New England Patriots; Julian Edelman Interest In NFTs


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If you’re an avid football fan, like most Americans, then you’re undoubtedly well-acquainted with the very talented NFL defensive player for the New England Patriots for more than 11 years, namely Julian Edelman. His skilled hands and lightning-fast moves as a wide receiver are legendary. But, are you aware of his creative side off the field or his rapidly growing interest in recent technological trends, especially NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? NFTs are units of data listed on digital ledgers that are commonly called blockchains. Each and every entity represents a digital item that is singularly unique, like pieces of art and popular sports memorabilia (or even audio or video files), or any other form of creative work.

Special Edition NFTs

Back in April 2021, Edelman rolled out not just one but three new NFT collections on the massive OpenSea NFT marketplace. These collections are a combination of his most memorable NFL career moments and his pop-culture passion. The occasion gave NFL fans and NFT collectors alike a 48-hour opportunity to place their bids on some special edition NFTs.

Julian Edelman- Creative Guy

Edelman said that what he wanted was to show his fans that he’s a creative guy even though he could rip your throat out on the football field. He also stated that he has had a lifelong passion for collectibles like trading cards, comic books, and all kinds of other memorabilia.

The Gronk’s NFT Auction

Edelman also mentioned one of his Patriots team members, Rob Gronkowski, a guy who has been named four-time All-Pro tight end during his amazing career. The Gronk actually had his own NFT auction in March 2021, which netted more than $1.2 million. Edelman stated that the Gronk has always been a super-savvy guy, especially when it comes to the digital world.

People With Influence & NFTs

Today, it seems like everybody that’s even a little bit famous is getting into the NFT game, including Shawn Mendes and Paris Hilton who have unveiled their own collections just like Edelman. It’s kind of a creative cultural shift at this point. According to Julian Edelman, all of his NFT auction items were conceptualized and designed for him via the help of Superdigital (a creative studio and agency that was founded by Assaf Swissa). Some other notable Superdigital clients include the well-known mega brands Hasbro, Facebook, and even the TV network, Showtime. They also include the highly-successful and very entertaining celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, who you might’ve seen featured in one of the wildly-popular (and very expensive) 2022 SuperBowl commercials. According to Swissa himself, creativity is king above all. And, when Swissa and Edelman were asked where they think digital collectibles and NFTs might be going, they both called it a wide-open space much like the Wild West that’s still evolving.

Check It Out For Yourself

Clearly, Edelman believes in creating cool things and communicating with people and he was able to do just that with his line of NFTs. For more in-depth info on the subject and a crack at everything that’s NFT from apes to women, check out the premiere NFT marketplace at

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