Benefits Of Telemedicine: Advantages Of Going To The Doctor Without Leaving Home


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How can telemedicine help in health crises like that of COVID-19?

Technology has brought its disadvantages and disadvantages to the world. It is true, but it is also true that there are more and more benefits than disadvantages.

Technology applied at work, in our social life, and health issues. Have you heard of telemedicine?

We tell you what exactly telemedicine consists of and what are all its benefits. Discover the advantages of going to the doctor without having to leave home!

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What Is Telemedicine?

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is defined by the European Commission (quoted in Edna Iliana Tamariz Flores thesis on distance health services for the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education).

As rapid access to medical experts in a shared and distant way, through communication and information technologies regardless of the location of the patient or relevant information.

In other verses, we could say that telemedicine is the remote provision of health services thanks to the instruments provided by technology or telecommunications.

An example of telemedicine would be an app through which you can send a photograph of a mole or an eruption directly to a dermatologist.

So that the professional can make a quick diagnosis without having to wait for treatment in the hospital or in the medical center itself, Physical.

Benefits Of Telemedicine

Benefits Of Telemedicine

An excellent example of telemedicine, a digital health insurance, with its doctors and specialists, to the service of the user.

And who receives telematic medical attention in a quick and accessible way and without having to leave home. Precisely, they tell us some of the advantages of telemedicine to:


Telemedicine is not only a reliable source of medical information.

It allows evaluating possible diseases of the virtual user/patient.

And accompanying them in the diagnosis process very carefully.

So explicitly analyzing their specific case and their life habits to advise and prevent the development of new pathologies. And reducing possible complications in their health.

Medical review criteria, suggestions, and recommendations beforehand is vital support that has changed the system established until now.

So helping to ensure that healthcare is not saturated.

Telemedicine serves as an essential filter and resolves many queries without the need to go to health centers physically.

A way of working that refers only to patients whose diagnosis advises a therapeutic behavior that must be carried out physically in a center, office, or health emergencies.

This action implies greater effectiveness in making use of face- to- face medical resources for cases that require.  It, reduces long waiting lists, in addition to lowering levels of work stress and the responsibility of professionals who carry out health care assistance.

Continuous Monitoring

The range of appropriate interventions with telemedicine is vast, but all have a common denominator: monitoring and continuous patient care.

For example, in Elma, as a telemedicine application, all kinds of interactions are carried out that, periodically.

And allow establishing criteria about the user’s health and maintaining a constant temporal assessment.

A line of action that makes it possible to reveal critical patterns or elements in the evolution of the patient and that makes.

If appropriate, changes in therapeutic decisions to improve the results in the development of pathologies.

So their prevention, and generate other therapeutic interventions if necessary to avoid complications.

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Global Access to Health Services

As you know, not everyone has the same facility to access a doctor or a health service.

And as you also know, not everyone lives in big cities with nearby hospitals or medical centers.

Telemedicine precisely allows access to medical services for those areas that do not have it.

So much due to their conditions, their situation, or the lack of professionals.


Telemedicine benefits the teamwork of the different professionals in those cases where the intervention of doctors from different specialties is needed.

Plus, it also makes it much easier to get a second opinion. A Tool for Patients with Reduced Mobility

There are many dependent patients or those with reduced mobility for whom telemedicine makes life much more comfortable.

Since moving to the place of physical consultation requires excellent effort.

Medical Attention Every Day and from Anywhere

Telemedicine allows medical video consultations from Monday to Sunday, even in some cases, 24 hours a day.

Besides, their access can be from anywhere, something especially advantageous when we are, for example, on vacation, we have a health problem, and we cannot go to our usual center.

In Which Cases (MUCH) can Telemedicine Help

The benefits of telemedicine are proven and have been reinforced more than ever due to the coronavirus crisis.

In the health emergency, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is urgent to use all possible routes to complement medical care.

This is the time for telemedicine, not only as crucial support to avoid overloading the health care service.

But also to allow an early clinical evaluation, a screen to differentiate between suspicious and non-suspect cases.

And become a reliable source of information to know how to prevent the disease and to consult all doubts about it.

But it is not only about consulting and being informed but also the peace of mind of having the professional health monitoring of each patient from home.

And with entirely personalized attention and being alert in case, it is necessary to recommend that they go to a hospital center.

Furthermore, in this forced isolation and fear of contagion within the epidemiological fence, it is essential not to leave home.

Therefore, before any other health problem that not associated with the coronavirus.

But requires medical attention, telemedicine is a professional alternative without travel and the danger of contagion.

Aware of the unusual and critical health situation, with a global pandemic that has changed daily life around the world.

We recommend the use of telemedicine as a crucial support technology to fight the coronavirus.

And you? Have you heard of telemedicine? Have you ever used it? Share your knowledge with us in the remarks!

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