at home or holidaying and have the comfort of using your devices then you may naturally prefer a download casino as they are more reliable and convenient. Many major software providers like NextGen still provide download portals for this particular reason. Seasoned players also favor download casinos as compared to occasional players who opt for instant play ones.

On the other hand, casino companies have bills to pay and they can limit the bandwidth required to pay for any game. So you shouldn’t expect the optimum gaming experience. The graphics will suffer and your gameplay will slow down too. If the connection drops consistently, you may fear losing your game as well.

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