7 Ways to Make Your Moving Experience To Las Vegas the Best


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Moving to anywhere has its own set of challenges, but if you are moving to Las Vegas, it is unlike anywhere on earth. This oasis city has a sordid history and a lot of negatives attached to its past, but the Las Vegas of today has become a family-friendly destination with something for everyone. It is no longer just a place to lose or gain your family’s fortune in one of the many casinos. Las Vegas is attracting people from all walks of life and is one of the best places to move currently in the United States. If you are among the many making the move to Las Vegas, there are some things you will want to know.

The Strip is a Tourist Trap

People move to Las Vegas for a number of reasons, but some potential residents make the mistake of thinking their life will be spent on the Las Vegas Strip. Unless you are independently wealthy and have the money to spend in this part of the city, you will spend very little time here. Las Vegas residents will occasionally grace the strip for entertaining their out of town guests with the chance to see and be seen, but most often, you will find yourself in areas such as Summerlin, Downtown Vegas, and Town Square. These areas are where the locals hang out and make no mistake, they still have impeccable dining and entertainment experiences, but are far less expensive than the tourist trap of the Vegas Strip.

Temperatures Can Get Confusing

Depending on where you move from, the desert climate in Las Vegas will require an adjustment. The thought of temperatures rising far beyond 100 degrees can be scary to think about especially if you are moving from a place that is prone to mild summers. However, the saving grace in an extensively hot area like Las Vegas is the lack of humidity. Even though the temperatures are higher, the actual feeling of the temperatures will be lower than a high humidity location. The dry heat of the desert is something to get used to but is not something to be frightened of.

Have a Vehicle While Living Here

As expansive as Las Vegas is and as much as the city tries to invest in the public transit system, it remains largely behind the times. Most residents maintain their own vehicles due to the lack of credible buses in the Vegas area. The public transit system is available in a pinch but should not be relied on for daily transit needs. Other options are Uber, Lyft, and taxi services throughout Vegas, but it is best to have your own vehicle to come and go as you please.

Storage Units Are Essential

When moving to Las Vegas, you need a storage unit. Storage units in Las Vegas are an essential tool for every homeowner and anyone who leases an apartment. Due to the dense clay, Las Vegas is built on, basements are not a very popular option. When it does rain, they tend to flood quickly due to the inability of the clay to absorb water quickly. Attic storage is also impractical as temperatures in attics can potentially damage valuable items. Having a storage unit enables you to have a place to store your items while you set up your new home and a high-quality area to store seasonal items, extra vehicles, and anything else you need to store.

Local Deals are Everywhere

Las Vegas seems, on the surface, to only cater to tourists. However, Vegas knows it would be nowhere without the locals driving the city to new heights. In response to the locals that make Vegas prosper, venues throughout the city offer a range of opportunities for locals to attend shows, eat at the best restaurants, and enjoy endless entertainment at a deeply discounted price. When you arrive in the city, be sure to get your Vegas license as fast as possible and find those deals for your family.

Decreased Taxes

Sales tax is relatively high at 8.15%, and where you may pay more taxes on a gallon of milk than in your previous location, you will likely pay far fewer land taxes and absolutely no state income taxes. The revenue brought in by taxes levied on big-name companies and casinos means locals enjoy a lowered cost of living. In a comparative study, Las Vegas is cheaper to live in than San Diego.

Venture Out of the City for Even More Amazing Sites

The lights of Las Vegas certainly do shine bright and they have attracted millions of people throughout the years. They are certainly dazzling, but if you believe that is the only lights you can see in this area, you are in for a treat.

Desert life has some advantages, especially at night. Pack up the kids, the car, and a few blankets on a clear night. Head outside the city beyond the reach of the lights and enjoy the natural beauty of the stars. This part of the country known for some amazing celestial sites, so enjoys all the night sky has to offer.

Las Vegas is a fun place to visit and an amazing place to live. It is an ever-growing city with a lot to offer its residents. Enjoy living in this fun and exciting oasis in the United States.

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