A Deep Dive Into Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon


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Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon: A Brief History Of Sam Houston

Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon: A Brief History Of Sam Houston

Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon: Sam Houston’s life history reflects that he was a true legend and patriot. Moreover, he ran away from home at a young age. He lived with a Cherokee tribe in the Hiwassee River area for a short time. Moreover, he eventually was named Colonneh, which means raven, and was accepted into the tribe as the son of Chief John Jolly.

He grew up to be a passionate soldier and strategist. At some point, his men defeated Mexican General Santa Anna with a small unsupplied force. The Houston men suffered few casualties, but a stray bullet broke their ankles. The decisive victory forced Santa Anna to sign the Treaty of Velasco, which granted Texas independence.

Sam Houston was considered one of the great political men of his time, serving as a congressman, governor, and two-time president of the Republic of Texas. He was brutally honest and a man of principle.

This perfectly aged and well-crafted premium bourbon is offered as a tribute to the life of Sam Houston, an honest and patriotic man.

Overview: Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon

Overview: Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon

The Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon no.6 (spring) and no7 releases Of Sam Houston‘s 15 Year of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey are our ripest bourbon offerings to date. These releases were made from specific barrels into a private reserve of premium bourbon. No two batches are alike, but the flavor profile captured during barrel sampling shows the care and craftsmanship that went into making this extremely rare, limited-edition bourbon.

Sam Houston 15 Year Old Bourbon Stats

Each bottle is numbered by hand, solidifying its place and rarity as part of a small individual batch. The barrel date is recorded and the exact age of the bourbon when bottled.

Moreover, releases no.4, no.5, no.6, and no.7 were not cold filtered for added depth of character and color. Other process details show keg statistics, mash calculation, and distillation city/state.

Sam Houston Bourbon Whiskey is bottled by the trusted hands of Three Springs Bottling Company in southern Kentucky.

Sam Houston 15 Year Old Bourbon Label

Whiskey is made over time, age, and changes throughout the day; It strives to become the most sought-after end product: great bourbon.

Parallel to the journey our bourbon goes through, the label provides details about the life of Sam Houston (the story can be read here). It has shaped America’s history and the direction of our country.

Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon Tasting Notes

  • Color / Dark amber with light copper reflections.
  • Nose / deep notes of toasted sugar, black fruits, and ripe vanilla cream.
  • Taste/notes of cherry and sweet tobacco give way to a complex aroma of oak, baking spices, and tangy cinnamon.
  • Finish / First, there is an oaky dryness, then it becomes an oily mouthfeel and envelops the palate with warm aromas of cinnamon, toasted oak, and sweet leather.
  • Overall: Solid and well-aged Barton showing its darker side while retaining its trademark floral luster.

Sample: Spring Release No. 6, Batch KY-1
Neat / Glencairn Glass / Room Temperature / Breathe: 2min.

Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon Tasting Notes

Sam Houston 15-Year-Old Price

Kentucky – Release No.6 Sam Houston Kentucky Straight Bourbon’s is the oldest offering to date. It embodies all the characteristics that make up this Kentucky Straight Bourbon, just like Sam Houston himself. Sam Houston 15 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml price is $124.99.

Sam Houston 15-Year-Old Price

Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon Review

As we conducted some online research related to Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon we came across a mix of reviews, and the following reviews given below.

1. Great Pour!

Great stuff! The Kentucky batch and Indiana batch of this release are stellar.

2. Very Disappointed

For the price I expected way better!!, would not recommend.

3. Love My Bourbon!

Great bourbon! I have the 12 and 14 years Sam Houston bourbon’s, fantastic. Besides, the 15 years is even better.

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Is  Sam Houston 15th rare?

Sam Houston, 15-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Release no. 6, is his most mature bourbon offering to date. No two batches are alike, but the flavor profile captured during barrel sampling shows the care and craftsmanship with which this limited and extremely rare bourbon made.

Is  Sam Houston 15 worth it?       

For the 15-year-old, it ends up hot, a little disappointed because of the high recognition everyone gives to Sam Houston 15. Also, not worth the search, the price, or the hype.

Who makes Sam Houston bourbon?

This is the second release of Sam Houston’s 12-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey. So this bourbon brought to us by the Western Spirits Beverage Company of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Some of their other great bourbon offerings are the Lexington, Bird Dog, and Calumet brands.

Review A Deep Dive Into Sam Houston 15 Year Bourbon.

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