The 4 New Omega Seamaster Collections That You Should Check Out


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The Omega watch brand has been known for being used by sports institutions such as the Olympics and actors such as James Bond. You would surely indulge with these New Omega watch models from the famous Seamaster series. To help you choose what Omega Seamaster series to buy, take your time reading some of the features of these models:

Omega Seamaster

The Omega watch brand has been known for its stylish yet durable features. If you are having a hard time on what Omega watch to buy, check out this Omega Seamaster watch. The Omega comes with a warm blue dial that matches the polished finish of the wristwatch. It also comes with dazzling luminous silver-toned hands.

The premium stainless steel material that makes up the watch’s casing expresses the durability of the casing. It has a transparent back that is round-shaped with a diameter of 41 mm. The height of the case is precisely 13.2 mm, and the lug width of 20 mm. The watch’s band is also made from superior-quality stainless steel material.

The movement acts as the powerhouse of the watch. Omega ensures to use of top-quality 8900 Calibre as its movement for it to function better. When the watch’s power decreases, you will not have to worry since it has a power reserve that can last for 60 hours! If sea diving is one of your pastimes, you can use this watch since it is resistant to water!

Omega Seamaster

Another Omega watch you should check out from the famous Seamaster series is the Omega model. The watch showcases classy and elegant features. It features a sophisticated black dial that matches its indexes. It has luminous silver-tone hands that blend well with the entire parts of its dial.

This model’s casing is made up of high-quality stainless steel material with a diameter of 42 mm. It has a round and solid back that makes the case extra appealing. The container alone showcases the overall boldness of the model. Plus, it has a comfortable band composed of premium stainless steel material.

The movement is everything when it comes to watch-making. The Omega brand assures its buyers that they only use the best materials in crafting their timepieces. The model has an in-house 8806 Calibre that acts as the powerhouse of the watch. It has a 55 hours power reserve and is resistant to water up to 300 meters deep!

Omega Seamaster Model

It is tough to look for the best Omega watch to buy since all of their models showcase genuine and exquisite features. This new model might suit you if you are looking for an outstanding timepiece from the Seamaster series of the Omega watch. The Omega is a mixture of refined and exquisite properties.

It comes with an earthly brown-shaded dial that goes well with the matte finish. The dotted indexes express a classy look that coincides with its skeleton-typed hands. The material used to fabricate this model’s casing is a premium Titanium metal element with a transparent back and round shape.

The movement used in this model as the watch’s powerhouse is an in-house Calibre 8806. The 55 hours of power reserve of this model proves the longevity of the watch. You would surely enjoy your sea-diving activity since the Seamaster series watches are commonly used for this sport. It can resist water up to 300 meters deep!

Omega Seamaster

This model from the Omega Seamaster series has features you must check out. It comes with a classy black dial that goes well with its flashy luminescent finish. The indexes of the watch coincide with the arrow-typed hands. The casing is primarily made up of stainless steel material.

The watch’s movement is made from an in-house Calibre 8605 to give the model the best powerhouse of the watch. It has a long-lasting power reserve that can go for 60 hours. The model is resistant to water for up to 150 meters!


The Omega Seamaster series has been providing some of the world’s best timepieces. The quality and appearance are truly genuine. The money that you will be spending for buying an [Omega] watch will always be worth it!

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