Top 7 Places To Travel To Get Healthier


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Travel: Travelling itself has lots of health benefits. But what if you want not to just relax but also forget about back pain and restore vision after hours of online roulette gambling. These are the best places you must visit first.

Mount Shasta (California, USA)

Travel: Mount Shasta is known as the place where heaven meets earth. For decades, it has attracted people longing to know themselves and find their way. Many believe that a mountain is a sacred place, as there are several Indian legends associated with the mountain. Tribal shamans used to climb the mountain to gain mystical insights, ask questions of the ancestors and purify the spirit. Today there is an entire village at the foot of the mountain for people who want to touch the mysteries of the mountain, heal their souls or simply meditate in the mountain silence.

Ganges (Varanasi, India)

The Ganges river is perhaps one of the most famous spiritual healing places on earth. Pilgrims in their thousands travel to the city of Varanasi to scatter the ashes of a deceased relative over the sacred river. Hindus believe that the Ganges will take the soul straight to paradise and avoid the eternal cycle of rebirth.

Tourists have the opportunity to observe daily spiritual ablutions in the river or witness the famous Ganges worship ceremony, Aarti, a fiery ritual with prayers and songs that brings happiness and prosperity. Those wishing to find peace of mind often send flowers and candles through the water, symbolically disposing of anxious thoughts or the past.

Blue Lagoon (Grindavik, Iceland)

The hot seawater of the Blue Lagoon near the town of Grindavik is rich in beneficial minerals. It helps your muscles relax, gives your skin a fresh glow and soothes an anxious heart.

The lagoon is surrounded by amazing scenery, suggestive of another planet. Peace and contemplation will relieve stress, and the water and mud masks will restore the body’s youthfulness. A large-scale spa complex has been built here, offering tourists a chance to relax and get healthy.

The Way of St James (Europe)

The famous Way of St James is passed each year by thousands of Christians wishing to touch holy relics, partake of the mystery or simply spend time in reflection.

The route mostly takes in Spain, with several branches that all invariably lead to the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela, where one of the most important Catholic relics, the relics of St. James, is housed in a chapel. Pilgrims walk more than 500 miles, stopping in small towns or special settlements organised along the way. The journey takes about 30 days. Some undertake it to achieve spiritual goals, while others simply meditate to find peace of mind.

Table Mountain (Cape Town, South Africa)

Recognised as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Table Mountain is a place of power. A huge natural formation of granite and sandstone with a flat top attracts the attention of seekers of truth.

The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking over the city and the ocean. Tourists take thousands of photos to share. People involved in spiritual practices are also attracted by the large deposits of quartz in the mountain. Quartz is said to be a mineral that has various magical properties in its different manifestations.

Pamukkale Hot Springs (Denizli, Turkey)

Looking at Pamukkale’s hot springs feels like stepping into another planet. The white terraces and lakes look like the setting for a sci-fi movie. Legend has it that bathing in the hot springs gives beauty and health.

And the legend doesn’t lie. Not only does the thermal spring water help relieve muscle tension, it also gives you an energy boost, relieves arthritis pain and helps to lower your blood pressure.

Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

Travel: Speaking of healing places in the world, Bali is a must-see. It’s a magical place with stunning scenery, countless temples and healers. The town of Ubud is a centre for spiritual practices. Visitors come here to meet shamans and gurus, attend art therapy and yoga workshops, and eat healthy, healing foods.

Local masseurs, healers, and spiritual teachers can help you regain health and bring joy back into your life. Many tourists who have been to Bali say their lives have taken on a new colour after their stay.

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