A Complete Guide to Fix [pii_email_eb38b1afc283a4a01074] Error -2023


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MS Outlook is the management software email client that manages all your emails and other business activities. However, users generally might encounter technical errors like pii_email_eb38b1afc283a4a01074. These technical issues clearly show the problem with your Outlook program. This article aims to provide possible solutions to resolve the issue. Let’s look in detail.

How to Resolve Error Code [pii_email_eb38b1afc283a4a01074]?

The MS Outlook error pii_email_eb38b1afc283a4a01074 is a critical issue affecting your Outlook application, obstructing email workflow. Here are a few promising solutions you can try to fix effectively.

1. Ensure clearing cache and cookies

One potential solution is clearing the cache and cookies of your web browser can fix this pii_email_eb38b1afc283a4a01074 error.

2. Restart the Outlook Application

Sometimes restarting the Outlook application can help resolve the temporary bugs.

3. Update MS Outlook

Ensure that you have the latest Outlook version installed. If not, then update the application to the latest Outlook version.

4. Check for Conflicting Software Applications

If the above methods do not work, check other applications or software that sometimes conflict with Outlook. Therefore, so disable any firewall or antivirus application can resolve the issue.

5. Reinstall Outlook

If none of the above techniques work, uninstall and reinstall the updated Outlook application.

6. Check your internet connection

You have to ensure your internet connection is stable and working perfectly. However, poor internet connection causes email synchronization issues.

7. Ensure disabling third-party add-ins

Third-party add-ins generally interfere with MS Outlook’s functionality. Therefore, disabling any installed add-ins help to fix the error.

8. Check your email settings

Validate your email account settings are accurate, as well as your incoming and outgoing mail servers, security settings, and ports.

Suppose none of the above troubleshooting solutions work. Our recommendation is to contact the Microsoft support team for further support.


The error pii_email_d2e14c6b10c781e8b6c4 of MS Outlook usually shows the trouble with the email client’s configuration or a conflict with other applications. Suppose you find the post helpful. Please share your comments in the below box.

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