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New York Fitness Trainer, Christopher Lee Shares 5 Science-Backed Ways – Advanced muscle loss, called sarcopenia, affects the quality of life of one out of three people over the age of 50. To put it in perspective, as you age, your muscle mass starts to decline. Loss of muscle starts much sooner than most people realize.

It is not just the elderly who observe the effects of muscle aging; muscle loss starts for most in their mid-thirties. By your forties, you could be losing as much as 8 percent of your muscle mass each decade. In this article, experienced fitness trainer Christopher Lee from Buffalo, New York, talks about five science-backed ways to slow muscle aging.

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In order to prevent muscle loss, you need to build muscle. The only way to build more muscle is through exercise. Having a fitness routine can do wonders to prevent the effects of aging muscles.

Doing a combination of cardio and muscle training on a regular basis is the best way to prevent muscle loss. Try to maintain an active lifestyle and consider working with a licensed physical trainer.

Eat Protein and Carbs

Your diet fuels the cells of your body with the nutrients they need to regenerate and build muscle. Eating plenty of proteins is necessary to build and maintain muscle mass. As you age, consider incorporating more protein-rich foods to keep your muscle mass from depleting over time.

Many people think skipping carbs is the only way to stay healthy, but without carbs, you will lack the energy necessary to perform muscle-building exercises and training. You need plenty of healthy carbs and protein-rich foods in your diet when you are trying to gain or maintain muscle mass.

Use Supplements

Eating a balanced diet is important for maintaining healthy muscle mass and preventing aging. Supplements are a great way to help your body naturally prevent age-related muscle loss. Vitamins, protein powder, and other natural supplements can help you ensure you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs for healthy muscles.

Talk to Professionals

If you are really worried about losing muscle mass as you age, then you may want to talk to professionals such as nutritionists and physical trainers. Everyone’s body is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all diet and training regime that works for everyone. Talking with fitness and diet professionals can help you find a balanced lifestyle that works for you.

Balance Your Diet

To prevent aging, the experts recommend eating a balanced diet that includes all major food groups. In addition to fats, carbs, and proteins, your body needs a combination of minerals and vitamins from fruits, vegetables, and proteins to maintain or grow muscle mass.

Eat plenty of protein-rich foods along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Incorporate healthy fats such as avocados into your diet to give your body fuel to perform muscle-building exercises.

Muscle loss is one of the lesser talked about aspects of aging, but if you maintain an active lifestyle and eat a balanced diet, you can slow the effects. Working with a professional dietitian and physical training can help you find the right fitness and diet.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a certified fitness trainer from Buffalo, New York.Mr. Lee helps clients look and feel more athletic, learn how to properly fuel their body, and get the most out of their workouts. He understands the importance of daily exercise and science-based nutrition in building strength, agility, and athleticism. Christopher designs each program specifically based on the client’s needs and preferences to meet people where they are and help them upgrade their overall fitness levels.

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