Rarbg | Top 28 RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites | 30 Best Rarbg Alternatives

If you cannot access RARBG, do not worry. Use RARBG proxy sites for full access to your favorite torrent site. Unblock RARBG through these proxies whose availability checked every hour and are classified by their status and speed.

Top 25 Best RARBG Proxy and RARBG Mirror Sites [All Working]

History of RARBG Torrent Sites?

The subject is the same as always a producer with many influences. It is upset about losing billions because of digital piracy, and being rarbg.com one of the primary means to do so, exposed to close it. However, death is not forever on the internet, and as if it were a hydra; when you cut ahead, two come out in its place.

As you may know, the most popular domain on the web was rarbg, in which all the torrents found. But this is not the first time that they face a blockade since such a domain has long blocked in some countries, so a mirror was necessary to enter from another country.

This strategy worked for a long time, but at the beginning of July 2019, it also attacked. It currently has a status of “Server Hold,” which suggests that it is very likely to be closed definitively in other countries. This gives us hope because if on the other side of the “puddle” they can still enter the web, it means that on this side we can put into practice certain maneuvers to avoid censorship imposed by the authorities.

The Most Popular Site RARBG Torrent

The persecution of P2P download websites continues, and it seems that it will never end in this or the next decade. This time the victim is rarbg proxies, a site that has one of the largest databases of series, movies, software, and much more. As is familiar, authorities worldwide are on the hunt for torrent download portals since they allow access to entirely free paid content, or what is the same, they are an Eden for piracy.

Nevertheless, the internet gives you the quality of being immortal, and this is no different from RARBG Proxies, which still has things to say despite this blow. The best alternatives to this to continue downloading torrents.

What are the RARBG Torrents or RARBG Proxy or RARBG Proxies

The RARBG proxy or RARBG torrent is the best site that provides administering copyrighted content on the web. With the help of RARBG Proxy, we can download, watch, and share Movies, TV Shows, TV Series, software files, games, and music. It provides huge content like games, movies, and
software files.

How to Download Movies on RARBG Proxies | RARBG unblock

With a simple download method and high-quality content, downloading any torrent is completely free. All the positive things that known about RARBG make it one of the favorite torrent sites all over the world. It already known that finding a high-quality torrent site is not an easy task. RARBG and the other RARBG proxy sites have quickly become the favorite destination of all users who wish to have high-quality content.

To access the content of the site from anywhere and at any time, use a RARBG proxy or RARBG mirror. Let’s examine these two options below.

How to Download Movies using RARBG unblock

    1: First install VPN in your computer
    2: Click on Enable VPN in your PC
    3: Now click on any of the RARBG Proxy/Mirror sites
    4: Now, click on the search bar to download the torrent files you need.
    5: Click on the proper file to download and open it with a BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

Unblock RARBG

If the rarbg main site is blocked (https://rarbg.to) by your internet service provider (ISP), you can unblock it with web browser proxies.

Tor Browser

The Onion Router (TOR) is a collection of individual network systems that helps us in unknown web communication. With the TOR browser’s help, you can utilize programs and unblock any confined or restricted websites like RARBG.

Click and Download TOR Browser Here

Access RARBG through a VPN

As mentioned above, access can made using the rarbg unblock websites, also known as a proxy or mirror. However, using a rarbg proxy or a mirror site also has some disadvantages. It allows you to access the website. However, a RARBG mirror can offer you a low level of privacy. If you want total privacy when browsing a unblock rarbg torrent, you should consider using a VPN.

A VPN is a private network that works in conjunction with a public network, allowing its users to collect and send data connected to that private network. A VPN will make it look like it connects from a different IP address than it has and can also offer you a different location. Of course, this does not mean that if you access the unlocked rarbg alternatives site through a VPN, everything you do is 100% secure. You should be careful with the VPN service you choose, as there are several available. ee nagaraniki emaindi movie download in tamilrockers Also, for greater security, you may want to buy a premium VPN service, since the free versions tend to have times when protection levels fall. If you are looking for erudition on the best VPN services you can use, here is a list:

Total Security in RARBG

To surf safely and download any RARBG content, use a VPN connection. The Virtual Private Network makes it appear that you access from a different place and network, so your privacy is fully preserved, and anonymity is secured. Try the best VPN tools to get the best results.

