Fix MS Outlook [pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d] Error Easily


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MS Outlook is one of the most accepted email applications, from ordinary individuals to business firms. Its recognition arises due to its features and usability. However, users face some errors repeatedly. And today, we will discuss a new type of error, pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d, in Outlook.

This guides you through the reasons and the solutions for the pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d Error in Outlook.

Causes of the [Pii_Email_A9844ef2b6d54793993d] Error?

  • Operating System is incompatible with the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Due to the Outdated Outlook application, and needs to update.
  • Corruption of Outlook application files.
  • Misconfigured Outlook settings and altered the default settings incorrectly.
  • Outlook pirated version in use.
  • Outlook multiple accounts usage.

How to Fix the Outlook Error [Pii_Email_A9844ef2b6d54793993d]

Here are effective ways to fix the Outlook error Pii_Email_A9844ef2b6d54793993d given below.

1. Ensure to Log in to a Single Account

One of the most frequent causes of Outlook email errors is that you might have multiple accounts.

2. Remove the Needless Emails

If your mailbox contains numerous emails, you might encounter this pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d error. So try removing the unnecessary emails.

3. Clear Application Cache

Sometimes the cache of the application may get Outlook errors. So, we advise you to clear the cache and restart it to fix the pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d error.

Press Win + R keys to start the Run dialogue menu, type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook in it, and press Enter.

4. Clear Browser and Cookies Cache

A few users said they fixed Outlook email errors by clearing the browser cache and cookies. So, it’s essentially giving it a try.

5. Update the Outlook Version

If you use an outdated Outlook version on Windows 10, you might encounter Pii errors. So, it’s required to check and install the latest version.

6. Reinstall Microsoft Office Package

If the Outlook error pii_email_a9844ef2b6d54793993d persists after trying all the above techniques, it’s vital to consider reinstalling the MS Office suite or update it.

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