How to Fix Outlook [pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8] Error?


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Outlook is a personal information manager software part of the Microsoft Office Package. Though it is mainly an email client. And the users, while accessing MS Outlook, come across a few technical errors, and one of the common errors is pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8.

This pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 error indicates that the application is not working properly. This article details a few effective methods to solve this issue.

Simple Methods to Resolve pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 Issue

  • Avoid multiple Outlook email accounts to overcome the pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 issue.
  • You must clear cache and cookies frequently and re-login using a single Outlook account.

  • The outdated version of Outlook is also one of the primary causes of the pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 error. You must re-install the latest version by uninstalling the older version of Outlook.
  • Antivirus programs also trigger the pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 problem. You must ensure that disabling the Outlook email feature fixes the error quickly.
  • Delete the suspicious or spam emails from your Outlook email inbox.
  • Sometimes, installing Outlook from a third party corrupts the installation process and executable files. So installing from Microsoft’s official website is the best option.
  • You must have a good internet connection so that there is no interference in the connection between Outlook and the server.
  • The other best alternate option is efficiently using the Outlook web application to fix the pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 issue.
  • After trying all the above techniques failed to fix the issue, contact a Microsoft support member for additional help.


MS Outlook is a compelling personal information system software over other email software like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

However, the software triggered technical errors such as pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8.

We tried our best through this post to provide practical solutions to fix this pii_email_7dedb73e5505d0497db8 error quickly. We hope the article is beneficial to our readers.

Your comments are valuable to us, and please post your comments below the comment box. Thank you.

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