Sport Helps Control Your Blood Pressure


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Sport helps control your blood pressure because, among other things, it contributes to fewer beats per minute, prevents overweight and obesity, and also improves mood.

Regular exercise is one of the most appropriate ways to maintain good health. In the case of hypertensive people, it notably indicated because it has proven that sport helps control it.

World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Society of Arterial Hypertension have agreed that physical exercise can have positive results to decrease the risk of strokes and myocardial infarctions. Both diseases have hypertension among their risk factors.

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What Is Hypertension?

The WHO defines high blood pressure, also known as high or elevated blood pressure, as a disorder in which blood vessels suffer from persistent high blood pressure. This, of course, can harm them.

It is the energy used by the blood driven by the heart against the walls of the blood vessels.

If this resistance is higher than usual, the greater the effort the heart requires to pump the blood, which happens every time the heartbeats.

Hypertension is dangerous because it puts the heart and organs such as the kidney or brain at risk. It is the reason for the vast popularity of myocardial infarctions worldwide. Therefore it is essential to prevent it.

Sport helps control it, and this is something the WHO added to its recommendations as early as 1989.

How Does Sport Help Control Your Blood Pressure?

It helps control your blood pressure, first of all, because it contributes to maintaining an adequate weight and prevents obesity. The relationship between excess adipose tissue, overweight, obesity and high blood pressure is risky.

Sport improves the functioning of the heart since it reduces the number of beats per minute and avoids the effort of this organ.

The pressure levels of athletes are usually lower because their body works better than that of someone who does not exercise.

Additional to this assistance is the fact that regular sports practice helps control levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.

This also makes you feel healthier and fitter, contributing to a positive emotional state. Good feelings are essential to prevent high blood pressure problems.

When playing sports, cholesterol and blood glucose levels are better controlled. Both are directly related to high or elevated blood pressure and are often the trigger for myocardial infarctions or strokes.

A Physical Activity Plan Is The Best

A Physical Activity Plan Is The Best

It helps control your blood fluid pressure if you do it regularly. Playing games occasionally is not the solution to high blood pressure. What does is to have a regular physical activity plan.

It is essential to have the approval of the doctor to carry out an exercise routine or play sports. It is necessary to assess the health status of each person, in addition to factors such as age and weight.

The ideal is to practice half an hour of sports three times a week. Of those thirty minutes, the first ten should be preheating; then, the practice itself takes place, and finally, the stretching and relaxation.

It is advisable to allow a day between practice and practice so that the muscles can eliminate lactic acid, which is the cause of muscle pain.

The Best Sport to Control Blood Pressure

Although Sports help to control your blood pressure in general, some games are best suited for it. Which? Endurance exercises with aerobic metabolism and moderate competitive effort.

The most advisable sports practices are cycling on the flat, cross-country skiing, swimming, walking on the flat, golf, non-extreme trekking, jogging, skating, canoeing, boules, and shooting.

Likewise, it recommended to maintain the right weight, decrease the consumption of salt, live with fewer worries, reduce alcohol consumption, not smoke, and maintain a healthy diet, rich in potassium and fibers.

It is essential to avoid sports with weight overload since they increase blood pressure.

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