How to Solve [pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006] Outlook Error


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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most excellent email communication tools in the present corporate world. However, occasionally it shows technical errors such as pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006, which point out the outlook is not working correctly. This article will assist you in fixing Microsoft Outlook issues.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook application is the mail management system because of its excel features, which many organizations prefer over Gmail and other applications.

Furthermore, it provides additional features such as calendars, appointments and notes. Also, it offers client appointments, management reports, and more. It makes it easier to manage them.

Why is the [pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006] Error Occur?

Why is the [pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006] Error Occur?

One of the primary reasons Outlook errors such as pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 occurred was multiple uses of Outlook accounts or without clearing the cache.

Best Methods to Solved Error Code [pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006]

Best Methods to Solved Error Code [pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006]

As we discussed above, the causes of Outlook errors. Now let’s dive into how we can resolve such errors. The best possible ways to resolve addressed below:

1. Clear Cookies and Cache

As you know, all application stores cache files and cookies. Suppose you don’t clear cache files frequently; such errors occur. Indeed once you clear the cookies, you need to restart your system to reflect the changes. However, proceed to the following method if you encounter the pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 error.

2: Use the MS Outlook Web Application

If the above method cannot resolve the issue, then MS Outlook Web App is the best alternative to overcome the pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 error code. And to use MS Outlook’s web application, click the given link.

3: Upgrade to an Updated Microsoft Outlook Version

The software version is also crucial for errors to occur. The error code pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 is more common in the older version of Outlook.

You can uninstall the older version of Outlook and then download the new version via the Microsoft official website.

Having an updated Outlook application version is vital to avoid technical errors. Hence update your version of Outlook if you didn’t update it.

4: Contact Microsoft Help Centre

The above-discussed methods are effective in fixing the error pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 of Outlook. However, if you still encounter technical errors, we recommend contacting Microsoft support; they will ultimately assist you in resolving the above issues.


When you email your friends and coworkers, it is very annoying to see the error pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 code.

The above methods to fix the pii_email_2aeac4ba1236ce469006 error help you troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook issues. If the error continues, contact the MS Outlook team for further assistance.

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