List for RARBG Torrent Sites [15 Best Working VPN Services]

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • VyprVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe
  • Surfshark VPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • UltraVPN
  • Golden Frog
  • ZenMate VPN
  • PureVPN
  • Astrill VPN

Exceptional torrent sites

This portal offers all its content in a very systematic way. Here we can find the torrents in different categories and the usual search engine in this type of web. But it is not the only function that it offers us. Keep reading and discover the characteristics of this portal that can serve as an alternative to websites (some already closed) such as Elitetorrent, ExtraTorrent, or Kickass Torrents are:

  • Find content grouped by categories: movies, television series, music, video games, software, adult content.
  • Explore the news section.
  • Register as a user and save your settings for use.
  • Access previews of the content through images before downloading.

RARBG Alternatives

In rarbg alternatives, you will find torrents of series, movies, video games, or music without invasive advertising and perfectly organized ready for download.

When downloading torrents, it is easy to find many websites that offer them, but that does not convince us. More than anything by a large amount of invasive advertising of a dubious reputation that we can find in them, opening or knowing how many tabs in the browser. That’s why you should save as gold in RARBG alternatives.


If you do not want to access a rarbg, EZTV is probably the best destination for you, if you are looking for an extensive list of torrents. The EZTV website is straightforward to use, but you may notice that you have many ads. However, it is presented as a good alternative for any rarbg mirror sites, since it has a vast database of torrents. Search for the title you want, and then select from the drop-down list. One of the main advantages of EZTV over any other rarbg proxy is that the content is updated continuously.

Take a look at the Best EZTV Proxies and Mirrors :

LimeTorrents – RARBG

LimeTorrents is online for quite some time. However, it seems that it is getting the glory by offering BitTorrent content of many genres—limetorrents highlighted by each torrent’s status bar. Compared to a proxy RARBG, this saves time by letting you know directly if it is worthwhile to waste your time and bandwidth by downloading that specific content. Therefore, you can decide that it is not necessary to unlock rarbg alternatives. You can use LimeTorrents.

Best Proxies and Mirrors LimeTorrents:


YTS.ag is a torrent site focused on providing YTS YIFY movies. These known throughout the web for their perfect blend of high definition image quality and moderately small size. That makes it a pretty good alternative for a RARBG proxy site, do not you think.

Best Proxies and Mirrors YIFY :

Kickass torrents

Kickass torrents exist more than 10 years ago and currently passes the 10 million torrents added. It has an API that makes it very easy to integrate with any website, and the advanced search and presentation features make it very easy to use. Also, unlike RARBG proxy sites, Kickass torrents have a user voting system and full community participation to keep your content updated. Another great feature is that you can make requests for different types of content you need. It is also available globally, as it offers a website in 45 languages.

Best Proxies and Kickass Mirrors :

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay needs no introduction, as they are currently the most popular torrent sites available on the internet. There is a group of community users who share copyrighted data. Still, if you dig deeper into the site, you can discover many data that can downloaded without worrying about the right things. So, The Pirate Bay is another best RARBG alternatives you can consider.

1337x – rarbg

Best Proxies and 1337x Mirrors:


What if I look for eBooks? In Torlock, you have series and movies of all kinds, so yes, it is a RARBG alternative valid as all the previous ones. However, here the specialization is in other types of content, such as eBooks. In addition to that, it also has an extensive variety of content around anime. And as for navigation, it is an intuitive site, well organized, and even with a list of the 100 most downloaded torrents.

Although it does not have content only in English and is not the best site for audiovisual content torrents, it is an alternative for those who want other types of content. It is one of those torrent sites that work wonderfully as a complement to the largest ones, which we refer to in this article.


