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When makeup legend Bobbi Brown launched her new beauty line last fall, we danced merrily. However. After ditching her eponymous line in 2016, Brown is back with this all-fresh — and clean. So let’s say it’s all free of 2,700 questionable ingredients — beauty brand. Moreover, Jones Road Beauty is about elevating your beauty routine and offers a curated collection of makeup and skincare products. Read on to learn more about everything you need to know about Jones Road Beauty.

Bobbi Brown’s viral makeup brand, Jones Road Beauty

Bobbi Brown’s unique brand, Jones Road beauty, launched during the pandemic to create high-performance, clean makeup that’s easy to use. So it’s clean, easy makeup for every skin tone and skin type, and you don’t need to be a beauty artist to use it,” says the founder and makeup artist.

Brown is one of the beauty industry’s giants — she initiated the no-makeup makeup look before it got trendy and has been helping people believe empowered by enhancing their natural beauty for decades.

However, her mom has been a fan of her eponymous makeup line since she was born. So she grew up seeing Brown’s name on the powder compacts stacked on her vanity or top of the lip gloss tubes thrown in her purse. Now, with the virality of Jones Road beauty, Brown is reaching new audiences — still with the same ethos of creating less-is-more makeup looks that make you feel comfortable and confident.

What is Jones Road Beauty?

Bobbi Brown had a clear goal when she conceived Jones Road. What I wanted was the makeup equivalent simple, cool, multipurpose products that can be used to nail any look, whether it’s makeup-free makeup, she says on the website.

She stocked the Jones Road line with ” clean and high-performing” products. While “clean” has no legal definition, Jones Road’s website describes its products as free of controversial ingredients, including phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, and polyethylene glycol. So it also claims to follow guidelines even stricter than the EU. All products should work well for all skin types and be easy to use.

Jones Road offers make-up for the face, eyes, and lips, skin care, cosmetic tools, and clothing. Beauty items range in price from $8 for a metal spatula to $44 for a foundation, with most items ranging from $20 to $40.

Brand Spotlight: Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road is the newest clean makeup brand making waves in the beauty industry. Although their formulas are free of phythates, sulfates, petroleum, PEGs, EDTA, and BPA, they still offer powerful application and day-to-night portability. Read on for more things you might not know about Jones Road Beauty.

Best Jones Road Beauty Products of 2022

Bobbi Brown is a name that has invaded the beauty industry for decades, both as a makeup artist and as the founder of her beauty line. But in 2020, the beauty magnate created a unique line of beauty products for those who don’t like makeup. So we dive in to look at the essence of this Jones Road Beauty brand, what products work best for your skin, and how to achieve that “no makeup makeup” look.

Here are the Jones Road Beauty products we’re most excited about and how best to incorporate them into your beauty routine.

Jones Road Beauty What the Foundation

Jones road Beauty

The Foundation is the standout product that impressed me the most. There was natural-looking light coverage that evened out my complexion and dare.

Like all Brown products, this tinted moisturizing balm is meant for a delicate touch. Though the name might confuse the clear, lightweight formula with a traditional foundation, it’s essentially a tinted moisturizer, so less is more.

However, it is made with sodium hyaluronate; this balm is a water bomb for your skin, hydrating to keep your face dewy all day. Besides, it’s a water-based product, and given the high moisture content, naturally oily skin can use this product to boost that natural glow. However, this balm is your best bet for those with dry or balanced skin.

However, the creamy foundation is just like a tinted moisturizer and feels rich on the skin and credited to an array of natural oils and moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate.

Price $44

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

Jones road Beauty

One of the best Road beauty products, Miracle balm, combines makeup and skin care. The rich cream is made of jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, and argan oil, which helps by melting on the face and producing a transparent layer of moisture and color.

It’s a unique product because whenever it is used, it instantly makes you look better. Besides, it adds a soft focus to wash moisture to improve your skin. Moreover, it reflects light and adds glow wherever you need it, like cheeks, lips, or eyelids.

Of the nine shades, Miracle Balm contains Magic Hour (bronze shimmer) and Au Naturel. The latter is more of a skin enhancer than anything else, imparting a radiant glow. For just a hint of blush, Flushed delivers the purest rosiness. My favourite is Magic Hour, which many use as a highlighter after applying What the Foundation and The Best Blush.

