5 Things We’ll Miss About Lockdown Life


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Freedom Day has officially come and gone, and life has begun to feel normal again – with restaurants, gyms and airports as busy as ever. Most of us would agree that this sense of normality is welcome, however there are some aspects of lockdown that will be missed. Now that the world has opened up again it is more important than ever to buy healgen antigen test kits to keep yourself and others safe.

Whether it be having a lazy day in pyjamas, avoiding the daily commute to work or having a well-deserved lie in, lockdown did have its benefits. What will we miss the most about lockdown?

The Lie-Ins

There’s no doubt about it: rolling out of bed at 8:59am and starting work on time was one of the best benefits of lockdown and going back to the office will likely be a shock to the system. There’s something comforting about lounging in bed in the morning and that aspect of lockdown will be sorely missed, especially when we start waking up before the sun has risen.

No Commute

Lockdown stopped many of us from experiencing traffic jams or desperate early-morning rushes. Instead, we only had to switch on a computer from the comfort of our homes. A slow morning with a hot cup of coffee definitely beats stressful mornings. Not having to commute to the office was one of the main benefits of lockdown life and will be sorely missed by us all.

Comfy Clothing

Shirts and ties were swapped with dressing gowns and slippers and working from home became a comforting bliss. Living in familiar sweats was the norm, with co-workers only seeing you from the waist up. Even better, your camera didn’t even have to be switched on – a win, win for everybody. Luckily, many businesses are taking the steps to allow employees to work from home on a more permanent basis.

Learning a new skill

Let’s face it – Lockdown was boring. Turning our attention to picking up a new hobby or skill was a productive way to pass the time, with some of us never having the opportunity to invest our time into a hobby before. Whether it was painting, yoga or learning an instrument, our creative sides were unlocked under strict covid restrictions.

Community Spirit

The horror of the virus had a positive effect of bringing communities together, to protect and look after one another. The elderly and vulnerable were rallied around and protected by the community, with shopping being dropped at doorsteps and neighbours chatting over the garden fence. The UK has never seen anything like it, but the sense of community spirit shown has been incredible to witness. Here’s to hoping that this continues long into the future.

Takeaway temptations

Diet and exercise went out of the window during lockdown and the temptation of a takeaway was no longer ignored, with the nation ordering many a takeout. Guilt free eating was normal, especially as money was being saved through not being able to eat out of go to the pub. There’s something very exciting about ordering in, with our favourite restaurants delivering straight to the door.

Though lockdown did have its positives, the easing of coronavirus restrictions has been embraced with open arms – with people returning to their everyday lives.  Though it may feel like life has returned to normal, it is still important to follow rules and restrictions surrounding the wearing of masks and social distancing. Make sure to buy a lateral flow covid test and regularly monitor yourself to protect those around you and to prevent the spread of the virus.

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