Demonoid is a site and BitTorrent crawler created by an anonymous Serb known only by the pseudonyms “Deimos” and “Zajson.” The indexes of torrent sites submitted by its members. Demonoid.com ranked 502 in the most popular general site as of December 2010, according to Alexa. Demonoid’s torrent tracker had about three million pairs in 2007.


ExtraTorrent.cc is the most extensive BitTorrent system. Its purpose is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all types of torrent files. Extra Torrent visitors can upload torrents to this site, monitored by any tracker.


Torrentz2 is the best alternative of rarbg, Torrentz2.eu is a clone, follower of the site Torrentz.eu – Torrent is a meta-search engine and a multi-search.

That means you need to search for other search engines. – Torrentz is a potent internet search location tool. Torrent is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker, nor a torrent directory.

Torrentz doesn’t host or “make available” any files or torrents in any way.

Torrentz connections to other independent search engines that can host torrent files. We have no control over these domains. – The indexing process is fully automated.


Mininova is a search engine and directory on the network. It all started in January 2005 as an alternative to the (very modern epoch) Suprnova, which went out of thin air at the end of 2004 due to legal issues. Its goal is to provide a directory and easy-to-use search engine for all types of torrent files.
Visitors of Mininova may anonymously upload torrents to this site, monitored by any tracker. Raspe data (amount of seeds/leechers) is collected a few times per day.


A de facto replacement of the real isoHunt is the most advanced of BitTorrent and the best P2P search engine. It’s the same old isoHunt from outside but very different from the inside. It has nothing in common with isoHunt Inc. That made the original website. Feel free to search and download torrents as it used to.

Bit Che

Bit Che makes searching for torrents simple. It quickly searches many torrent sites for files and efficiently organizes the results. Bit Che lets you instantly view the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly. Quickly survey the page where the torrent was found or click to open the torrent in your preferred downloader.
It also highlights built-in filtering to remove duplicate torrents found among the different sites it seeks. Bit Che is the torrent search tool available. Bit faster and efficient, Che pronounced many different ways, generally bitten Chay. It named after the Argentine word Che which. Bit Che supports more than 60sites.

Zooqle – rarbg

Best download site on interwebs! I do not care what you do in the internets.

We store the data that you typed during registration. The password is stored encrypted with a one-way algorithm; we do not know it. Access records kept for 24 hours for security purposes, then deleted. Zooqle is a non-profit indexing internet service; all data are aggregated and indexed without human intervention. Zooqle is the best alternative to rarbg to.


Torrent Rover – Discover and download torrent data from the internet. With a fresh and simple look, quick searches, and intuitive operation, you can find and download. You can run and save many searches, so you do not miss your search progress. Torrent is another site which is the best alternative of rarbg.to
We still get automatically updated search results in a calendar, so the results are always current. You can even manage automated sequential transfers (perfect for weekly TV shows).

Torrent Downloads

Torrent downloads – Search and download free movies, TV shows, songs, PC / torrent PS2 / PSP / Wii / Xbox games from our Bittorrent database. It is one of the best alternatives to rarbg.to.

Tree Torrent

TreeTorrent is a great meta-search engine for torrents, currently indexing most famous torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent, Torrentz, IsoHunt, and Kickass. It is the best alternative to rarbg proxies.


Search and download new TV shows and TV series, movies, mp3s, music, and PC / PS2 / PSP / Wii / Xbox games absolutely for free.

TorrentKing – rarbg

TorrentKing is a meta-movie engine that finds torrents on the web and combines them into a single page for each movie. You can find all related files for this particular movie and the data sorted for different rip sources. You can also choose your custom filters to find correctly what you are looking for.

Torrent Harvester – rarbg alternatives

Torrent Harvester is free and useful software that will perform a search for Torrents on various websites that return all results in a single list. Just type some search text, press Enter, or click the search button, and the list will fill with found torrents.

Right-click a torrent in the list will open a menu to download the torrent and begin your BitTorrent consumer. Torrent Harvester eliminates the need to use the web browser to check many torrent sites if you are looking for a particular torrent.

