Three Signs You Need To Give Up Your Prescription Drugs


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Many of us around the world have to take prescription drugs for our ailments, and if it’s on doctors orders and we’re taking the dosage that has been advised to us by said doctor, then they’re only going to help us.

However, there’s a growing number of people that are now abusing prescription drugs, in the 10s of millions too. In the USA alone, it’s believed that over 18 million people are now abusing prescription drugs, and that’s leading to the likes of drug addiction, which can cause huge health complications.

We may think that prescription drugs are safe because they’re handed out by doctors. But they’re not when misused and with more people doing it, it could be time that you looked at your taking of prescription drugs and whether it still falls in line with what the doctor ordered.

If not, it could be time to reevaluate your consumption. But how do you know if you’ve taken it too far with prescription drugs?

You’ll be taking them outside your prescribed doses

Firstly, you’ll be taking them outside what the doctor has prescribed or long after your treatment should have finished. People tend to find excuses to take more and build up in their head they are feeling unwell when they’re not.

If you are taking more than you should and outside of the periods of time the doctors have ordered, then it’s a problem. There is no doubt about that.

Seeking multiple prescriptions

Additionally, if you’re looking for other prescriptions outside of what your doctor has given you, it’s another sure sign of abusing prescription drugs.

You often find those suffering from addiction will try and go to another doctor to get a further prescription or even looking online for the same or similar drugs, with many dangers in itself around buying drugs online.

They won’t be as effective

Ultimately, the more you have, the more your body is going to become used to then and the lesser the effect they will have, which often sees people begin to double the dosage, which only makes matters worse.

Regular users will also see side effects more prominent, and the body will physically change, with every drug having a different impact.

If you are beginning to notice this, alongside the other factors noted above, then it could be time to get help and make sure prescription drugs aren’t damaging your health. After all, they’re meant to improve it!

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