However, it blends beautifully into the foundation and has a luminous finish that gives the natural highlight effect. So you can see why Miracle Balm is a popular multi-use makeup product – the color is so transparent you can apply it anywhere and wear it alone or over foundation. Just remember to break the surface of the balm – with your finger – the first time you use it, and this will help you reach the softer part of the formula, which you can warm up with your fingers before applying.

How to use the Miracle Balm?

Step 1. Use your index finger to break the top surface.
Step 2. Warm the product on your fingertips.
Step 3. Apply to cheeks, lips, eyelids, or anywhere you want to tone or brighten.

Price: $38
Size: 1.76 oz. | Shades: 8

Jones Road Beauty Lip and Cheek Stick

Jones road Beauty


Jones Road is about simplicity, so what’s better than a dual-face product? This lip and cheek pencil can serve as a pop of color for your blush or pout and a moisturizing boost with ingredients like castor seed oil. This creamy formula is initially sheer but builds up to instantly add warmth and dimension to your complexion. With a stick applicator, you can apply it directly to your face and blend it with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. This all-in-one pen gives you the perfect extra color and is your go-to for quick priming.

Price: $34
Size: 0.3 oz. | Shades: 8

Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil

Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil

The Jones Road Beauty Face Pencil is another great example of Jones Road’s versatility. It’s a handy concealer stick that covers redness, dark circles, and blemishes. According to Brown, it’s a favourite among makeup artists who love the 25-shade range and blend-ability. Besides, most love it for coverage under their eyes and camouflaging. Also, folks tested four shades – 7, 8, 9, and 10 – and found that having a few shades on hand is pretty useful.

Price: $25
Size: 0.1 oz. | Shades: 25

Jones Road Beauty The Best Blush

Jones Road Beauty The Best Blush

Brown created the Best Blush this fall because she’s always had a great powder blush in her back pocket.

Available in five rosy shades, the talc-free formula is lightweight and super natural-looking but can also be built up for added pops of color. The squalane-enriched powder can be worn on bare skin without looking chalky or layered over with the Miracle Balm (“for added luminosity,” according to Brown). Rosy and Sandy were the shades best suited for effortless application.

Price: $28
Size: 0.08 oz. | Shades: 5

Jones Road Beauty The Mascara

Jones Road Beauty The Mascara

The aptly named Fringe Enhancer is “the” only mascara you need. One swipe separates, lifts, and adds volume to lashes, and the curved wand ensures every hair is perfectly coated. The formula is flexible and soft, i.e., you can easily apply it when you’re craving a bolder look without worrying about flakes or smudges.

Price: $26

Jones Road Beauty The Best Pencil

Jones Road Beauty The Best Pencil

A good kohl pencil can add something extra to a simple makeup look. The “best” pencil might deserve that title because it looks smooth when applied and has additional properties to help your eyes look their best. With a rich formula containing vitamin E, this pencil can help reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes.

However, you can apply this liner across the lid and waterline with simple strokes for a statement look or smudge it with your finger for something softer. We recommend the purple shade for hazel and green eyes and navy blue or green for brown eyes. Blue eyes can probably take the gambit here—but no matter what type of shade you choose, your eyes will be the main focus.

Price: $22
Size: 0.04 oz. | Shades: 6

Jones Road Just A Sec

Jones Road Just A Sec

We all like a little shimmer from time to time, and Just a Sec’s eyeshadow brings a luminosity that will turn heads. Featuring six whimsical hues — like soft pinks, golds, and neutrals — these shadows are subtle with a touch of playfulness. Made with Vitamin E, this formula increases hydration and reduces inflammation in the eyes, which is an additional benefit for early morning puffiness. To apply, dab the shadow on your lid and layer for a more substantial look. Ideal for the office or a night out with friends, these shadows are universal in their wearability.

Price: $26
Size: 0.11 oz. | Shades: 6

Jones Road Cool Gloss

Jones Road Cool Gloss

This cooling and plumping gloss sparkles your eyes and makes your lips shine. This lightweight gloss with shea butter hydrates your lips while adding peppermint notes.

However, with 10 shades plus a translucent gloss to bring out your natural lip color, these glosses work well on a wide range of skin tones for the perfect high shine. So apply a small amount onto the center of your lips with the applicator, then sweep to the edges, smacking your lips to set. For added shine, you can wear this lip gloss or layer it over lipstick.

