Learning The Differences Between The Wide Variety Of Diamonds For Real To Simulated


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Have you ever seen a diamond that just made you feel envious due to its brilliance? Would you believe it may not have been a real diamond? You would actually be rather surprised to know that many of the “diamonds” you see on a daily basis are not actually diamonds, but moissanite, which is grown in a lab! You must be wondering what actually is moissanite and how does it compare to actual diamonds.

We are going to help you know everything there is to know about moissanite vs diamonds: what are the key differences? We will find out how this lab-grown gem is different from a simulated diamond. Additionally, we will find out how a diamond actually gets that sparkle and if moissanite is able to compare.

What Exactly Is Moissanite?

A short trip to the jewelry store for a diamond engagement ring will probably expose you just enough o be curious about moissanite. You will likely see several rings that looked similar to diamonds but were incredibly less expensive.

Moissanite looks quite similar to the diamond, which is why they are such a good alternative. They are made of silicon carbide, which has crafted to have the similar features of a diamond. Unlike the ones that were created in a lab, moissanite has many crystalline polymorphs which occur naturally, making moissanite a diamond simulant.

What Is A Diamond Simulant?

Simulated diamonds have been created to have the same visual effects as a natural diamond. Variations of its include white topaz, cubic zirconia, and of course, moissanite. While they are often able to simulate the general brilliance and other characteristics of a diamond, they will have unique chemical and molecular properties.

Simulated Diamonds Versus Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds which are also known as manufactured, engineered, cultured, synthetic, or lab-grown diamonds have been chemically engineered to be indistinguishable from a real diamond. Lab diamonds are produced in a controlled environment as opposed to the mantle of the Earth. Through a number of advanced technological processes, a lab-grown diamond is subjected to an accelerated growth process as opposed to the normal geological process.

What Are Real Diamonds?

If a lab diamond is the same in optical and structure, what exactly is a real diamond? While an engineered diamond is considered real, the actual difference is where the diamond originated from. The rarest and most expensive diamonds are those that are going to be mined from the earth.

Diamonds mined from the earth were the only diamonds on earth until the 20th century arrived. It was during this time that simulant diamonds began to flood the market. In 1955, synthetic diamonds began to arrive.

Is Moissanite Expensive

In overall terms of price, simulated diamonds are actually a rather affordable option. A diamond from the earth is going to be one of the most expensive options, whereas synthetic diamonds tend to be priced mid-range. However, simulated diamonds are much further from synthetic diamonds when looking at price. This is especially true of synthetic to earth-mined diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are rated on the same exact grading scale as diamonds mined from the earth. Whereas lab diamonds are graded on a scale that is relatively higher than that of those earth-mined diamonds. Moissanite and other simulated diamonds have been designed to have similar geometric cuts as those of real diamonds. While moissanite is a naturally-occurring element, it is rather rare. With that in mind, the moissanite that is used in jewelry is often created in a lab.

This is how simulant diamonds end up being much more inexpensive compared to synthetic diamonds. Simulated diamonds have become one of the best alternatives to a real diamond due to budgets and the fact that they are perfect for regular use. They feature all of the beauty and aesthetic of a real diamond, without none of the risk that is often associated with a diamond.

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