This means that pop-ups, advertising, spyware, and virus threats eliminated. It is flexible enough to support the addition of new search engines and change existing engines in the redesign site. Torrent Harvester Features 0.7b:

Karagarga – Rarbg Alternatives

A unique graphical interface characterizes Karagarga, a large number of original features. A vast amount of movie content from almost the entire world, undeleting of torrents regardless of inactivity, is excellent and always an active community, detailed statistics, and much gentle, tolerant, and kind staff.

Regrettably, this tracker is not among the ones in which you easily survive, and this is the most significant and only problem of many new members. Also, the free leech is very rarely present, the split files forbidden, but separate video files still allowed; therefore, the start in Karagarga is further complicated.

The unique feature is the MOM or Masters of the Month – every month, the tracker members in coordination with the team to select the individual (author), gender or age from our past who will attain the status of Master of the Month, and result in bonuses to awarded to the members involved in the MOM activities.

Torrent-Paradise.ml – Rarbg Alternatives

This website has all its source code on this site so that when you close a domain, in a matter of minutes, you can open another and continue as if nothing had happened.

Its torrents are also in the IPFS network, and currently, they already exceed done a million files and possibly reach 2 million before the end of this year. You can find everything from series and movies, to video games and professional software, with the guarantee that everything will be 100% verified.

Website: https://torrent-paradise.ml/


This is a metasearch engine throughout the rule that online has gained a lot of users in the few years it has online. It has everything you may need; access to a vast amount of files that are updated continuously, link verification, and a high-speed server to download. Its use is effortless since you have to enter the title of the movie, series, software, or video games, which will show you the best-rated by the user community.

Website: https://torrentseeker.com

Library Genesis – rarbg alternatives

Library Genesis is a search engine for essays and textbooks on different topics that provide free access to content that is otherwise paid or not scanned elsewhere.

BTDigg – Rarbg Alternatives

BTDigg is BitTorrent DHT’s search engine, which scans the DHT network in real-time and gives a full-text search on active torrents. It’s not a site tracker editor and does not store any content and only collects torrent metadata (such as filenames).

TorrentReactor – rarbg proxies

TorrentReactor is useful but straightforward. In this search, we will find very quickly what we are looking for. The web design is very intuitive, so it helps a lot.

YIFY Torrents – rarbg mirror

The revulsive of recent times. Specialized in audiovisual content, it has become the fifth most visited torrent search engine on the internet, merit that has already faced the authorities in the UK.

Website: https://yts.vc/

BitSnoop – rarbg proxy

BitSnoop established in 2008; it remains a reference. It has a search engine specialized in television content, its main course, but also incorporates content related to software and games. They claim to have more than 21 million files indexed from 369 different sites.
Update: BitSnoop is ban in many countries.

Popcorn Time – rarbg proxy

Much more than a ‘torrent web.’

Popcorn Time is not an alternative to EliteTorrent as such, because the format of that web of torrents was very different. Now, it is an alternative as it allows us to access multimedia content in Spanish of all types. But in this case, in the form of software, and getting sources of torrents in other ways. It is one of the ‘must-have’ within this type of content source and with an excellent interface.

As we mentioned, popcorn Time is available as an application for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, and Android. It is entirely free, as you would expect, and gives us the option to send content in an effortless way to our smart TV.
The only ‘problem’ is that most content is available in the original version, although we can always put subtitles in any language to better enjoy our favorite content. Above all, sanam teri kasam full movie download 123mkv because almost everything is possible in high definition.

Torrent Project – rarbg proxies

A simple search engine, more than 8 million torrents, and everything you need available for download. In Torrent Project, the interface is simple, and the results are fast, so it seems to us the best option as a search engine for “pure” torrents without hosting the files.


We have shared the top 30 alternatives for RARBG, and we have also shared rarbg proxy sites to unlock rarbg, which provide high-quality Movies, TV Series, and Web Series. You can watch and download any movies from these websites. If we miss anything that isn’t listed here, you can comment on us, and we will honored to add your suggestion in the article.

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