Jones Road Beauty The Hippie Stick

Jones The Hippie Stick

Apply this chunky stick to any area that needs a heavy dose of moisture, be it your hair, face, or body. A trifecta of powerful moisturizers – sunflower oil, coconut oil, and shea butter – make it ultra-rich and creamy, ideal for eliminating even the driest spots on your elbows and heels. Satisfied reviewers also rave about the fresh and clean scent.

Price: $32
Size: 2.65 oz. | Shades: 1

Jones Road Beauty The Oil Stick

Jones The Oil Stick

While the Oil Stick is ideal for the face, with ingredients like jojoba seed oil packed with antioxidants and antibacterial agents that help to restore your skin barrier. Moreover, this perfect product is biomimetic, which mimics your body’s natural processes and helps your skin regain its natural oils. Brown suggests using this oil stick around your fingernails to rehydrate dry and cracked cuticles. It smells amazing with wildflowers, fruits, and even coconut.

Price: $26
Size: 0.53 oz. | Shades: 1

Jones Road Miracle Cream

Jones Miracle Cream

Dehydrated skin can be a total pain, and sometimes a miracle is needed – Jones Road delivers this cream. In addition, it is made with a rich blend of shea butter, botanical extracts, and vitamins A and E. Besides, this thick cream fully restores moisture and replaces cracked skin dry with smooth softness.

It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, so anti-ageing benefits are at play here too. It’s a thick cream, so put some between your palms and rub to warm it up for best use, then press it onto your face. You’ll feel the nourishing sensation immediately and see a noticeable glow. You can wear this in the morning or evening, but for a full recovery session, Brown recommends using this as a night mask.

Price: $38
Size: 1.41 oz. | Shades: 1

Jones Road Start-Up Kit

Jones Start-Up Kit

Jones Road is about helping people who don’t like makeup look and feel their best. So if you’re new to makeup, this kit is an easy way to get started focusing on the eyes and lips.

This set includes the Just a Sec eye shade in golden peach, the Best Eyeshadow in dark brown, the ideal pencil in black, and the Cool Gloss in the unique clear shade.

So this set creates a minimal fresh look that will add shine to your face, also highlighting your natural features. While you can put these products in their designated zones, such as eyes and lips, you can be innovative with placement and make use of the brown shadow to fill in your brows, touch up your roots along your hairline, or you can add some shimmery ones Eye tint as a highlight.

Jones Road Sparkle Wash

Jones Sparkle Wash

This one is Gilded, a shimmering gold. Moreover, this is extremely pretty.

However, this liquid eyeshadow could probably be used in many different ways. So the result is ethereal and pretty.

Jones Road the Best Eye Shadow

Jones Road the Best Eye Shadow

This one is pretty solid for those who prefer a powder base for their eyeshadows, and it stays in place and doesn’t end up getting powder in your eyes.

Jones Road Light Moisture Cream

Jones Road Light Moisture Cream

This lightweight moisturizer can be used day or night. But it absorbs easily and creates a smooth base without making the skin too soft.

Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil

Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil

The key to making highlighters work is when you have an olive skin tone. You can layer this face oil under your foundation for a pretty glow or use it sparingly as a highlighter.

Jones Road Eye Cream

Jones Road Eye Cream

Macadamia seed oil is notable for being non-comedogenic, a significant plus for sensitive skin. A small amount of this eye cream is all you need to provide ample hydration to the delicate skin around your peepers.

Moreover, there’s also a natural, plant-based sugar in the blend that provides hydration and antioxidant protection, which is always good. Fun Fact: You can also dab it on dry lips.

Jones Road The Lip Tint

Jones Road The Lip Tint

The lip tint is Bobbi’s take on traditional lipstick, and it can be applied as transparent or boldly as you like depending on how much you use. The stick contains castor oil, vitamin E, and fatty acids, which protect the skin’s barrier and stimulate collagen production, which “can reduce acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.” The sleek twist-up tubes come in nine shades ranging from a deep plum to a bright red. Sweep your color onto your lips.

What to Look For in a Jones Road Beauty Product?


Jones Road Beauty is a cruelty-free brand, and its products are also free from potentially harmful ingredients, including phthalates and sulfates. This could help prevent irritation and redness if you have sensitive skin.


Jones Road beauty products are simple, and the colors on offer follow suit – the effects tend to use more neutral and pink tones for the eye and lip products, making them easy to incorporate into your daily makeup routine. The brand’s website also offers a color-matching tool that recommends face, eye, and lip colors based on your submitted information.


