Towel Hacks: The Things Your Towel Can Do for Your Hair


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For women, treating their hair religiously with TLC can be time-consuming and not so budget-friendly. Well, here’s a thing you need to remember: your home is an abode to many hair care essentials, ingredients, and objects. You can find home products as your alternative hair growth shampoos and conditioners. Even your bath towel can also serve its purpose for your growing tresses.

Feed yourself with more knowledge about hair care by learning how your towel can do wonders for your lovely tresses.

Towel Hacks: How Can You Use Your Towel to Treat Your Hair Right?

Don’t just ignore the power of your hair towel. Here are some benefits your hair can get from drying your hair with a towel.

1. Patting your hair with a towel can dry your hair gently.

Your hair becomes very vulnerable during its wet state. Therefore, it is a big no-no to rub your hair aggressively with your towel, for it can damage your hair cuticles. What you can do is gently pat your hair with a soft and smooth towel, preferably the one made with a microfiber cloth. This drying hack will not only dry your hair but will also prevent your strands from thinning and breaking.

2. Towels can protect your hair from abrasions.

You need to protect your wet hair after taking a bath. Once you’ve gotten out of the shower, bow down and wrap your hair with the best hair towel while twisting it carefully. Once your hair is totally covered, lift your head, leaving the towel sitting atop your head.

3. You can go plopping to escape blow-dryers.

For women with curly hair, drying their curls using a blow-dryer is like holding a double-edged sword. Blow-drying can dry their hair quickly, but it can also leave their hair super tousled. Don’t worry; women can resort to a heatless process known as plopping. You can do this easy-peasy technique using your T-shirt. Make sure to wring your hair first to get rid of the excess water. Then, place the T-shirt on the bed before bending down and putting your hair on the centremost part of the shirt. Roll the sleeves carefully and tie the ends at the back of your nape.

4. Microfiber towels can save you effort and time.

Towels made with microfiber cloth are hair-friendly. Unlike the regular bath towels that people use at home, microfiber towels are made with synthetic minute fibers. This type of towel is beneficial to women with long and curly hair because of its high absorbent properties. You won’t have to rub your hair against the cloth aggressively to dry your hair. Microfiber is also softer than other types of fabric such as cotton. Hence, it can mitigate abrasive damage on your hair cuticles and avoid creating frizz and tangles.

5. Wrapping your wet hair for 15 minutes can save you time in air-drying.

Air-drying is a heatless process of drying your locks. However, it can take a while if you leave your hair dripping wet without drying it with a towel. You won’t also like it if you see your floor completely wet. Hence, it would be best and helpful to pat and wrap your hair with a towel for at least 15 minutes before letting it air-dry.

Keep Your Hair Soft and Frizz-free with Towels and Conditioners.

A towel is an essential object in every woman’s hair care regimen. Towels help dry your wet hair quickly, make your curls less frizzy and minimize abrasive contact with other surfaces. However, you can’t just use any towel type. Buying high-quality towels, such as microfiber towels, would be a worthy investment to keep your hair frizz-free and soft. Unfortunately, a towel is not enough. Your hair still needs an efficient product to seal moisture and coat your hair cuticles. Get the job well done with the help of an excellent hair growth conditioner to make your tresses smooth and pliable.

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