Convert PDF With Original Formatting In Four Ways


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Word format is one of the most highly regarded file formats for document creation. Nowadays, the most widely-recognized Word extensions are.doc or.docx, depending on the variety of Microsoft Word that you are currently using. Most digital users prefer to convert their files to a PDF format to better transfer and protect the file from copying and editing.

With that in mind, sometimes, you will be in a hurry to convert your Word documents into a PDF format for class sharing or presentation in the office. To do this, you will require a reliable Word to PDF conversion tool. With that, here are some practical solutions for you to learn how to do the conversion process in just four easy steps.

Why Convert to PDF?

There is a multitude of reasons why it is a necessity to know how to convert pdf to word free. Often there could be inconsistencies between versions of Microsoft Word that can ruin your structured formatting. Apart from that, not every individual obtains or acquires Microsoft Word, but everyone can access a portable document format.

PDFs are industry standard, so how a PDF looks on one device will change from how it is viewed on another computer. This makes PDFs great for laid out forms, such as design specifications and resumes. The examples given are some purposes for integrating documents into a PDF file. Switching a PDF file to a Word file is a hassle-free step.

Simple PDF to Word Conversion Process Through PDFBear

PDFBear is developed to be an easy-to-use tool for helping individuals with no technical skills to convert PDF documents conveniently. The website assures users that they will not encounter any difficulties while working with their files. The platform prohibits anyone from being confused about the conversion process. Besides, it has included guidelines for anyone to follow on their homepage.

Also, the procedures that will be completed on the platform will only be generated in less than a minute, giving you less time to convert any particular documents. The waiting time is an essential component for clients to look at resources, particularly when they request a converted file as soon as possible. Here are the four steps that you can use as a guide:

1. To first step to navigate through the conversion process, you will need to access the PDFBear homepage in your default search browser and select which conversion equipment you need to employ. Besides conversion, you can also add watermarks, delete PDF pages, compress, split, merge, and so on.

2. Next, once you have chosen your preferred tool, you will be redirected by the site to the instrument. From there, select the document that needs to be converted, and you can do this by tapping the “Select Files” button or by the drag-and-drop method on the page.

3. The last and final section is to wait patiently for your documents to be fully formatted in PDF form. You can now keep the file on your prepared file manager or save it to your cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

4. If you are the sort of person, who is not keen on the idea of waiting long hours, lucky for you as PDFBear ensures that their clients, regardless of the number of files and size they incorporate into the system, the tools will only consume a fraction of a second to complete the process.

Convert Anywhere Through Cloud Conversion

The PDFBear platform permits digital users to gain entry to its conversion tools at any location by highlighting the cloud conversion. Considering that PDFBear is cloud-based software, there must be no limitation to its capacity to turn PDF documents without delay. Rest assured that you can make use of PDFBear as it is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, the website will maintain the storage space of your device unused throughout the conversion process. The conversion will occur in the cloud system and prepare a cloud space for your saved and shared documents. With a stable data connection, you won’t be experiencing any trouble when integrating PDFBear’s Word to PDF conversion tool.

Cross-Browser Compatibility and Multi-Platform Accessibility

With PDFBear, you will no longer stress about whether your computer or device is supported or compatible with the website system. Any device will work since PDFBear is optimized to generate on any desktop or device, in contrast to other web-based tools found on the internet. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device.

Along with that, PDFBear is workable with all well-known operating systems. You can still transform your Word files to portable documents even if you utilize Windows, Linux machine, or macOS. Besides, you can perform any conversion process any time and anywhere but only on the condition that you have a stable data connection.

The Benefits of Being a PDFBear PRO Member

As stated earlier, PDFBear provides you a chance to convert Word documents to PDF without subscription as the site offers a 14-day trial. However, the website will only permit you to convert files in a limited period despite this offer. If you have a massive pile of documents to convert to PDFs, then the only preferred solution is to be a PDFBear Pro Member.

The importance of submitting yourself as a pro member is that you will have more access to take advantage of all the features available on PDFBear. For example, you can send large-scale PDF documents, endless conversion tasks, an unlimited number of OCR tasks, and more. Membership will only cost $5.99 per month.


Anything about documentation and files sounds challenging, particularly when needed to be transformed into a wide range of formats. Digital users have been looking for flexible services that can improve the level of quickly converting useful records. With the guides and benefits mentioned above, it is time for you to make use of PDFBear’s resources to supply your needs. You will surely be satisfied with all the features it can provide you!

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