Jones Road beauty offers two product kits, and the Jeanne Kit is a collaboration. The Start-Up Kit contains the essentials for a quick and easy make-up look.


Who owns jones road beauty?

Bobbi Brown the Founder and CCO  of Jones Road Beauty.

Is jones road beauty cruelty-free?

Jones Road Beauty confirmed that it is cruelty-free.

What makes Jones Road Beauty different from other similar brands on the market?

When Brown started working on Jones Road, she was thinking about what she and other women wanted because they asked her about it every day on my social media channels.

Jones Road reflects wearing less make-up today than ever, and the same goes for the models. This complete, naturally beautiful look feels more modern than a full face of makeup right now. Jones Road beauty has a collection of clean, quality formulas for all ages, skin types, and skin tones.

What was the controversy surrounding What the Foundation?

Jones Road was initially surrounded by drama after a beauty artist’s negative review on TikTok went viral.

Meredith Duxbury was unhappy when What the Foundation didn’t work with her preferred method because she is renowned for liberally applying products to her face for dramatic transformation videos.

The clip sparked conversation and even resulted in Bobbi creating her response video to educate the TikTok creator on using the product for the best results. We can’t stress this enough – this tinted moisturizing balm is for light application only. So if you want a layered look with full coverage, reach for another product.

Can Miracle Balm be used all over the face?

Yes! This balm is designed as a multi-purpose product so that you can use it on all face and body areas. The smooth consistency makes it great for priming skin or wearing over makeup as a sealing shine.

You can apply it to your eyelids before applying some eye color or shimmer or to your lips and cheeks for a little extra freshness. And you don’t need to stop at your face – apply some Miracle Balm to your collarbones for a shine. And if you need assistance deciding which shade, there’s a quiz to help you choose!

Why is Jones Road Beauty considered a ‘clean’ brand?

Although clean” is not a regulated term in the beauty industry, Bobbi Brown wanted to create a brand that focuses on products made and processed with good ingredients and practices. Each product is made without sulfates.

Regarding vegan products, mascara, most skincare products, and brushes are vegan and contain no animal by-products — however, some products contain beeswax and carmine. All packaging is 100% recyclable and made from Forest Steward Council-certified post-consumer fibres.

When does Jones Road start?

Jones Road began on October 26th.

What products does Jones Road offer?

Jones Road offers a range of make-up products. The brand launched with six stock units, including mascara, plumping lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow and eye gloss. Jones Road’s hero product is Miracle Balm, a light-reflecting tinted moisturizer.

Brown formulated the products with clean ingredients while respecting ingredients from cosmetics retailer Credo Beauty. The makeup products contain skin-nourishing ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and vitamin E.

What are the prices ranges for Jones Road Beauty?

Products range from $22 to $68 for a kit that includes lip gloss, eye gloss, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

Where can Jones Road beauty products be purchased?

Jones Road products are only available on the brand’s e-commerce site,

What is Jones Road’s beauty philosophy?

The brand follows Brown’s “less is more” philosophy regarding makeup application. The products aim to simplify makeup routines and create a natural makeup look.

Jones Road Beauty Review

Since a new one seems to debut every few months, makeup artists’ and celebrities’ owned beauty brands are well-known. However, the biography of makeup artist Bobbi Brown is not as straightforward as a renowned talent forging a path to enterprise and long-term success. The makeup tycoon who popularised brown lipstick in the 1990s founded her name-brand business in 1991 and remained in charge until 2016.

How it compares?

Jones Road’s flexibility will appeal to makeup lovers who enjoy the simple design and simple-to-use products of Ilia, Merit, Saie, and Glossier. The Face Pencil, What the Foundation, and Miracle Balm are the foundational items that make Jones Road stand out. They work well with cosmetics from the manufacturers above and other Jones Road products, providing a seamless foundation for the barely-there makeup appearance.

Although Jones Road has a higher price range than the other no-makeup-makeup-loving brands, Brown’s experience makes her products feel like makeup pro tools. The products from this performance-driven clean beauty brand, which avoids 2,700 potentially dangerous components, feel most like the kind of cosmetics you might get in a store.

Bottom line

Brown intended to provide high-performing cosmetics that are suitable for everyone. Jones Road is ideal for any age, skin type, or beauty regimen, whether you’re buying for your mother, yourself, or your teenage daughter. The products work best for those who prefer a natural, you-but-better appearance and are excellent for boosting self-assurance.

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