Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day For A Week


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Lemon water is a big craze now, but perhaps you are wondering if it lives up to expectations.

It pushed for everything from weight loss to cancer prevention, and while we can honestly say that no drink can cure all physical ills, this drink is excellent for you.

One of the best benefits of drinking lemon water is that the recipe is up to you.

You can use as much lemon as you like, and even include additional ingredients like mint, honey, or other fruits.

It can also be consumed warm or cold, depending on your preference.

However, according to nutrition experts, the ideal way to drink lemon water to get the most benefits is if you drink it lukewarm with at least ½ lemon included, with the zest and all.

You don’t need to eat the lemon wedges, but the taste contains valuable polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds that can help you lose weight.

Adding lemon wedges to warm water helps extract more polyphenols than cold water.

So what are the possible assistances of drinking it every single day? There are many, and some of them make the practice useful on its own.

On our way, we are also going to break a couple of traditions about lemon water.

1. Have A Fresher Breath With The Help of Lemon Water

Have A Fresher Breath With The Help of Lemon Water

If you’re tired of chewing gum or chewing on a mint every time you have to talk to someone, lemon water may be the answer.

When you think about the large number of products that contain lemon scent, this starts to make sense.

The citrus scent of lemon can neutralize odors, either on your counters or in your mouth.

Drinking a little lemon water after a meal that includes onions, garlic, fish, or blue cheese can remove your lingering evidence.

Lemon is also ideal for stimulating the production of saliva, which in turn cleanses the mouth.

A dry mouth, like the one you wake up in the morning, actually smells worse due to excessive bacterial growth.

2. Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Using Lemon Water

Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Using Lemon Water

When you drink lemon water every day, you are adding critical hydration to your skincare routine.

Hydrated skin looks softer and smoother, decreasing the formation of wrinkles and lines.

When you are completely hydrated, your body also has more chances to eject contaminants through sweat.

Adding lemon to your water increases your intake of vitamin C.

And it is a powerful nutrient that plays a vital role in the production of collagen and elastin, the elements of the skin that keep it healthy and supple.

Some study shows that an intake high in vitamin C will also reduce wrinkles, something everyone wants.

3. Take More Vitamin C

As we talk about vitamin C, let’s dig a little deeper about its numerous health welfares.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can nullify harmful free radicals before they cause cell damage.

Therefore, making sure you get the recommended daily allowance believed to reduce the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

And since our bodies don’t synthesize vitamin C from other nutrients, we need to get that RDA from food. Lemon water helps you touch the proposed level of 60 mg per day.

4. Experience Losing Weight More Easily

We can tell you from the beginning that lemon water is not a miracle product for weight loss.

Drinking it every single day is not the only thing you must do to lose weight successfully.

However, people who drink lemon water tend to report being able to lose weight easier overall.

It’s not entirely clear why, but drinking more flavored water may help you feel full and satisfied between meals.

But let’s not forget those antioxidant polyphenols in lemon that have shown to support weight loss in mice.

Research showed that lemon reduced weight gain in mice despite a high-fat diet, and insulin resistance was also improved. Human research is needed to follow up on these favorable results.

5. Calm Your Tempers

The same energizing scent that reduces the effect of odors can also reduce your stress and help you stay calm.

That is why lemon oil is a mutual component in aromatherapy apply oil. When you drink lemon, you get the equal strain relief and the advantage of potassium in the fruit.

Potassium is severe in regulating blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a crucial factor in your stress experience.

If you drink warm lemon water, you will get familiarity with special calming effects.

But however you consume it, try drinking some lemon water before turning to wine after a particularly stressful day.

6. Avoid Kidney Pebbles With The Help of Lemon Water

If you have never had a kidney stone, you probably aware of how painful it is.

Maximum kidney stones are calcium deposits, and you can reduce your risk of forming one by consuming additional citric acid in your intake.

Lemon is citrus produce that has a large amount of citric acid; in fact, just ½ a cup of lemon juice contains as much as prescription kidney stone medications.

Remaining well-hydrated is also an essential part of kidney health, so lemon water daily can be an eccentric preventative measure when it comes to kidney stones.

7. No More Urinary Tract Infections

And speaking of dying conditions, urinary tract or bladder infections are also incredibly painful.

Honestly, it’s like peeing small knives when you suffer from one of these infections, and unfortunately, they’re easy to catch.

One way to reduce the happening of these infections is to keep your urine alkaline. Although lemons are acidic, citric acid produces alkalizing by-products when digested.

Lemon water daily helps maintain an alkaline pH in the urinary tract. However, it does not affect the pH in the bloodstream.

Your kidneys do that job, and diet is not related to the process. Don’t be fooled by claims that lemon water can alkalinize your entire system.


There are many reasons why lemon water is a good habit every day, and it only takes seven days for you to see the difference.

In addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, proper hydration alone is essential to good health.

When your water is tastier because you add lemon or other citrus flavors, it can be much easier to lower the ideal amount from 91 to 125 ounces each day.

We inspire you to experiment with lemon water and see how much better you feel each day.

Just don’t expect that you’re going to lose weight instantly, detoxify your system (the body does this exceptionally well on its own), or increase your IQ.

But for everything else that lemon water can do, we recommend it!

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