Mahukan Anak-Anak Lebih Bersemangat Bangun Bersahur? Cuba Tips Berkesan Ini


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Ramadan is a blessed month filled with family time and spiritual awakening. One of the biggest challenges during this holy month is getting kids up for suhoor (the pre-dawn meal before fasting), and often, pleading and nagging fall flat, creating tension and making kids resent the practice.

Sahur, or eating before dawn, is one of the obligations of Muslims during Ramadan.

However, sometimes persuading children to get up and eat sahur can be challenging. Don’t worry, parents! Here are some tips and tricks to get your child excited about waking up for sahur:

But fear not, parents! There are many effective ways to make suhoor time exciting and fun for your little ones. Here are some powerful tips to try:

1. Create a Festive Atmosphere:

Suhoor Decorations: Decorate the dining area with cheerful Ramadan decorations. Colorful lanterns, banners with “Happy Suhoor!” messages, or even a small tent in the room can add to the suhoor spirit.

Ramadan Tunes: Play cheerful and energetic Ramadan songs as suhoor time approaches. Breathing in the morning air while chanting Salawat together can also create a sacred atmosphere.

Suhoor Scavenger Hunt: Hide some suhoor items in specific locations and invite your kids to find them. This turns suhoor into a thrilling adventure.

2. Make a Sahur Countdown Calendar

In the weeks leading up to Ramadan, have your kids decorate a calendar counting down the days until Sahur starts.

Let them design silly characters or themes for each day. Crossing off each day builds momentum.

3. Focusing on Younger Kids:

Making Suhoor Playtime: Tips for turning suhoor into a fun and interactive experience for younger children.

Engaging Senses: Using sight, smell, and touch to create a stimulating suhoor routine.

Building Positive Associations: Establishing enjoyable rituals that make suhoor a cherished part of the Ramadan experience.

4. Encouraging Older Kids:

Empowering Choices: Giving older kids autonomy in planning and preparing suhoor.

Connecting with Purpose: Highlighting the spiritual significance of suhoor and its role in Ramadan.

Building Independence: Fostering responsibility and leadership skills through suhoor activities.

5. Maintaining the Momentum:

Keeping it Fresh: Introducing new recipes, games, and activities to prevent boredom.

Celebrating Achievements: Recognizing and rewarding consistent suhoor efforts.

Making it a Family Affair: Involving siblings and extended family to create a supportive and engaging environment.

6. Share Inspiring Sahur Stories

Many sahur traditions hold deep meaning. Share the history, religious significance, or inspirational stories behind sahur, fasting, or Ramadan as you eat. Connecting themes and spiritual reasons can resonate.

7. Involve Kids in Suhoor Preparations:

Let Them Choose the Menu: Involve your kids in planning the suhoor menu. Let them participate in making the grocery list and preparing ingredients. They’ll be more eager to eat food they picked themselves.

Cook Together: Encourage older kids to help prepare simple suhoor dishes. This activity fosters a sense of responsibility and togetherness.

Set the Table: Allow your kids to set the suhoor table with you. Decorate it with appealing and colorful tableware.

8. Make Suhoor a Treat:

Point System: Create a point system where kids earn points for every suhoor they wake up for. These points can be exchanged for small rewards at the end of Ramadan.

Special Suhoor: Prepare special suhoor treats on select days, like mini pizza suhoor, crescent-shaped pancakes, or beautiful Ramadan puddings. These surprises will make your kids eagerly await suhoor time.

Suhoor Picnic: Occasionally, host a suhoor picnic in your backyard or a nearby park. Enjoy the fresh air and morning atmosphere with your family while having a suhoor together.


With creativity and patience, waking your kids up for suhoor doesn’t have to be a struggle. Create a fun atmosphere, involve them in the preparations, and make suhoor a special family moment.

Remember, waking your kids for suhoor isn’t just about fulfilling the fasting obligation but also about fostering a sense of responsibility, togetherness, and appreciation for the holy month of Ramadan. Happy suhooring and Ramadan, Kareem!

Additional Tips:

  • Put your kids to bed earlier to make it easier for them to wake up for suhoor.
  • Use an alarm with their favorite song or sound.
  • Give them hugs and encouragement when they wake up for suhoor.
  • Don’t scold them if they fall asleep; gently encourage them to sleep some more and wake up closer to the time for suhoor.

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