Patta Chitta – View online Patta Chitta Land Records in Tamil Nadu


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What is Patta Chitta, and how can you apply for it Online?

A Patta may be a revenue record of a bit of land, while a Chitta covers details about the area, size, and property ownership. Since 2015, both files merged into one document called Patta Chitta.

How will you determine your right over a particular property? In Tamil Nadu, a ‘Patta’ is entirely the proof you would like to prove your right over a property. Note that it’s applicable just for land and not apartments. However, you’ll have a Patta for the land on which the apartment house . as long as the land on which an apartment house stands divided among different owners, commonly referred to as the undivided share (UDS), usually a Patta isn’t issued during this case.

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What is Patta Chitta?

Patta: A Patta may be a revenue record of a bit of land. It issued by the govt and additionally referred to as the Record of Rights (ROR). The Patta comprises the Patta number, taluk, and village, owner’s name, name of the district, survey number and subdivision, wetland/dryland, area of land, and tax details.

Chitta: This land revenue file holds details about the area, size, ownership of the property. These details maintained by the Village Administration Officer and the nature of land- whether dry or wetland mentioned.

How can you Apply for Patta Chitta Online in Tamil Nadu?

Step 1– Log in to the authorized site at

Patta ChittaStage 2– Choose the View Patta & FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract’ option.

Patta ChittaStep 3– Enter all the particulars such as taluk, ward, village, survey number, etc., and proceed.

Step 3

Stage 4– When you submit, you will get a certificate from the Town Survey Land Registrar online with details about your property. This certificate will have all information on the locality, type of land, survey numeral, etc.

Stage 4

How to check the Status of Patta Chitta Online?

If you’ve got applied for it online, you’ll check the status here. Use your application ID for an equivalent. You’ll also check the validity of an equivalent after you input the reference number. You’ll obtain it online at a nominal cost.

How to check the Status of Patta Chitta Online?

How to Verify Patta Chitta?

If you would like to verify it, go online to the present link, and select the ‘Verify Patta’ choice. Enter the reference number and then click on submit to urge the verification.

How to Verify Patta Chitta?

How can it Transfer?

You need to apply for it. The appliance needs submitted within the particular Tehsildar’s office. Do bring photocopies and original documents of the sale deed, tax receipts, electricity bill, encumbrance certificate when applying for transfer of Patta Chitta. The application could also be accepted or rejected, supported by the study that the concerned department does.

Services on the Mobile Application

In the year 2018, chief minister EK Palaniswami launched the android application called Amma App. This app allows users to access land records, Patta Chitta, from their phones besides several other services.

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