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24 Sep 2021

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TikTok Audience Building Tips From Influential Social Media Gurus

TikTok Audience Building Tips From Influential Social Media Gurus

Do you have a TikTok account that is struggling to get any attention? Many people on TikTok set up an account that they feel good and is interesting but is scarce of followers, likes, and comments. It seems like those people that have cracked the code to getting hundreds; thousands or even millions of followers have a magic wand that the rest of us don’t have. The fact is, they just know how to implement tactics that attract more followers. For search marketers that want to get a real ROI from search, leveraging engaged audiences is a big key to unlocking their social media success. Below are a few tips from digital experts Online Marketing Gurus that will see your audience grow substantially in a matter of weeks.

Earn more followers on your TikTok account:

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks. Many people want to build their TikTok audience but don’t have a clue where to start. Here are a few ways you can successfully build up any TikTok account and get more followers on it.

Follow people.

You can look for people on TikTok that share similar interests to you. You can look up a TikTok profile in your niche and go through their follower list. You can then follow those people that are following that account. Most of the people that you have followed should follow you back. You can even do a follow and unfollow strategy on bigger accounts to earn more followers to your TikTok profile. If you want to get followers very quickly, then it is recommended to buy TikTok followers for this trusted source of socialprboss.

Comment on Videos

As simple as it sounds, engaging with people by commenting on their videos is a great way to earn followers without having to follow anyone. Simply leave a nice or interesting comment and start seeing the followers rolling in.

Use keyword hashtags.

Use keyword hashtags to find relevant TikTok content and profiles that will actually engage with the content that you will publish. Keyword hashtags that you can use include:

  • #like
  • #like4like
  • # (your niche keyword – e.g. travel or music)

Once you select a hashtag, go through the videos and start liking people’s videos. Continue doing it for about 30 videos. People will receive a notification that someone has liked their videos and they may check out your TikTok profile, like your videos, or even choose to follow you.

Engage with your audience

Make sure you tell people where they can find you on social media. If you guest post, publish content on other platforms, or engage in dialogue online, make sure to let people know where else they can find you on the web. Building up the audience on a TikTok account isn’t rocket science, but it is an art form that requires time and the right tactics. With these tips, you should be able to crack your first hundred, thousand, or ten thousand followers in no time. Start by taking action today!

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